Because it's an 'odd' thing to say THE Hook will need enunciation to land in listeners' ears and be coherent, meaningful.
It is very wordy. It will take some real talent to deliver such complexity of Lyric and communicate it to a listener in an appreciable Melody and
By ending each Verse with THE Hook you are employing a Refrain-Type Chorus, that single Line, single Melodic Refrain, as your Chorus, as opposed to the Stanza-Type Chorus comprised of many Lines.
And, since the main idea is in each Verse, emphasized by Repetition there, I think the other Stanza is simply a Bridge, which need only be given once, perhaps Repeated if it 'feels' right. Here's a shorter arrangement to try.

The Blow Off Go Away
© 2020 John Voorpostel

“I was so gone”, she whispered from the shower, (You create the Love-Interest Character in Line 1.)
As I lay there on the bed just half awake. (And the Singer-Character here. The actors are on the stage.)
Still I heard the words and for the birds and for the wine.
I saw it coming as a Blow Off Go Away! (You could Repeat THE Hook here to emphasize it.)

“See you some time”, she turned and sprang away,
Left me standing shirt on backwards in her wake.
Straightening out my clothes my worthy flaws came from the hand
I didn’t play; a Blow Off Go Away! (Repeat?)

(Bridge, to break the Repetition. The Lyrical content is not significant in the storyline, just Rhyming through, vague concepts.)
Some small talk about work and pressing matters on hand!
You know “Time’s of the essence when it starts to make demands!"
The coffee bean and bitter blues, gets served up boiling hot.
It’s just the way its always been. The why’s been long forgot.

It’s all done with mirrors. Keep your eye on the flash.
A bit of three card monte so the grifter makes some cash.
Heading for a subway you can take anyplace,
An easily delivered Blow Off Go Away!
Blow Off Go Away!
Blow Off Go Away!

There will always be another song to be written. Someone will write it. Why not you?