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Talking rhythmically to a meter is actually a skill and a natural talent versus something you are born with (a vocal range).

Beg to differ...

Preface...I have respect for good rappers. 60 minutes did a segment on M&M years ago and it was real clear that he and people like him have a very real talent with words and a mind that can store them up and improvisationally flow them out in a coherent continuous stream on demand. Marco Rubio wishes he had that depth of talent.

But...When I used to take my songwriting hobby to studios, I found that the hardest people to get what I needed from were vocalists...so, to avoid the pain...I started learning to sing myself. I don't know what my range is but it is very limited. Working within those limitations and basically singing to pitch with a little bit of stylization has taken me years and is sadly still a hopelessly lacking work in progress.

Yet, I contend that I could have become proficient at talking to a meter after a one weekend seminar.

After a little practice and technique honing over a few months my life as a White rapper would all come down to natural timbre and having or not having the "it" factor. To that extent it seems a natural talent.

Admittedly, that's the view of an uncredentialed, unschooled (in music) , never paid his musical dues and don't intend to start....amateur hobbyist internet songwriting forum lurker. (though passionate smile ) But I think it's reasonably well founded and realistic.


You said you beg to differ, then went on to agree with my point basic point, singers are born with it and rapping is a combination of skill learned and practiced along with rhythm and tonality (and as you pointed out, the ability to put strings of thoughts together on the fly, though not all rapping is spur of the moment, some top rappers are better in the studio writing out the rhymes and then riffing off of them in live performances, but I do know many who can rap instantly on any subject. For that matter I know musicians who can do the same thing, one of the best in the world at that is a friend of mine who gets hired to do improv music all over the world on the topics and events of their choice, but that's another discussion). So I don't know what else to add. Singers with great range and perfect pitch are born with it, Opera singers being the most extreme examples. Rappers, who can benefit from natural ability as well, use learned and developed skills through practice and even someone without the same natural gifts as some can learn and practice and find success that way. The skill of improv thinking and word play isn't unique to any genre (or even music for that matter) so it's a bit of a different subject.

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