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I think its like real life here. You have to prove you can small talk about nothing and everything, before you can get to the point where you belt your heart out. You build trust one small step at a time.

Critique means that you use criteria (standards) to evaluate something. And not knowing who people are, and what standards are true for a specific piece of music, you need more posts and more time to navigate.

Mostly people dont critique (use standards) at all, but just comment as music lovers, appreciating the effort and the work you put into it. Just laymans opinions, which frankly are closer to the people listening to and buying music (not that there are many left). Im not sure if it is actually worth it to have an allknowing dude/dudette pointing out every small hair that sits the wrong way, in their opinion. We are all crazy, and if you take the crazy out, music becomes really boring and meritless..

JPF is just a great way to small talk, share music efforts and converse with likeminded people who loves music. Im from an age before Internet, where there wasnt places like this around. As a shy kid it was hard to go out, and break the ice with other people without being intimidated by the fast talkers, not to mention getting to a point in a conversation actually talking about music..

Now go out in the forum world, be mindful, take it easy and make a positive difference, just because you can..

Music listeners like or dont like songs, or like them a little or hate them. No reason at all, they just either do or dont

Songwriters write the songs that are going to be listened to, we dont write a song and say "boy i cant think of one reason why anybody would like this song" They are trying to write something that will be liked by a listener, we have more tools to know it, like we should know a good hook, the listener just hears the hook, but we write it so they can hear it

Do you think the greats didnt work on their craft, that it all came naturally? The Beatles wrote Love Love me doo, and I wanna hold your hand, then they wrote Eleanor Rigby years after, why didnt they write Elanor rigby as their first song? Cause they werent good enough yet, they worked on their craft