So way back when....2001 0r so Brian came to Toronto during one of his road trips meeting JPFrs from coast to coast to coast. He was so incredibly encouraging. I had not played out much and I was nervous as &*&( and of course botched it some. But he was encouraging. I actually followed his road trip to Detroit, where we had an absolutely legendary few days with Anthony Torres, Tink, AmigaRia and more...where Brian once again encourage me to go up and play...and I forgot the words again to a song....but that did not deter Brian from congratulating me for my effort.

Since then things have gotten better for me...but without Brian and JPF and JPFers I'm not sure I would be still writing, playing and enjoying my (limited) ability to actually write a song.

A happy memory to share with you Brian...and a Happy Birthday to you

If writing ever becomes work I think I'm going to have to stop

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