Hey Guys,

Was working on this today ( from real life ), and any ideas would be most welcome....

© Geoff Wood 2021

A masked man gave me 30 cents today for no reason and no remorse.
Given freely without a word said, no recourse.
Being also masked he knew my space and nothing was said.
I was 30 cents short in the queue, and not even for a loaf of bread.
I had my change and I thought it seemed to add up.
Down to change to pay for what I had, in a paper cup
I could have tapped and walked away, the card being useful another day.
Yet he slid his kindness across the bench.
No words required, for 30 cents

(Lift )
And why, and why, a masked man that doesnít know me.
Kindness of heart and no maybeís
Perhaps tomorrow is the place I should be.

(Chorus x2 and bridge)
Kindness of a stranger can often not be paid.
No personal relationships or long term memories ever will be made.
Just a small act of giving on this day.
Just a small act of giving then he walks away.
Maybe it was all he had, maybe not so,
Maybe a simple action simply just to show,
That the kindness of a stranger is perhaps that what should be.
For the kindness of a stranger simply lives in you and me.

The kindness of a stranger I could only see his smiling eyes.
The mask he wore must imply much more.
Than the gesture that he made.
After all was done and could have been, he didnít have to say
For the stranger simply smiled his eyes and quietly walked away
Simply smiled his eyes, smiled his eyes and simply walked away.

A masked society which we live in every day.
Is not so masked that kindness leaves.
And beauty goes astray

In the queue again a masked man stood before me
With tired and hungry eyes he turned and I could clearly see.
His change was short in his paper cup and he looked around desperately
I slid my 50 cents towards him with my smiling eyes, which he kindly returned to me.
His face had changed behind the mask and he could clearly see
The kindness of a stranger is always going to be.

The kindness of a stranger is always going to be. (fade )

cheers, niteshift

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