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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
P #9 ...by the Wayside IL
P Black Supernatural Hustler AL
P Dub The Transition MO
P Dub P Dub NV
P Eye Eye Beyond Control UK
P*rokk/ tonywhoa/ntegrity The Jammalott Power 12 IN
P. Ann Everson-Price Killer Love OH
P. Hux Homemade Spaceship The Music of ELO Perf MD
P. Hux Purgatory Falls MD
P. Raney Coalition Reflections OH
P.A.T. Back To Reality NY
P.A.T. Firm But Fair TX
P.F. Labarbera Handful of Blues NY
P.f. Labarbera Acoustic Solos NY
P.I.C Sexy Picnic NY
P.I.G Playas in the Game The Occupation KY
P.J. Shapiro approachavoidance MA
P.J. Shapiro I Know What You're Made Of MA
P.O.S.T.A.L. Finally I Speak MI
P.S.D. (Paul Stephen Duffy) Remedies and Colors NE
P.T. Gazell Pace Yourself TN
Pablo Everything Includes Us UT
Pablo Vulgar Modalities MN
Pablo Chino Nunez Chino Nunez And friends Its Shotime Stri FL
Pablo Embon Times To Remember IL
Pablo H. Solutin I love You Philippines
Pablo Mayor-Folklore Urbano Aviso NY
Pacer involuntary movement CA
Pachacamac Mamitay NY
Pachino Dino Dummin Out SC
Pacific Wonderland American Made OR
Paco Alarcon Blues & Jazz for The Soul Spain
Paco Alarcon - Kahan Journey To Sirius Spain
Padame Om Confessions NM
Paddlefoot Thumper IL
Paddy Dougherty Wait on the Moon VA
Paddy Gibney Live-Love-Now NC
Paddy Gibney Live at the Radisson NC
Paddy Gibney & Bill Ayerbe One Drunken Night NC
Paddy Goes To Holyhead Red-Letter Days Germany
Paddy Leitsch The Phoenix Project IL
Paddy Mills Three… or 32 ME
Pagan Blues Demo CA
Pagan Mary Still ON
Pagano & Saslow PS1 CA
Page Jackson Eternal CA
'Pagene' - of the CheyWind St Tender Mercies NY
Pageturner Furlined Socialite GA
Paging Raymond Please. Quiet. Recording. IN
Pahtcub Situation Normal VA
paidfour Have I told You? WA
Paid-n-cash Entertainment Drop Mouth Vol.1 GA
Paige whiskey was the medicine CA
Paige Stroman Mother and Child TX
Pain Link The Burden of Sin KY
Paint Urban Folk Tales CA
Painted Heart Artists Forbidden Fruit NE
Paisley Close All On A Day TX
Paisty Jenny DETOURS NE
Pale here NM
Pale Beneath The Blue Hologram OH
Pale Brother Sweet Malady DC
Pale Riders Moonsong Australia
Paledave Find What You Love MI
Pall,Ansar Thinking of You VA
Palm Wine Boys Up & Down CA
Palm Wine Boys Palm Wine Boys CA
palmer shadows of why FL
Palmer and Riner Mill Creek Road GA
Palmer Lavin Duo Prelude To A Kiss OR
Palms Down West African Rhythms Volume 1 NY
Palo Duro Cowpokes, Horses, & Old Glory TX
Palo Viejo Estás Aquí Ahora LA
Paloma Paloma Canada
Paloma (Cast Recording) Paloma (Cast Recording) CA
Palus St. The Strategy of Love CA
Pam Blanchard Music Makes Me Happy GA
Pam Colen & Pam Slomka Pam 2 MI
Pam Lawrence Let the World Know CA
Pam Parker Imagine DC
Pam Parker and Company Working Class MD
Pam Tate Dancing on the Pyramids NY
Pam Tate Die Happy NY
Pam Tate Something Wonderful NY
Pamela Chappell Everything Is Alright MI
Pamela Chappell A Little Sunshine MI
Pamela Chappell Coming Down Easy MI
Pamela Chappell Joy In My Heart MI
Pamela Fleming & Fearless Drea Climb NY
Pamela Flutot Ament Music To Fly By CA
Pamela G It's A "G" Thang CA
Pamela Jay Heart-Shaped Rocks IN
Pamela Joi George Nearer My God To Thee CA
Pamela Kay Hawkins Publishing Rockin' The Day Away OK
Pamela McNeill American Breakup MN
Pamela Means Single Bullet Theory MA
Pamela Morita Strings That... AZ
Pamela Rose You Could Have It All CA
Pamela Ruby Russell Highway of Dreams MA
Pamela Stonebrooke the Intergalactic Diva TX
