I submitted a song for diagnostics on musicxray to see what it was all about. Got 2 fairly immediate reviews, but “opportunities” popped up and lo and behold, Merf Music Group was looking for a song. I submitted to Merf, he reviewed my song but didn’t “select” it. Then he commented that he’d like 3 more of my songs. Why not? Ray Hamilton is CEO and is legitimate. What no one knows outside of Merf, and is probably proprietary anyway, is how much of Merf’s business revenue comes from Song Placement Pros. The emails I’ve exchanged with Ray Hamilton (or a Merf rep. disguised as Ray) have been pleasant and supportive. I think you could try them out for a month or two to see what it’s all about. An Elizabeth Kurman and Karl Sky belong to Song Placement Pros, and their songs, as displayed on the Internet, are credible. So who knows?