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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
U Dreamer U Dreamer NC
U. Kay Hytz Ambients UK
U.K.Heights So Far UK
U.N.I.T. Untitled NY
U.S.B. U.S.Bandit NY
U.S.C. (Upstairs Click) East Texas Street Game TX
U.S.C.(upstairs Click) I Might When I Pop Up TX
U.S.D.A.*BLUES [it don't smell funny yet!] MA
Uber Cool Kung Fu 3 MN
Uche On Top Of Your Game IN
Udi Subudi Under The Stone WI
Uffington Horse Enchantment OR
Ufonia Ben Verdery Ufonia NY
Ugly In The Morning Ugly In The Morning Singapore
Ugly Machine Self-Destruction Games TN
Ugur Dogan G a m - I Â z â d Netherlands
Ujmul'EL:the boombox delight dramatical basement sound outburst GA
uk Crisis Small Town Prisoner UK
uk heights Welcome to Life UK
UKDeluded From There to Nowhere UK
Ukulele Man Crazy Old World OH
Ukulele Man SumoNinjaLele OH
Ukuphambana Brennschluss MA
Ulele Harmony IL
Uli Geissendoerfer Transformation 9/11 NY
Ulla Lindhardt & Comely Grace Stormy Stillness Denmark
Ulrike H. Anton Follow Your Dreams Austria
Ultima Thule Formation Projeckt GA
Ultimate Detroit Blues Collect Ultimate Detroit Blues Collection MI
Ultimate Fakebook Electric Kissing Parties KS
Ultra High Frequency Sun never sets in Dramaville NY
Ultra Jones Three Minute Window MA
Ultra Jones Washed Away MA
UltraMax Digital Bliss PA
UltraMax Technamericana PA
Ultramax Resurrection OK
Ultrascope From Home Austria
UltraSuede The Other Ellie CA
Ultraviolet Eye Heroin Geek (the movie) CA
UltraViolet Uforia Event Horizon WA
UltraViolet Uforia Unleashed WA
Ulysses Symbioses Netherlands
umbrella minds carnival WA
U-Meleni Soul Psalms -Birth, Death, Resurrexion MA
Umphrey Jackson Dedicated To Those Who Will Remember FL
Umphrey Jackson SleepWalking FL
Una Volta Devotchka CO
unAuthordox The Ep LP NY
Unbound Just This Time CA
Unbound Turning Point CA
Unbunny Black Strawberries NH
UnCalled 4 Band Back 2 Basix DC
Unckle Eddie Party Tonight MS
Uncle Moving On To Solids NY
Uncle Thanks For All The Lemons NY
Uncle Albert Workin' IL
Uncle Albert Most exclusive Residence IL
Uncle Carl Bring Me Your Children NY
Uncle Carl Uncle Carl NY
Uncle Dirtytoes Foot to the Path KS
Uncle Eye Hyperactive Talking Cows CA
Uncle Hershel Uncle Hershel Picks The Mandolin TN
Uncle Jack adhesive CT
Uncle Jim Funky As A Diaper TN
Uncle Jim Funky as a Diaper VA
uncle john & cousin greg indiana line IN
Uncle Larry Battery Acid Style WI
Uncle Leuschner and the Chris Uncle Leuschner and the Chris WA
Uncle Light Lightsounds WI
Uncle Max's Cosmic Band Licking the toad in the black church CA
Uncle Rock Here We Go! NY
Uncle Rumple Next of Skin OK
Uncle Salty's Cabin Hooch Radio 109.9fm WA
Uncle Salty's Cabin Uncle Salty's Cabin WA
Uncle Seth Forgive & Forget Volume One CA
Uncle Shaker Uncle Shaker MA
Uncle Sneaky Demo IN
Uncle Steve Labour of Caring Canada
Uncle Steve Labour of Caring ON
Uncle Steve Story Book Blues Canada
Uncle Tom Uncle Tom CA
Uncle Wombat Space Cow 9000 CA
UncleFucker Usurpers of the Tradition NY
Uncle's Institution Everything A Man Can Dream Of Ep Norway
uncle's institution the hit single babe Norway
uncle's institution Brand New Fool Norway
UNCROWNED Simple Sick Device GA
uncuT Quarter-Life Crisis CA
uncuT Tomorrow is Too Late CA
UndaGround Sam My Season Is Here TN
Undecided Driven CA
Under Melissa Blue It's Bluer Than You Think CA
Under The Influence (Of God's Once Upon A Cross FL
Under The Radar Colour Of Bliss CA
Under The Rose A Little Hope CT
Undercast Self-Titled EP PA
Undercover In the Shade CA
Undercurrent Chairman of the Bored CA
underdrive giving back the monster NY
Underdrive Underdrive NY
Underground Chuck Influence CO
Underground Legends Crabs Out The Barrel IL
Underground Nativez Da Gathering AZ
Underhill Underhill [self-titled] KS
Undermine Suited Red IL
Undersea Explosion Undersea Explosion NY
Underwater Kites Too Much Space NH
Underwhelmed And Now I Can See NY
Undivided Still Here NJ
Undone Between the Lines MD
undun caged CO
Unfinished Thought Based On Actual Events MI
Unfinished Thought Becoming Aware MI
Unfinished Wood Is It Just Me? OH
