These are just not afraid...

I first heard rap in early 1981. since then it has been my experience that rap is worthless garbage and unworthy to be called "art". I've yet to hear anything artful about it. the very best rappers write at a mediocre level. and that's being generous. without violence, sex and profanity, they would vanish. it may require skill to talk really fast, just as it requires skill to eat eighty hot dogs in sixty seconds, but that's not art. Rappers are little more than pornographic auctioneers. Those that praise rappers rarely quote their work. They can''s awful. I just read the review of Kendrick Lamar's new cd on AllMusic is generally trustworthy. go to the site and read the glowing review for yourself. I think they quoted one line. It's trash.

In the early nineties, Ry Cooder was interviewed by Musician magazine for an article about Robert Johnson. Ry pointed out that these days people are put on a pedestal for doing nothing. (Compared to Johnson) Nothing fits that description better than rappers.

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