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That's debatable Jody. If you learn it, you are always referencing other pitches. You cant learn to have perfect pitch no more than you can learn to have blue eyes. But you can learn to do the same exact thing somebody who has perfect pitch can do which is to identify notes

You can debate it all you want, there's a difference between the "color" of a pitch compared to the relative distance between notes. How do you know you can't develop Absolute Pitch/Perfect Pitch? Have you ever tried? If you have, why is it that your failure = failure for everyone?

Does it matter if someone can learn to hear pitch color, i.e. absolute pitch? Why are you so against it? I never understood why people who don't have it/develop it are so against it. Is it because they don't understand it?

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Just wondering when someone with perfect pitch meets a band that has tuned up/down by a fraction. Does it drive them nuts ? smile

Put it this way, notes sound the same to someone with Absolute Pitch as they do with someone who hasn't developed it. Colors have a range of spectrum, but most blue hues are still blue hues to people that recognize colors. Its a range. Much like pitch and what frequency things are tuned to. Which means Absolute Pitch isn't like A is always 440, but rather a range around it.

As a little history to tuning, it wasn't until humans developed tuners where concert pitch actually stopped slowly getting more sharp, or rather higher in Hertz for A. Mozart's A isn't technically the same frequency A that we have today.

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