Now wait one minute, im not Toby Barnes or Desire Inspire

The only emails he may gotten were from folks from thisvery board telling him to sign back up. He hadn't in years up to a few months ago. Seemingly many like the entertainment and like what he has to say

he probably responds to " his own" threads, because before he can add a new comment, I he gets banned and not allowed to finish his posts. If he wasnt banned, I'm guessing he would have the same name.

It is a shame, he thinks there are some good people here, he doesn't think it matters, what user name makes a point, if the point is accurate, that's fine.

Im not sure the people here get enough credit for knowing who the poster is, it's not like he changes his point of view or opinions, and is very consistent.

He also wonders how a troll is somebody who talks about music and posts music and songs, but somebody who just hangs around and doesn't talk music is not a troll

He also feels it should be obvious, just listen to the music, does he sound like Toby Barnes?

Well, I'll talk to him, see what he thinks about this

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