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Mac you are bang on. There's a fine line between friendly helpful suggestions and ruining a guys confidence so that he/ she goes away thinking they are useless and sadly give up.
Dave and Mike
Two guys i've worked with quite a lot over the past year and in many ways very much alike. Only wish i could spinkle their ethos over the flagging boards.
Shouldn't have to be reading threads like this. Courtesy consideration and having values should come as standard

I dunno Travis.

At this point in my life, there isnt going to be any ruination of my songwriting confidence as the result of someone's opinion. I'm very passionate about my songwriting hobby but I keep it in perspective. If someone comes along and says something negative, I look at the remark and decide if there is merit to it. If there is, I catalogue it. If I decide not, "Frankly my dear,...

If someone's confidence is unseated by a caustic comment on a forum, that is just a very small part of their overall problem. The harsh cold world that FD talks about is out there. He is right about that. That is, in fact, the world as it stands and someone who has any aspirations of getting their songs anywhere in that world, needs to seek it out and take the hits. Though the odds are overwhelmingly against them.

But what I think is lost on FD is that this forum is not that hard cold world and has no reason to be. It's a small (active) collection of people with a shared passion who need feel no obligation to deliver the brutal truth to others here for the sake of the brutal truth.

Mike and DJ got it right. Not coincidentally, the two of them get my vote for doing massively more to enhance the overall level of quality here than any friggin' critiques being made...because of the embellishments created by their individual skills and talents.

That's my viewpoint. If anyone doesn't like it...."Frankly my dear,.... wink