I was a starving musician
working nine to five’s and wishing
that I could cure my itching
to reach fame’s vast pinnacle

Cause the songs that I was pitching
didn’t sell and left me bitching
to just cancel my ambitions
but then she came to me …my miracle

She must have slipped into my back door
cause I never heard her, that’s for sure
but I knew she was the hottest
she was anything but modest
her breasts were bulging from her bodice
her lovely face was full of promise
and then she spoke from lips so flawless
that she was my Musical Goddess….

She had come down from the heavens to,
grant me what my muse failed to do
as all my senses came unglued
and when she touched me it was true!!
my inspirations grew and G R E W......

Then she bent down and she kissed me
and the taste of her lips convinced me
that she had just bewitched me
and my failing days were through.

Then she warned me not to ever tell
anyone of her existence
then she wiggled her sweet ass at me
and vanished in a instant.


Within hours of her exit
I became a song machine
pumping out tunes I could never do
mixes tight…spot on and clean
all original till my digital
recorder held fifteen.

then my new songs all went viral
my career it took a spiral
far beyond the rings of Saturn
claiming the "Most Songs Sold title.

I got interviewed and televised
I became the latest hit
In my penthouse partying every night
and loving every minute of it

Till a pretty babe got me way too high
and slipped me truth serum on the side
till there were no secrets that I could hide
when she asked how I got famous
I could tell no lies
to this slick female reporter
nothing was denied

I told her all about my Goddess
forgetting that I’d made a promise
then I passed out on the floor
and woke up in my pajamas

I woke up in my ratty pajamas
Back in my humble hovel
where I wouldd be forced to grovel
working nine to five just to survive
my error was colossal
My error was colossal

Now I’m just a starving musician
and there ain’t no point in wishing
I lost all of my ambitions
to a Goddess unforgiving
to a Goddess Unforgiving

“That’s Just the way it goes man….
ya gotta keep a secret a secret.”

Amazing music Composed and
Played by-Colonel D. Denton-©-2021
Vocals & Lyrics sung & written by-
Matthew F. Blowers III-©-2021
Art~Whimsically Yours Studio

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