I am not religious but believe in God and Angels.
Many of us have Guardian Angels but not all.
Every living thing on this planet dies and every hundred years there is a complete turn over. SO what happens after we die nobody really knows. It might be we cease to exist or we move on.
I write many Songs about Angels and one in particular is called Angel By The Side Of The Road. I love that song.
There is an Amazing Book called The Urantia Book (Urantia means Planet Earth) that I found 20 years ago that completely changed my life. It's on line for free. It explains where we go after we die.....It explains how it's done and it's amazing. It also explains who Jesus is.......
God Bless us All....Barry...SORRY Iggy.....I'm 72 and sick and I guess I'll find out what the story is pretty soon. I don't mind dying but I don't want to be there when it happens....lol