Talking rhythmically to a meter is actually a skill and a natural talent versus something you are born with (a vocal range). Now, vocalists can dramatically improve control with lessons and practice etc. no doubt. But great opera singers are born. Rapping is certainly partially about having the right vocal control and inherent rhythm which many seem to be born with, but I have also known people with little natural rapping talent learn and practice and become top notch in the skill. If you aren't born with Opera range, or perfect pitch etc. you can't learn it or practice it without the built in ability you are born with.

It would be laughable to see the great opera singers attempt rapping. I highly doubt any, as disciplined as they are, could do it. Just as a top rapper is unlikely able to approach opera range. It really is Apples and Oranges and some prefer one, some prefer the other. I love them both.

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