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I have never felt worthy to speak on other folks music as my position as a nobody,
I know that's not very sporting.

Were all nobodies, but the idea of critiques goes back to country songwriters pitching for nashville. It was felt that ANYBODY, even people who didnt know anything had something to offer. And these were profesional guys who would let anybody have say on their work.

I recall a story about Tom Pettys "Dont Do Me Like That" they were in the studio and they didnt think it was a hit, or a single. Some kid who was just working at the studio as an intern told them he thought that was the song they should use. And some of the people kinda looked at him like who the hell is this kid, hes not supposed to say anything. But Tom Petty thought differently and listened. It became a big hit.

That's a bit different than critiquing. But its still an opinion. Do critiques matter? probably not for any one song, but they may have a cumulative effect, and over time may train the brain in some ways. They probably dont matter for artists recording their own music, or for people submitting for soundtracks and TV etc. But for the basic art of songwriting, they matter, just as much as using the right fingering playing your scales on guitar is the right way to do it.

The main question I have though, what reason would you have to post a song if not expecting something. Most people are looking for praise, few are looking for ideas to improve, but what was the point of it? If people really liked it theyd buy it, but if they like it enough to say...Good Job, they wouldnt buy it with my money and somebody else ordering!

Everything cant be good, it cheapens when something is actually very good, if everything is good....