Pamela Sue Mann Pamela Sue Mann NY
Pamela Van Schaack Innocence Lost CA
Pamela West Dweller on the Threshold NJ
Pamela Wise Negre Con Leche MI
Pamela Wise Songo Festividad MI
Pamela Wyn Shannon Nature's Bride NJ
Pamelody Dreas Music Box VA
PAN Pandemonium NY
Pan Out Now Progress Canada
Pan Out Now Strange Tales From the Urban Circle Canada
Panacea Thinking Back, Looking Forward... VA
Panama Red Choice Buds TN
Pancake Fair Pancake Fair CA
Pancho & Sal Cuando Salga La Luna BC
Pancho & Sal Revivir BC
Pancho's Lament Pancho's Lament NY
Pandemic Angry Sky NY
Pandora Scooter Carpe Dyke NJ
Panic 12:52 Redemption IL
Panic Attack Panic Attack MO
Pankhi Golden Glory NY
Pantana Out of Touch VA
Pantera Saint-Montaigne Yummy NY
Pantheon Crush The Weak!!! NY
Pantheon Pantheon EP NY
Pants Pants Pants Pop Songs To Make Us Famous CA
paola g the Sounds of Freedom Switzerland
Paola Jean So Good CA
Paoli Mejias Mi Tambor PR
Paolo Giaro I VU DI Italy
Pap & The Sideman Heads You Win Canada
Papa Joe Grandpa's Story OH
Papa Joe Open Mike OH
Papa Joe Grappa Too White to Sing the Blues CA
Papa Joe Kretschmer Cryin On My Pizza OH
Papa John Creach Papa Blues CA
Papa Mambo Amanecer CA
Papa Pride A Sound of Voices AL
PapaJoe Cryin' On My Pizza OH
Papakoo Without Fear of Intimacy NY
Papalatty Africa's Problem Nigeria
Papa-Latty H.G.V. Nigeria
Papas Underground Rollinga Social Club VA
Paper Chaser Click Let's Bounce FL
Paperface Rock, Scissors CA
Paperface The Legend of Harley Knowles CA
PaperTrail Productions Ice Cold Heat CA
papillon papillon UK
Pär Edwardson Bodybuilding-but with centimetre? Sweden
Parachute Express Don't Blink CA
Paradaem Alrighty NH
Parade Life* in Ten Songs or Less TX
paradigm Thirty Stories High CA
Paradigm Mainstream Epidemic IL
Paradigm Blue Liquideyes NC
PARADIGMX Whip It! Japan
Paradiso Healing Vibes - Solo Didjeridoo (Didgeri CA
Paradiso Shaman's Trance CA
PARADOX Sacred - The Album Ireland
PARADOX Circle of Growth {Limited edition cd} Ireland
Paradox Lame & Languid Ireland
Paradox 2wx Dark Reign FL
Paradox View O.O.T.ETC.EP MA
Paragon What Is Paragon? OH
Paragon Worldwide Entertainmen No Boundaries MS
parakeet nelson risky biscuits NC
Parallax1 The Magician AK
Parallel Upside of Social SC
Parallel Staring at the Sun SC
Parallel View Rocktronica CA
Paranoid Foundation Foundations UK
Paranoid Larry Paranoid Larry And His Imaginary Band NY
Paranoise Ishq CT
ParanormL The PortaL CA
Park Chisolm Hope Street News TN
Park Swing Orchestra In The Swing Of Christmas NY
Parke Hedges and the Examiners Close My Eyes TX
Parker The City Faces EP CA
Parker Bent I Am Your New Music Teacher CA
Parker James Simply Parker LA
Parker Scott Company Of Strangers NY
Parker Sisters Demons in Pop Country UT
Parker Worsham Demo TX
Parkinson If Only You'd Hear What I'm Saying CA
Parklife Lonely Eyes and Amsterdam GA
Parkview Walk Alone MA
Parmalee Demo NC
PAROMITA Songs of Raivin CA
Parris Lane Songs … from my heart MD
Parsley & Sagebrush Extraordinary Friends IL
Parthenia Parthenia Sampler NY
Parthenia Within The Labyrinth NY
Particle Salad The Track Inside CA
Partners in Crime Lost Along the Way CO
Partners 'n Praise Tell It MI
Partners-N-Rhyme The Collaborations NY
Pascal Hello, My Name Is Pascal WI
Pascal & Remy Le Boeuf Deuces Wild CA
Pascal Le Boeuf, featuring Rem Migration CA
Paso Fino Into the Cactus Plain NY
Pasquale Esposito My Destiny CA
Passion U Can't Stop My Pain FL
past perfect whispers of souls in silence Greece
Paste(swe) Sequel Sweden
Paste(swe) Superpop Sweden
