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For me it comes down to a practical decision. Do I want to come on this site and interact with people who I dont really know and tell the truth, knowing that some people will be incapable of not hating me for it? And may likely promote a dislike of me to others on the basis of the emotion.

e.g. "Yes. for the one hundredth time...you are effin' fat. You just are. Skip an effin' meal or quit asking me."

Or do I want to navigate all of that gently and maintain a focus on developing my own writing.I don't claim to be a learned songwriter with insights to share.

At this point in my life, it's the latter.

Furthermore...some people around here are getting pretty good and with the help of DJ and Mike even more so. They are putting out real songs.
Not songs that might be real or could be real...but are real.
When I compliment those, I mean every syllable.


Whats a real song?

We all have different measuring sticks. Mine is my wife. She's glad that I have my songwriting hobby but is not deeply invested in them emotionally. She has her own hobbies and interests.

When I am playing someone's song on my desk speakers and she yells from the other room..."that's terrible."

That's not a real song.

When she says..."that sounds pretty good. It sounds like an actual song."

That's a real song.

All opinions matter, I suppose. But personally, I don't think that esoteric opinions about the potential of bad or rough recordings are as valid as a lay opinions about whether what was heard was good or bad. Artists of all types figure out odd and creative ways of looking at things. Lay people just listen and like or not at face value.

I missed your post. I THINK, sounding good and being good are two different things. This sounds good dont it? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JV2s0UIPOQY

A production and recording gadget song, sounds good, but its in no way a good song.