FD YOU posted;

Mike, if you told somebody what you REALLY thought of their stuff, you would have no business. I understand you work with what you got, and try to maximize its potential, nothing wrong with that, but there's still dishonesty going on. It doesnt mean your opinion is gold, it just exposes the dishonesty.

Thats just not true FD ..and it shows how much you don`t know. Mike Z has always been honest with me and
what I`m doing. even as far as to tell me thats not going to work. But you don`t know me or what I have asked of Mike.
I have never been insulted here, of course I ask for critiques.
I don`t think your giving enough credit to the people on this board, "friend or foe and the differences they are here for.
I really think that statement is very unfair to many. Peace Lane

"Blessed are the words of truth and fiction,
one might save you from the other...Vincent