I think that you've got the big picture DJ.

Song critiquing, architectural critiquing and any critiquing are mostly searches for validation.
It's similar to politics...people want to hear what you have to say as long as it's what they want you to say.
If you tell someone that they are, in fact..."too fat"...every time that you get asked, don't look for that to turn out well. wink

After doing this for a few years on these ammy sites, treading lightly with occasional politely delivered truth is about all that makes sense to me...regarding critiquing.

If we were actually working on music that was going to enter the big time arena and jobs and lives depended on it's profitability, then some raw truth would be necessary. But...we aren't. We're trying to enjoy a passion.

However, feel free to say whatever you want about this post. wink