Pastor Bradford and Mary Love Nothing but the blood CA
Pastor E.Shadrach Deline GONE TOO SOON GA
Pastor Gary L. Wyatt Mythless Christmas WA
Pastor Gary L. Wyatt Secret Closet WA
Pastor Gary L. Wyatt Verses & Choruses WA
Pastor Gary L. Wyatt & SureHou The Decade WA
Pastor Keith C. Smith Pastor Keith C. Smith IL
Pastor Michael F. Mack I Am Persuaded OH
Pastor Rodney Hamright & The R In Your Presence SC
Pastor Tommy Conviction CA
Pastor Tommy God Is So Good CA
Pasty White Pasty White MN
Pat and Paul Hanks The Endless Nigh MI
Pat Boardman Cold River CA
Pat Burtis Clarify CA
Pat Clark Center of Effort NY
Pat Coil True North TN
Pat Daugherty Dance of the Hours NY
Pat Daugherty New York Electric Piano NY
pat downes right side out KS
Pat Flanakin Hard Times TN
Pat Flanakin Hard Times TN
Pat Flanakin In The Land Of Make Believe TN
Pat Flynn Request TN
Pat Guadagno Live at the City Lights Saloon NJ
Pat Hamilton Lullabyes and Other Songs CO
Pat Hamilton Pure and Simple CO
Pat Hamilton Sweet Memories CO
Pat Hamilton You Are My Christmas CO
Pat Hamilton & Peter Vavra Christmas in Vail CO
Pat Hannah Moods and Memories New Zealand
Pat Hunter Life Lessons NY
Pat James It's My Life AZ
Pat James Some Like It Country AZ
Pat Jenkins Let The Games Begin VA
Pat Kain Breakin The Bank TX
Pat Kelley In the Moment CA
Pat Kelley The Road Home CA
Pat Kinsella High Cost of Living SD
Pat Knightly Fur River CA
Pat Lakatta Everybody's Got A Place MD
Pat Longo & His Big Band The Hit List CA
pat mAcdonald In the Red Room WI
Pat McCaskey Pat McCaskey PA
Pat Miller Harpin' Memphis Style TN
Pat Milliken Motif CA
Pat Montes Thinkin' 'Bout You TN
Pat Motika Love is the Answer OH
Pat Navarre Wanderlust TN
Pat Nevins Shakey Zimmerman CA
Pat O'Bryan Radio Free Texas TX
Pat Orchard Outside UK
Pat Orchard Shabby Road UK
Pat Ortman Pat Ortman CA
Pat Payne Horses OK
Pat Riley SoMeDaY SuNdAy CA
Pat Robinson I Should Have Bought A Harley OR
Pat Simmons Demo FL
Pat Simpson & Keith Gibson Project: Can't Stop Me NC
Pat Travers 3 Song Demo Ireland
Pat Upton Pat Upton CA
Pat Walsh Egghead GA
Pat Webb Land of the Homeless Black Dog IN
Pat Wictor Waiting for the Water NY
Pat Wictor Temporary Stay NY
Pat Wroge Halfway MA
Patchouli Once In The Ring IL
Patchouli Come a Little Closer IL
Patchouli Demo IL
Patchouli Live At The House IL
Patchouli Patchouli IL
patchwork.fm More Than Meets The Eye Austria
Path Of Allyson Better Hallway Vision GA
Path of Allyson Blue Letter Diary GA
Path Of Allyson The Orange EP GA
PATHAK Village Tales CA
Pathogen Transition NC
Patience Ferguson Legacy MN
Patiño Vazquez & Mondo Sweetie Infusion MA
Patric Bakkenist Rear View Mirror Netherlands
Patric Steel Nights Of L.A. CA
Patric Westoo Be Good Or Be Gone NY
Patrice What You Won't Do For Love (single) LA
Patrice Moerman Following A Dream MD
Patrice Morris All My Praise CA
Patrice Wilson Sacrifice GA
Patricia Adams Blue For You NY
Patricia Adams [vocals], Bill With Our Compliments NY
Patricia Adams [vocals], Frank Live @ Ryles Jazz Club, Set 1 NY
Patricia Adams [vocals], Frank Raw Silk NY
Patricia Adams [vocals], Ray S Live @Ryles Jazz Club, Set 2 NY
Patricia Baker Demo LA
Patricia Brady-Danzig Ojos Verdes ( Green Eyes ) NJ
Patricia Caicedo - soprano Pa Lied- Art songs of Latin America / Canci FL
Patricia Hendrix Something Old Something New NJ
Patricia Hunter There's A Purpose! NC
Patricia Ju To You OR
Patricia LaLiberte Pianist Patricia LaLiberte Plays AZ
Patricia Lawrence Wheels CT
Patricia Maertens Numero dos CA
