Hey Guys,

Bought a USB microphone, cheap, CAD, but not a bad sound.

Upon plugging it in, it went to the internet, and installed itself with it's own drivers.

That's fine, but it thinks of itself as a "playback device", so have corrected that part, turned off the automatic gain control, and it's used as the primary mic globally.

Problem is, when I want to record through Acid Pro, it has a terrible latency problem. I cant select it as a "device" as it has plugged itself into Sound Mapper which is the only selectable device.

If I plug a Shure mic into the mic input, all is good, unlike said USB devise.

Also, I can't control gain input ( have switched off automatic gain control )

All I want to do is select the microphone directly, without Sound Mapper, and use it in the programme.

Any ideas ?

cheers, niteshift

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