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Hi Trent... The art of rap... ummm When my Helen was in hospital, I had time alone at home, and decided to have a go at doing a hip-hop /rap song, (the lyrics only) as that is what I do. So I spent many many hours on the net, researching the structure of rap lyrics and how they are put together from a rhyming POV. Like you I was never a fan of hip-pop or rap, and thought that it was just spoken words that had no cohesion. How wrong I was...lol Having written many song lyrics over the years to different rhyming schemes, I was surprised to discover how complex rhyming schemes in rap and hip-pop can be. As an example, a verse from mine and Jackie's Christmas song, followed by the chorus, showing my typical rhyming schemes. verse where the last words of the lines rhyme.. in pairs An old man on a bench, smiles at passers-by Christmas spirit warms his heart, puts a sparkle in his eye The snow is falling now, his son comes into sight Sits down beside his dad, to welcome in Christmas night chorus where all the last words rhyme... The Magic of Christmas is a wonderful thing Remembering the past, and the birth of a king It's not just the gifts, tied with ribbon and string It's family and friends and all the joy they bring The Magic of Christmas is a wonderful thing and a verse from the fireman, having a different scheme, but still the last words of line 2 and line 3 only need to rhyme. His favorite toy, was a fire truck And he knew what he wanted to be Said mum, when I'm a man I'll fight fires, and set people free.. Now to the hip-pop /rap rhyming schemes. Not only do they usually have lines that rhyme with other lines, but also rhymes within lines. verse 1 with rhymes in lines and rhymes of lines.. Sleeping in their bed, was the spider with her web Who plied a twisted thread, that got inside his head Looked so sweet laying there, indiscreet, she didn't care He'd just became aware, she'd had a love affair verse 2 with rhymes in lines and rhymes of lines.. He was out of his zone, as he left on his own To sleep on concrete and stone, the street his new home Was a man to avoid, his world was a void Became unemployed, his ambition destroyed and the rap verse in the song.. Life in a cell four by six, was a world of conflicts Saw some give out kicks, while others joined or made cliques He would never comply, or see eye to eye So the years didn't fly, was a sad, lonely guy I did find it so much harder to write the double rhyme lines, but as an excersize thought it was fun... tough but fun. anyway, just thought that I would mention this, if anyone is interested. here is the finished song. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6lBc9PM6fVs God Bless Roy and Helen
Pretty darn good first attempt at rap Roy. I agree the rhyme schemes get complicated. If it was just the rhyme, I'd say anyone could grab a rhyming dictionary and work from there. And alot of the content is just like, your mama jokes, I can do this thing and you can't, I'm cool and your not, I make ladies go crazy, etc etc etc

But the thing is if you are not from that culture, you think of it as stupid. You even think two guys talking to each other in the hood sound pretty stupid too, and the way they communicate is way different than us.

it's the rhymes, but also there is musicality to it. There is rhythm to your talking, there is the sound of your voice, a lot of syncopation, and lyrically alot of alliteration, and euphemisms, and hyperbole, I mean they use the same tools as poets and songwriters use.

And then there is the cool factor. Elvis had cool too. To be able to grab a mic and get people to pay attention. Not everybody has the ability to work a crowd, if you have ever played live, you know this

And the real impressive feature is when they can free style, it's no different than improvising on an instrument. So, while I simply don't like it, I can tip my hat to the talents needed to be good at it

Eminem freestyling, make fun if you want, but not many people can do this https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=Q8ZkiRijI8g

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