Hey All,

"And the real impressive feature is when they can free style, it's no different than improvising on an instrument."

Must agree. When in a venue a few weeks back, to see the main artist and on a ciggy break, out the front, courtesy of an extension lead was a three piece band playing jazz. Up walked 2 guys and started to rap with the trio. Just instinct. So the trio went into "cool beat" mode, and the rappers stole the show. Just improvised, but they looked around the small crowd and used Q's . i.e. big earrings, skinny jeans, dude smoking a cigarette etc. and made a story out of it for the ever increasing crowd.

We caught up with them later, while they were watching the main act, which was a rock guitar virtuoso.

REAL musicians don't have boundaries. It is only the inept and the musically incompetent that use their own limitations as a means to put others down.

cheers, niteshift