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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
Z Keepers Of The Sign CA
Z - WORKS A Time of Truth OH
Zabe I Babe Drumovi MN
Zabomba Deslizando Sobre Ondas de Tensão ( Slidi Brazil
Zac Ivry Feel The Vibe MO
Zach Turquiose Dreams OH
Zach A Beautiful Possession OH
Zach Brock Zach Brock and The Coffee Achievers IL
Zach Brock and The Coffee Achi Chemistry IL
Zach Driscoll The Truth OR
Zach Freidhof Turquois Dreams OH
Zach Madden Zach Madden CA
Zach Phillips Still Night IL
Zach Varnell Big Sky WA
Zach Ziskin Real As The Memory FL
Zachariah Ghost Signs CA
Zacharias Backslider OR
Zachary J. Mechlem Sameera: Modern Music for Belly Dance KY
Zachary J. Mechlem The Haight Gang KY
Zachary Provost Alive CA
Zachary Ross & Desolation Ange For the Love I'm Forgetting CA
Zack Elliott Born to be Played NJ
Zack Katz Songs For A Broken Morning CO
Zack Lyle untrue TN
Zack Nichols Elizabeth St. CO
Zack Orr The Unstoppable LIft MA
Zack Thomas Zack Thomas (EP) OH
Zaffi Gousopoulos The Queen's Incurable Inglish Canada
Zaidee's Daddy Demos Ditties Dreams CA
Zak Daniels and the One Eyed Zak Daniels and the One Eyed CA
Zak Morgan Bloom OH
Zak Morgan How 'Bout Them Apples OH
Zak Morgan The King of Fruits OH
Zak Morgan When Bull-Frogs Croak OH
Zak Ward medo MA
Zakas Illegitimus Non Carborundum NV
Zakas Illegitimus Non Carborundum! NV
Zakas Shunk Daddy Grind NV
Zallen Afactsafact CA
Zamar Music Praise Time - Uplift Your Spirit NC
Zan Unleashed GA
ZAN 1 Of The Starz GA
Zan Zone Watching The World NY
Zanderland Asante God's Poetic Orchestra NC
Zanzibar Zanzibar CA
Zapp Zapp VI Back By Popular Demand OH
ZARPA Infierno DE
Zay Zay America's Cry FL
Zaylan Nothing Left For You Here [Maxi-single/E NY
ZAZ In Other Words NY
Zazou Djangolotry WA
Zbigniew Namyslowski Standards Poland
Ze Manel African Citizen CA
Ze Manel African Unite CA
Ze Manel Maron di mar CA
Zea Mays Wearing Our Best Disguise IL
Zeala West of Wise DC
Zealous Fuel The Unknown Label NJ
Zebra Crossing Zebra Crossing AUS
Zebulon of Babylon Zebulon of Babylon OR
ZeCrush ZeCrush OH
Zed Jones The Power Of Balance CA
Zeek Duff Midnight Roses CO
Zeemer Rough Demos IL
Zej Midnight, Montreal CA
Zeke's Wheel Lessons I've Learned CA
Zelda and the Unibrows Greens MI
Zem After Hours CA
ZEN Spaghetti Theory WV
Zen Bastards April Fool MA
Zen Bastards live from the skybar MA
Zen Blues Quartet Zen Blues Quartet CA
Zen For Primates When It's Christmas Time In Tibet PA
Zen For Primates Anyone For A Little DVD? PA
Zen For Primates Blessed Are The Sheepherders PA
Zen For Primates It's Polka Time PA
Zen Hipster End Process OK
Zen Ten Zen Ten MA
Zenaida Twilight LA
Zenboy Zenboy vs Bionic Monster 01 CA
ZENEN States Of Mind NY
Zenen Experimental Situations NY
Zenfin The Journey Within NH
Zenobia Marsh and The Curable The Curable Interns play . . .Zenobia Ma LA
Zenphonic Cyber Gypsies TN
Zenpool Kharmonics WA
Zentai Entire Army.com PA
Zeora Sage Samsara CA
Zero Cycle Zero Cycle KY
Zero Defekts Love Is Hell IL
Zero Degrees Freedom A Return To Darkness AUS
Zero In On The Oblivion Fair Switzerland
Zero Parade Lost Our Record Deal OH
