I was working for a publisher many moons ago and we used to get some
pretty poor stuff to listen to in DEMO form

Why poor ? you may ask , Badly sung , Long boring intros Poor prosody
re runs of well known hits

One guy sent in a list of thirty songs and said I am sure you will find something
here, NO Way ! That would be thrown in the bin without a listen in general ,
but listening to the first song on his list would confirm the rest would be pretty awful

This is not only typical of wannabe writers , In every profession especially those
involving sport and entertainment, 98 percent of those applying are completely unsuitable
Its a fact of Human Nature

These comments are not intended to be me acting like a Know It All , just pure facts of life

Sadly badly sung demos are a complete turn off , and if the sender does not realise that
how are they going to improve ??

If you are posting here surely , you are looking for feed back , it does not mean a badly
written song , comes from a fool or a low life , but we can only judge by our personal
experiences of the profession , Sending a song off to a Publisher , does not even
guarantee the song will be listened to, there are not enough hours in the days and
most Publishers only accept songs from established writers.

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One of the most important principles of songwriting is to remember that a good song is a partnership of many different components, all working together to produce a satisfying musical experience.

In that respect, song components are either enhancing or compromising their combined effects.