Most Good Popular Music Needs Dynamics in the actual compositions, you are

obviously referring to the sound volume , that used to exist on most of the Real

bands that we followed in those glorious years of analogue recording, Long Long

before Digital Recording

The biggest let down with Digital Recording is The Vocals, and no amount of

twiddling and fiddling can fix it

The Dynamics of Composing as most would know here is in the actual writing process

something sadly missing in today's insipid offerings.

And whilst many wannabe lyric writers seem to want to write for the eye, it wont improve

Getting bogged down with cliché rhyme schemes is another let down , Less is definitely

better, as well as writing in more genres .

Some will find the article below a Very Good Read

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One of the most important principles of songwriting is to remember that a good song is a partnership of many different components, all working together to produce a satisfying musical experience.

In that respect, song components are either enhancing or compromising their combined effects.