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My crits are always based on the old addage "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all"....and I follow that line.

On the receiving side, "thin skin? Don't come in"

Confidence is key, one should always have a decent idea of one's abilities.......if not, one has to deal with the cuts being deeper.

I find the worst crits come from those with the least to offer, the people with almost zero catalog and a santa bag of suggs.

But three cents is usually ignored.

There are some folks, and I recall them on another site, they could write books on songwriting, but didnt have much talent.

There are pitching coaches who coach pitchers but they themselves werent good enough to play.

And we take guitar lessons from guitar teachers, should we not listen to them if they never had a hit record? Or never played in a famous band? We're there to learn how to play guitar.

I dont think anyone has any complaints about you Mac, either way.