[Title of thread edited to better clarify my intent]

Well, after posting for a short while a long defense of the quality of feedback we receive from our fellow JPF members and the merits of this website, I think discretion is the better part of valor . . . and I'll stay on the sidelines.

But there's part of what I did write that I will share, and it's this:

"I’d simply take this opportunity to salute and thank my fellow members of the JPF community. I remember when I posted my first song here, with great trepidation and reluctance. . . it was pretty much crap—me on a guitar, single track recorded over my Mac laptop mic . . . I tell you honestly, if I got the type of blunt, harsh reactions that perhaps I deserved, rather than the encouragement and kind, supportive feedback that I did receive, I might never had the courage to post again."

So thank you JPF for your tolerance and kind welcome and fellowship.

My best regards to all of you,


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