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Yes, it's a great analogy. Because the person felt you and he or you and she were "tight". But then you come in and make me look bad in front of other people. Now, I dont trust you, when we are talking in private, and you go on about my work, maybe you were full of crap, because you said something different to the public" Or, you said i look fat in this dress when over at dinner to somebody's house, but you never said that to me in private. So now I know what you REALLY think.

So if a friend says something negative about a piece, I am gonna feel betrayed? This makes sense, coming from a person who chooses to remain anonymous and a stranger himself, but it feels like there is some projection going on, on your part.

For those of us who have friends here, I don't think that's true at all. You see friendships as alliances, but c'mon, alliances are alliances. Certainly there are faux friendships in place that are basically alliances, but that's not what I am talking about, and any friendships that are just alliances are not true friendships. Friendships involve trust. Trust takes time to build. And when a friendship has it, it can be strong, and no isolated negative comment is gonna do anything other than allow for the possibility for it to move and change. It certainly will not remain static.

Like I said, "stranger" and "friend" are opposite poles of the spectrum--"total stranger" on the far left and "good friend" on the far right--and most relationships fall in between, here at JPF. And it feels good, in most relationships, to move right.

It seems you are suggesting that to get the best critiques here we should avoid making friends cuz then they can't be trusted as much? That's funny..

I value real friendship and the trust that it brings, and my friends know that I am easily hurt, but they also know that I want honesty. The hurt can be worked through. Sins of omission and that stasis that brings is more tragic and often can't be overcome. Sometimes friendships find a nice ground and there they sit and don't move, and that's fine too. Life does have a way of throwing curves at them, though. The resilient friendships survive. And that resilience can be directly linked to how much they trust each other.

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I dont think you give enough credit to people who post songs.

I think I'm just saying there's more natural potential for trust between actual friends than non-friends. I put credence into every comment, no matter who it's from, but rely more on consensus and other factors the more towards the "total stranger" end-of-the spectrum the relationship is. Those relationships toward the friend end of the spectrum are more naturally taken in and trusted. Maybe not for you, but you don't get to tell me what my personal experience is, or that I live in a fantasy world because I value trust and find more of it with friends than non-friends, that's ridiculous.

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If you stopped to realize ANYBODY can pay Mike to record their song, and in the end they are all about the same.

Well Daniel Lanois' productions do too, cuz they all have his stamp, and there's certain things he will do on just about every recording. I have been told by many folks, both friends and strangers, that I have quite a variety of styles that I can fit comfortably into. And really I need no validation to do anything but dismiss this comment of yours.

I am still growing as a producer and none of my clients are stuck either. There's growth in our work. It gets better. We learn from mistakes. You are being very presumptuous to tell me what my relationships with my clients are like, but I just find it rather amusing.

You are a stranger. How's that working out for you?

Actually you aren't a stranger. But when the only things we know about you are 1) he's a guy with an opinion about most everything and that 2)he came back to JPF after being kicked out over a dozen times..that knowledge taints your comments. You want to go on as if nothing happened, when something did. You choose to continue to wear a mask. You choose to not attempt to amend your slanted narrative. I hope that works out for you, but makes it hard for me and I imagine many others, to take anything you say with anything but a grain of salt, no matter how much truth might be in any isolated comment from you.


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