Hey ... following Blues as a root, I'd like to have a comparable guitar partner with at least Harmony VOCAL Ability for two-fold purpose:

1. Showcase original works around the state and Festivals around the South ie; SXSW in Austin, IBC here in Florida and Memphis and Jacksonville's American Songwriting thing on Oct 5/13.

2. Do Blues-style cover gigs within a two hour radius of Tampa.

Think Eric Clapton's Unplugged album. EC and his partner Andy Fairweather Low. Not a 'jam', or, 'open mic' situation. I have incredible PA, Transportation, best gear and, 40 years of verifiable experience in the music BUSINESS - USA, Europe and Canada.

I play well with others (when evenly matched), am substance abuse free, and play with much entertainment value. Married heterosexual, homeowner, dog-lovin', Harley ridin', son-of-a-love-my-guns, church-goin' fella. Don't wear baseball hats, dress respectfully to the artform, and, don't fart (a lot) on stage. Willing to blend your tunes with mine as long as genre stays consistent.

Easy goin', non-combative, don't care to discuss politics, abortion or sexuality. Just a quiet kind of guy with a superior focus.

I have a beautiful, private studio - 24/7 access in Clearwater to get the job done. Full marketing & promo at my expense.

Needs ta makes muneez & havz sum funz!!

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