Hey All,

Was having a browse through Godaddy, and found the exact name of my business Seahorse Resorts International for the grand total of $2.37 . Bargain !

So, I had a bit of fun, and purchased some more, where the name is actually the URL for between $1.32 and $2.97 for a year ( the price goes up to perhaps $10- $20 subsequently ) and then parked them on Godaddy's Cashparking, so they only show tailored advertising for a cost $7.99 for the lot for a month .......

Irate Today
Lifeforce Agency
Lifeforce Club
Lifeforce Technology
Lifeforce Training
Lifeguru Club
Lifelike Photography
Lifelong Services
Live For Life Today
Longlife Solutions
Longlife Website
Loveagent Club
Lovelife Technology
Love Your Love Life
Old Soul Institute
Young Soul Institute
Peace and Love Today
Peacefull Club
Peacefull Today
Peacefull World
Seconds World
The Soulmate Institute

Any winners ? Will I cover my outlay ? Have listed them with Google, do I need more search engine optimisation ? What will the auction price be of the most useful URL when they're done with or will it be "no bids " ? grin I shall report back........

Please feel free to click through ( I don't need the fraction of a cent ) and say "yes this was useful" or Bah Humbug !

cheers, niteshift

PS - doesn't work with Chrome with the Ad Blocker on.

PPS - I am not responsible for any content viewed