ZERO RAIN Atmosphere OH
Zero9 You Are Understood part 1 CA
ZEROdb Don't Ask! OH
zerowaitstates zerowaitstates CA
zerowaitstates distorted CA
zerowaitstates g.i. voodoo girl (single) CA
Zeth Lundy Retreater CA
Zettaimu In The Decadent Times Japan
Zeut Lion in a Bucket CO
Zeynep Ucbasaran Liszt / Sonata in B Minor CA
Zeynep UCBASARAN Franz Liszt: Sonata in B minor CA
ZEYNEP Ucbasaran Santa Barbara LISZT Album CA
Zeynep Ucbasaran Virtuoso Schubert CA
ZG - 108 Desires Introducing M Dream Your Dream (Four Track CD Single) NY
zhonray Grey Velvet Skies UK
Ziari Slav Bytosti Hore NJ
Zibo Sedative Slovenia
Zig Noda and Brian Tracy Evans In This Moment HI
Zigeunertrio Kalinka Jalousie Belgium
Ziggydale Zigfreid Only Rebel Child TN
Zigman Bird Zigman Bird NJ
Zilo Groove Urban Classics - Volume 1 NY
Zingaia Soles On Earth CA
Zingo Zango Generic Jug Band ME
Zino Vinnikov Zino Vinnikov Plays Fritz Kreisler NM
Zinovy Merry Christmas, I Wrote This Song For Y CA
Zinovy Shersher & Shelly Cohen Color The World With Music CA
Zion Field of Dreams GA
ZION JUDAH Divine Creation NY
Zion, Nazarene, Mario Tramaine Men of Valor GA
Zipper Relativity IL
zircon Impulse Prime NY
Ziryab Trio Oriental art music IL
Zita Carno Music For Piano By Michael Deßk CA
Zo! Passion & Definition MI
Zoe Zoe CA
ZOE Long Time NJ
Zoe Murderer's Lullaby CA
Zoe Selected Songs CA
Zoe Upon A Time CA
Zoe Zoe Live TX
Zoe Zoe's Musical Fairy Tale CA
Zoe B. Zak Zoe B. Zak NY
Zoe Lewis Fishbone, Wishbone, Funnybone. MA
Zoe Lewis Sheep MA
Zoe McCulloch Gypsy Noodle UK
Zoe Mulford Traveling Moon MD
Zoe Speaks Pearl KY
Zoe Vandermeer Angel's Wine CA
Zoe Vandermeer Hiding in the Light CA
Zoe Wood Zoe's Garden MT
Zoey Wren Light on the Water CA
Zoey's Trip Outside the Pale Re-issue + Bonus Track CA
Zoey's Trip Crowning CA
Zola hello baby MA
Zola / Jon Seiff On The Blue Side... with Zola & the Jon MA
Zola Moon Down To My Bones CA
Zola Moon Earthquakes, Thunder and Smiling Lightning CA
Zola Moon Tales of Love and Desperation CA
Zola Van Paint the Forest Winter IL
Zola Van River to River Trail: The Hike through IL
Zone Alien Nature UK
Zonk To Play Is To Win CA
ZOOMER Maximum Plastic CA
Zoot Rudy Making Time Stand Still WA
Zoothead Songs for Gray Areas MD
Zoretta Hopkins Beautiful Rain FL
ZOX The Wait RI
Zplan A Change from Within CT
Z-Plan Circus CT
zRave Over the Top CA
Zrazy Dream On Ireland
Zru Vogue Survival of the Cutest CA
Zuba Allez! UK
Zubble Sing FL
Zubble Well, Hello FL
Zuber Sacrifice VA
Zubia Brothers Voices on the Street AZ
Zuccaro Zuccaro LA
Zufolo Special Sphere UK
Zumf Dreams of the Dragon SD
Zuni Migoze Wanawake MN
ZunZun Beachcomber CA
ZunZun Flabbergasted CA
ZunZun Sea, Land & Sky CA
Zupe Christmas Piano PA
Zuppa Walk Funky OR
ZUPPA Live at the Goodfoot OR
Zuri Song Book CA
Zuri Osterholt Timmy IL
Zvonimir Tot Travels and Dreams IL
Zwee Zwee (EP) TX
Zweerz Fullcode CA
Zwei 2'sday DC
Zwei The 2 DC
Z-WORKS Sleeping Angels OH
Zydeco Hounds Shake It Don't Break It LA
ZYNC Bring Forth The Element LA
Zyrah's Orange Body MA
Zzaj In A Lifetime CA
ZZZZZZ Holeigans Sweden

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