The memories I keep
bless my life though some now sleep
beneath tributes etched in granite
time has been such a cruel bandit
no longer fleshed out but they remain
alive and well inside my brain
they’re the memories I treasure most
until I too become a ghost
absent from those I’ve left behind
but I will live on in their minds
bookmarked in chapters I will miss
but you know....
God planned it all to be like this.
to be like this

From way back
when we grew to be
able to recognize and see
the values of our memories
that document our histories
we realized then that they were gold
more precious than all stories told
from Kindergartens where we strolled
as tiny beings Love would mold
into strong vessels meant to hold
the memories that would unfold
and bring us comfort when we’re old.
bring us comfort when we're old

I had Amnesia as a child
for weeks it left my life defiled
I lost so much that I’d compiled
In many ways, I felt exiled
But soon enough Time turned and smiled
and left my suffering reconciled
and all those memories lost returned
bringing back lessons I had learned
and my life moved on, undeterred.

Memories contain your very first kiss
and the first time you had ice cream...oh yeah....
the first pain you knew and how
you struggled on through and beat it.
your first love and all too follow, ummm-hmmm
life comes fast and you must greet it
and gather memories that will always be
worthy of cherishing, worthy of cherishing

Setting all the bad ones aside
all though they too are valuable
they teach us what we should avoid
and how to handle heartbreak and despair
by reinforcing such moments
with good memories to help us bear
all of the chapters that life grants to all.

Before we’re bookmarked
when death comes to call
and our memories slip into the halls
of the minds of those we’ve left behind
where we live on until one day we find
them standing next to us with glee
making new memories for eternity.
making new memories for eternity.

It's such a beautiful thing
when you grasp the understanding

Savor your memories
they are the greatest gifts
sweet treasuries that you
will spend recounting
from the moment you
become aware of them
all those sweet, sweet memories
to the moments that
you become
just memories.
till you become just memories, just memories
that's the way that it was meant to be
meant to be
for you and me.......................

Spectacular Music by-Ingvar Tautra-©-2020
Vocals & Lyrics by- M.F. Blowers III-©-2020