I tried my hand at writing a rap(mild) ONCE(it's beneficial to know one's limitations) while I was living in D.C. It was early at an open-mic and a young group had just rapped their way through 3 pieces. Since I was gonna be there for a while, I grabbed a handful of napkins and wrote this out and gave it to 'em before I left.

I never made it back to that open-mic and I doubt if they ever did anything with it, but it was a fun bit o' creative energy.

the tears of the mothers turn to salt in the gutters
down among the litter of discarded glass and sneakers
spray painted epitaph no one has the last laugh
empty bed at midnight someone cries at first light
that's the price you're gonna pay when you got another deal gone down.

empty space on porch swing voices in my head ring
a limousine tomorrow weighted down with sorrow
on a ride that lasts forever to a place that holds no pity
where everyone is equal and each soul has a marker
with flowers to remember a child who once was smiling

each day is a season with no promise of a future
and the rhythm of the traffic blends with heartbeats of survivors
while the tears of the mothers turn to salt in the gutter
just around the corner where everybody knows
there's gonna be a price 'cause they got another deal goin' down.

As I said, it's beneficial to know one's limitations:-)


Satchel was right. Something is gaining on me.

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