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Yeah', the F word seemed a little forced and gratuitous lol smile

I'll give you credit for intent...

However, blood is always thicker than water and soldiers don't play with guns...

There are songs out there that have more cuss words than just my little ol' one LOL. I watch a lot of Netflix movies and have heard a few. lol
I wanted to leave this open to brotherhoods not just soldiers but also outlaw biker gangs.
Before I wrote this one, I did research as far as marines, soldiers, outlaw bikers, etc. in Brotherhoods

Thus the tag line "Betray my trust, Iíll be your fucking reaper" is more biker related perhaps. Personally I don't feel it's forced, as it is meant to sound I mean business. Cause betrayal is a bitch when it comes to certain situations. And as for the blood, yeah, it may be thicker, but I can across this saying

"The blood of the covenant is thicker than the water of the womb" - meaning that bonds forged through adversity (namely, war) are stronger than familial bonds. So I went with that just changed covenant to tribe.

Biker clubs refer to themselves as tribes too. And it's all about loyalty moreover blood.

Thanks for the listen and comments.

IDK if you've ever heard the song by Trey Lewis, Dicked In Dallas, but I think that one's in poor taste, even tho it got millions of listens, and got pretty popular.

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