FD, what you said about demos isn't true. Plenty of awful songwriters pay hundreds to have places like County Q demo their tunes in Nashville but pubs instantly know the difference in a good or bad song. It's a shame worktapes can't be pitched, but it's no skin off my rhymes. That's the biz now.

And you could pay Mike to demo your sports song and it would sound good while remaining an utter piece of mediocre crap. Part of me was shocked that after all your pontificating about music, you posted that thing. Wow, is it bad.

Another part of me wasn't shocked. I've encountered quite a few know-it-alls in my twenty years on these sites. Not a single one of them could write. You're just the latest in a really long line.

Mike does exactly what a pro producer does, make his clients' songs better. How good they end up being often depends on how good they were to begin with. But that's the same with every producer back to the guy who recorded Charlie Patton in a railroad shack.

Get off the internet. Learn to write and then SHOW us by example what your wisdom is worth. After that sports song, you're Rachel Maddow...ZERO credibility.

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