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Strange vs. Friend: I’ll confess the conversation, while interesting, doesn’t do much for me . . . Whether a “stranger” or a “friend,” the feedback is either sincere or not. As an artist, you take it for what it is, taking into account the connection, and addressing the feedback as you see fit. A “stranger” can give great feedback, and a “friend” can give critical, and maybe not helpful, overly kind feedback—I’ve gotten both.

But MIke Z., I think what you are saying is that with friendship comes acceptability. Or perhaps better said, with familiarity comes believability—I agree. So we ultimately respect the opinion of those we know more, or those who have demonstrated to our own satisfaction that they know more.


You got it. You condensed my thoughts rather succinctly. With familiarity comes believably for sure. A stranger with harsh words will neither offend, upset, nor enlighten me as "the trust factor" is low. It matters less that a stranger might have less investment and thus be more objective, and more about the screening process of the receiver.

I realize as well that I may have more trust issues than most, which is why I realized in my last post that networking can work in different ways for different people, based on our own personal psychological make-ups and that I'd be better off refraining from any form of generalizing on the subject, but just talk about what works for me.

Thank you for your very eloquent summing up. I appreciate that you are here, very much.


Fate doesn't hang on a wrong or right choice
Fortune depends on the tone of your voice

-The Divine Comedy (Neil Hannon)
from the song "Songs of Love"
from the album "Casanova" (1996)