Hey Mike!

Nowhere did I elevate my views above anyone else's or say
that only mine counted. And defying critics is nothing earth shattering. Regarding rap, there's not much to defy with critics. As I mentioned, the AllMusic review of Lamar praises him without ever being specific why. The line they quoted was terrible. That's been the standard with rap since the early 90s.

I saw a review of Lamar's last cd that praised it for containing a history of jazz, blues and soul. They provided a clip. The "history of jazz" was Lamar rapping in a monotone over a drum program and a sample of a jazz trumpet. Wow.

I have nothing against him personally...I had just read the AM review before seeing this post. It's been my experience with his music that he can't write, sing or play.

I've had this discussion many, many times before. Here's what will happen...people will demean my character rather than just doing what should be easy for a forty year old "art" form...just quote a well written lyric or post a link to a well composed melody.

You're right, art is subjective. It's my subjective opinion that rap contains very little that is artful.

Was Prince specific about why he liked Lamar? If history is any guide, I'll bet he wasn't.

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