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@BEECHNUT - Assuming you are talking about Richard Thompson's "She Said It Was Destiny". Love that song. Other than the title I don't see tying these two together.
There are however some real songwriting lessons in analyzing that one. It has a V - C1 - C2 - V - C1 - B - C1 - C2 structure that creates a really strong lyrical composition.
The first line of C1 is the title, the second line uses the "she said" to start it, the third line uses the "it was destiny" to end it. Overall just a really well constructed chorus.
Using the identical melody and cadence, C2 starts with the "She said" to tie them together but doesn't repeat the full title line or destiny within. Instead it relies on the familiarity of the phrases "it was in the stars" and "Venus aligned with Mars" to carry it.

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