Mike Karl / Lowertown band released a CD in 2019 - Attend the concert August 12 and see what they are up to now as The Lowertown Project!

About this event
Well the pandemic is now an endemic, a "thing" we live with now in a new normal. The experiences living and working through the initial year and a half of a community and world uncertain of the risks - some trying to be safe and others feeling like their rights were restricted. Many of the musicians I know took this time to reboot, refresh, compile new material and perfect old material. And so it is with Lowertown, Mike has been practicing his short list of one-liners, Don says he has memorized the Gb pentatonic scale and Keelli and Andy moved away to Virginia. So when you attend the concert, you will see new band members;, Jim Anderson on Guitar, David Clare on Bass and Jordon Goebel on drums - Bill and Sandy Stevens are swinging in from the metropolis of Foley to sing backing vocals and 3 more surprise guests.

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?