lol, gotta love the question... "Anything bad about this song" lol ahh cmon man, just let me be NOT bad.... lol

You seem like a nice guy Irvin. I dont think anybody here understands the genre. It sounds like r&b hip hopish to me, but It be helpful to know what types of songs you are trying for. If you post some of your favorite tracks in that style, it would be easier to offer advice.

Heres what I do know.... you have the one nice hook, i think the "I wanna be loved" can be effective, but you use it too much.

You need structure..... most pop songs are verse, chorus, verse chorus

You have two lines... then "I wanna be loved" two more lines "I wanna be loved"

ANd I also know you are limited by the software you are using. How can you write music if you dont know music

I think you need to collaborate with somebody who plays an instrument. You can still be the beat maker, the producer, the idea guy, but you need musical tracks. This is just a loop over and over. It might work for the style you are shooting for.

If you have any links, even if its somebody like yourself who is producing tracks, post them, so we get an idea what your trying to do.

The good thing is you are determined. You can keep the determination and use it to try other things.

Good Luck.