Unforgiven Filth UK
Unichrom Unichrom CA
Unicorn The Cosmic Storyteller CA
Unidentified Flying Orchestra Unconfirmed Sightings NY
Unified Tribe Mixed Messages TX
Unilever Smorgasbord CA
Union boys Starvin like marvin MI
Union Jack Union Jack CA
Unionboys The Family Tree MI
UNIT 53 Past Tense... VA
UNIT 53 Power & Presence VA
UNIT 731 UNIT 731 CA
Unit: E Straight Out the Basement VA
United Brassworkers Front United Brassworkers Front CA
United Sacred Harp Musical Ass In Sweetest Union Join CA
United Soldiers Affiliation Tha Weaponz of Mass Destruction (2-Discs TN
United State of Mind U MD
United Steel Workers of Montre Broken Trucks and Bottles CA
United We Funk All - Stars United We Funk CA
United We Stand In Loving Memory 911 CA
United We Stand Various Artists Compilation NY
UnityGain Only A Fool FL
Universal Blues Band Get on the Blues Train WA
Universal Joint Fantasy On Impact AL
Universal Reversal Universal Reversal OR
Universal Solvent Peasants' Parade NY
UniversalDice Out of Many, One NY
UniversalDice.com My Name Is Thomas... NY
University of Hartford A Ribbon of Hope CT
University of Miami Hip Hop Cl The Compound When The Elements FL
Unjust Glow CA
Unknown Artist(s) Listen Canada
Unknown Artist(s) We're Back ! ON
Unknown Component From Anywhere But Here IA
Unknown Component Living Through Technology IA
Unknown Component Rewired Reasoning IA
Unknown Poet Poetry GA
Unknown Russian Artist Songbird AZ
Unplugged & Intimate The Album Volume 1 UK
Unseen Guest The Jungle, The Drum -n- The Bass GA
Unsigned Band The Brighterside Of Halloween / Inside T MN
UNSIGNED Underground Unsigned Underground Part # 11 NY
Unstable No More Lies CA
Unsub Poe OH
Untapped Blues Festival 2004 Live! WA
Until Next Time Things I Wish I'd Said VA
untRaceAble goDs stars on the pavement UK
Unusual Suspects Outside the Lines DC
Unveiled Where You Are Loved MD
Unwoman Wildness & Artifice CA
UP 2 PAR For The Love OH
Up in the Air ...another hill to climb... MI
Up North Kountry Boyz Up North Kountry Boyz IN
Up The Anesthetic Up The Anesthetic CA
up the dose sects CA
UPGROUND Debut EP with cd enhancement CA
Upper Structure DVD CA
Uproot Entertainment Group Uproot CA
Upset Under pressure seeing everything CA
Upside Entropy OK
Upside Groove Coalition Funky Estofado WI
Upstart Aussies Djunda-Djunda-y, go walkabout OR
Upstate Missing: The Official Soundtrack OH
UpSurge! Chromatology CA
Uptown Local Uptown Local NY
Uptown Sinclair Uptown Sinclair NY
Uptown Sound Lab Vibes...by Word Of Mouth IL
Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet Half-Past Swing VA
Uptown Vocal Jazz Quartet When The Sun Goes Down VA
Upwell Replica WA
Urania sera para siempre CA
Uranium Ballerium soundtrack IL
Urban Ambience Exiles in Limbo MA
Urban Ambience The ENDorphineS Justify the MEANderingS MA
Urban Blu Out Of The Blu GA
Urban Celtic Urban Celtic PA
Urban Djin Enabling Angel IL
Urban Dwellers Shop Worn Angel UK
Urban Family Dog 3-Finger Charlie CA
Urban Hope Urban Hope GA
Urban Horse Thieves Won't Be Long NY
Urban Jungle New York-Berlin Connection PA
Urban Poets, Thea & GaKnew The Family Album CA
Urban Senses No Denial NY
Urban Sprawl Beyond The Bridges NJ
Urban Sprawl (Chuck Cobb) Beyond the Bridges NJ
Urban Sun Junction Boulevard NY
Urban Surf Kings Live In Hell Italy
Urban Tapestry Castles and Skyscrapers Canada
Urban Tapestry Myths and Urban Legends Canada
Urban Tapestry Sushi and High Tea ON
Urban Vibe Get A Groove On UK
Uri Bracha Origins IL
Ursalino Changé d'idée Switzerland
Ursel Schlicht Bruce Arnold String Theory NY
Ursula Thiem Reflections ON
Us featuring Shadow Deep CT
US PROS Blame It On Us! CA
Used Alien Mind Positive Mental Theme IA
USELESS INTENT Destined for Failure CA
User Hegemonic BC
User Shorty Patent Co. Depart So Slow VT
USM Silver Step Child MN
Usul Hi Noone OR
Utah Carol Comfort for the Traveler IL
Utenzil Utenzil MD
Utopia Banished Night of the Black Wyvern NY
Uversa Uversa CO
Uzca Gypsy Dreams CA
Uzca Slice Of Light CA
Uzoma (Uzo) Ezekwudo Fragrance of True Love NC

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