Truth Is a Midnight Train ©2009 Robert George/Barry Crannell

Kickin’ some old soup can down the track
Thinkin’ ‘bout a future that won’t be back
Moonlit rail becomes a dusty mirror
Where the man I was just disappears

Cos truth is a midnight train
Creepin’ through my thoughts
The haunted engineer, is all my wasted years
All my love and loss
Truth is a midnight train

She left me on that platform without a kiss
Rolled off into freedom in the silver mist
Now I’d hop a freight but none will go my way
Cos I’m forever bound for yesterday



When I watched her train depart
I felt two lights on behind
The green light was my jealous heart
And the red light was my wine

There’s one crawlin’ ‘cross the trestle slow
He can see me - lets his whistle blow
Should I forgive myself and step aside
Or curse my fate and slip into the night


All my love and loss
Truth is a midnight train


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