You guys keep using the term critique wrong. A critique cant be honest or dishonest, a critique is a professional use of standards to judge the merit of a work. If one is just using personal taste to judge the work, it simply cannot be a critique. If personal taste is used it is just a personal comment, which of course can be anything.

Very few people, even among professionals, master the art of critique, and you will certainly not get that in any online forum in the world. You cant be sure to get it even when you pay for it, because it takes years and years of honing. Your best bet is great teachers.

So dizzing forum participants in a free online forum like this because they dont master the art of critique, is not right. Its just not fair to have expectations of this scale here, because you will have a hard time anywhere, finding people who can do this. (yeah, I know, lots of people claim they can, and even charge for it - but sorry, they just cant).

People who expect everything from nothing online is a sure route to get in trouble, and easy targets for scammers. Come back to earth, enjoy the free exchange of comments, and solicit them yourself. Like Brian writes, context is everything. One in a while, you get a magic moment of serendipity.. doesnt matter if it is from your own reflection of a comment, or if it is from a comment itself.