"He travelled to France as a Mormon missionary to dodge the draft during the VIetnam war."

Young mormons back then who came of age at 19 years old were required to serve two year missions. Fast forward to today, it's optional but strongly encouraged to serve. To say that Romney intentionally "dodged" the draft is ludicrous. That simply isn't the case. Could Romney have chosen to serve in the military instead of serving a mission? Yes. He could have. But by choosing to go on a mission rather than sticking around to get drafted does not mean he intentionally dodged it. He performed his duty to his church. That is all.

How do I know this? Because I was born and raised a morrmon. I was highly encouraged and raised up in the church to go on a mission when I turned 19. I didn't go because that wasn't something I had wanted to do at the time. I did however serve in the military instead, which is actually supported by the church for those who opt not to go on a mission primarily.

I don't believe Romney is an evil man. Is he a shrewd businessman and politician? Obviously he is. But that doesn't mean he's part of some secret cabal bent on world domination.

Don't buy into the conspiracy theories. Conspiracies are a dangerous road to follow.