Late for the "difference of opinion" fest... as usual. LOL! Deej, I get your drift... and that of just about all the rest of you. Encouragement is a good thing and I suspect each of us needs it more than we would like to admit. A serious, no-holds-barred critique is something we all really need but most of us would dread to ask for one.

I was fortunate enough to find a publisher who would take the time to let me know just how miserable my song submissions sounded. It made me angry, upset, bewildered and confused. Now that many moons have passed and my judgement has improved, I've known that most of us will never "have out ticket punched" to the big waltz. Its nice to be able to listen to the work of others... and some of it is surprisingly good. The "surprises" don't seem to be coming around as often as they did a few years ago... but change is inevitable.

My parting shot to everyone... when it stops being enjoyable... find other pursuits. Until that time, keep it up and always remember... it only takes "One!"

My best to all of you. ----Dave