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I think that you've got the big picture DJ.

Song critiquing, architectural critiquing and any critiquing are mostly searches for validation.
It's similar to politics...people want to hear what you have to say as long as it's what they want you to say.
If you tell someone that they are, in fact..."too fat"...every time that you get asked, don't look for that to turn out well. wink

After doing this for a few years on these ammy sites, treading lightly with occasional politely delivered truth is about all that makes sense to me...regarding critiquing.

If we were actually working on music that was going to enter the big time arena and jobs and lives depended on it's profitability, then some raw truth would be necessary. But...we aren't. We're trying to enjoy a passion.

However, feel free to say whatever you want about this post. wink


That's true, most are hobbyists here. But if coming here new, you dont know that. There's still alot of lurkers looking and listening without you knowing.

I have to disagree about it having to be "big time" to need to be critiqued, and ive seen the opposite here sometimes.

Any hobby, somebody playing golf, they still need to worry about form, they need to be sure their feet are set right, make sure they are standing the right way, follow through, touch, you could be playing for decades, and then run into somebody who really knows golf, and they might suggest you try something different, or show them what they might be doing wrong, even though they know this person is not going to the PGA championship

And alot of people would be "thinking" big time, it weren't for the business being the way it is. And there's still alot of people here who secretly pitch songs, but you wont hear about it until they get a yes.

I dont think anybody has to be harsh, and its not life or death, but if you look for consistency in the threads, you wont find it.

There's also some people who never improve at writing. Ive seen people on forums for year after year after year, and they never get any better, but people keep telling them they are good. Maybe if somebody said something years ago, they might have worked on their craft and gotten better, and maybe even gotten lucky with a cut.

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