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NWA's lyric and "music" is garbage. I remember that from nearly 30 years.

Tennessee wasn't as awful as Fight the Power...it's just dull. The simplistic loop, the tuneless, monotone vocal. The "hook" in the chorus only stands out because of the complete lack of melody and musicianship in the vss. And of course, the lyric is a yawner.

Regarding Norah, you're way more impressed by awards than I am. But at least Norah's song has a very pretty melody. "My heart is drenched in wine" is a wonderful
line, beautifully sung. There is none of that in either of the rap tracks you posted. Iif those two tracks are the best you can come up with, that's sad.

I don't think lyrics are the most important part of a song, never have. But rap is utterly musically bankrupt, as demonstrated by your two examples. Lyrics are all that's left. Which rappers are either mediocre at writing, or terrible, as demonstrated by your two examples.

You proved nothing. I stand by every word I said.

Ps...I wouldn't say NWA is powered by testosterone. I'd say that about The Who. I'd say NWA is powered by a complete lack of musical and lyrical talent. They're a joke.
They know their audience all right...so does Larry Flynt.

Paul Mac seems to recognize the talent some rappers have. I'd say Macca has a good ear for talent, as much as we may not like rap.

There are many kinds of good, not just one


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