Mike, thanks for the definition of art. I clicked on the link, then I went cross-eyed. Still waiting for the link to a single good melody, well written lyric or hell, just one good song by a rapper. Rap's been around 40 years...there ought to be ONE. otherwise, a topic with this title has just as much validity: The Art of Armpit Farts.

Brian, I'm beginning to think you don't know what a good argument is. It's something quantifiable...not nebulous intellectual definitions. C'mon, dude...put up. Post a lyric by Kendrick Lamar that isn't a piece of garbage. Don't tell me what other people say about him. Post...one...lyric.

Ps there seem to be some who don't like rap but feel obligated to concede it as "art", just not "high art". Regarding that, Raymond Chandler once said, "There are no vital and significant forms of art, there is only art...and precious little of that ".

Dithering about whether rap fits into an XXXL definition of art is beside the point. It's just rubbish. In my opinion.

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