Patricia Maertens Patricia Maertens CA
Patricia Ossowski My Best Mask On NY
Patricia Strand Beginning Meditation with Patricia Stran WA
Patricia Tondreau Humus Alondra Switzerland
Patricia Tondreau & Alondra Yaravi Switzerland
Patricia Tortorici New York Story NY
Patricia Vonne Patricia Vonne TX
Patricia Wilder Sweet Love CA
Patrick Adams Solipsis KY
Patrick Allen 'bout time! MN
Patrick Arena Captured Alive PA
Patrick Arena Night Cap NJ
Patrick Barnitt When The Time Is Right CA
Patrick Boyd Patrick Boyd MA
Patrick Bryant demo CA
Patrick Capone Five Hundred Degrees IL
Patrick Clark Band American Maid MO
Patrick Dennis Atlantic EP CA
Patrick Dodd War Crimes OR
Patrick Dunn Corner Room NY
Patrick Fitzsimmons Dance VT
Patrick Fleming Connected... NJ
Patrick Fraley The Greatest Cartoon Voice Tricks Ever S CA
Patrick Frost Everything's Normal Here FL
Patrick Gibson Talking To Myself CA
Patrick Gibson X CA
Patrick Grant Fields Amaze NY
Patrick Hadley EgyptiCat NV
Patrick John Riley Best of My Life CA
Patrick Kent Respite WA
Patrick Lee Hadley EgyptiCat NV
Patrick Lee Hadley Mystress of the Nile NV
Patrick Lee Hebert Murmurs NH
Patrick Lee Hebert The Poet's Dream NH
Patrick M Dennis Focus Sketches CA
Patrick McCaffrey McCaffrey CA
Patrick McCarthy Pilgrim Soul VA
Patrick Mikulin Small Reflections of the Bigger Picture TX
Patrick Murphy Madding Road CO
Patrick Mystery Drastic Times NJ
Patrick Nagel As The Last Leaves Fall CA
Patrick Nankervis City Life AUS
Patrick Napper Separation WA
Patrick Neher Soliloquy AZ
Patrick Neher Grand Bassery! AZ
Patrick O'Flaherty Andreas Brown Eyes VA
Patrick Riley Americana FL
Patrick Roberto Demo PA
Patrick Rock Band Recovering From Silence NC
Patrick Ryan Feed Your Head WI
Patrick Simmons Demo Tape FL
Patrick Storedahl Ink Block Fingerprint WA
Patrick Sweany Band Henryfordbedroom OH
patrick thompson 5 winter afternoons NJ
Patrick W. Horn The Nomad Flute CA
Patrick Woods Power Fields IN
Patrick Woods Power Fields IN
Patrick Wyatt Rheaume A Life of Emotions MI
Patrick Yandall A Lasting Embrace CA
Patrick Yandall Of Two Cities CA
Patrick's Head A Conversation With Baby PA
Patrick's Head A Mild Case Of Something Weird PA
Patrik Michaels Feels Like Home NY
Patrik Piano Romantic Standards CA
patrina patrina NV
Patriotic Compilation CD America And Friends Salute...The Spirit WA
Patryk deRosa Semyaza9 CA
Patsy Hatfield Lawson Aunt Ruby's Funeral Trip TN
Patsy Hatfield Lawson Perfect Quilts and Burnt Coffee TN
Patsy Meyer Don't Stop Now OH
Patsy O'Brien What You Know CT
Patsy O'Brien Admission CT
Patti B. Breakin' Through FL
Patti Casey Just An Old Sweet Song VT
Patti Casey The Edge of Grace VT
Patti Casey Under Different Skies VT
Patti DeRosa Paradise MA
Patti Ecker Prairieland IL
Patti Kaylor Buddy Bee Goes to School FL
Patti Lupo Change Partners IL
Patti McLead My Heart's Journey TX
Patti Moran McCoy Jesus In Paris OR
Patti O'Brien Melita Swing It! NY
Patti Rothberg Snow is My Downfall-EP NY
Patti Shea All These Angels PA
Patti Shea All These Angels PA
Patti Shea Comets Collide PA
Patti Shea Patti Shea PA
Patti Sterling Bettin' On You CA
Patti Sue Rokus Sweet Dreams My Little Friends OR
Patti Witten Land of Souvenirs NY
Patti Witten Sycamore Tryst Demo NY
Patti Witten/Prairie Doll Prairie Doll NY
Patti Zlaket Bliss CA
Patti Zlaket Tunes CA
Pattie Lockard What If They Gave A War And No One Came CA
Patty & Misty Mountain Band HillBilly Will TX
Patty Benson 2,666 Miles NC
Patty Carpenter This Time It's Love MA
Patty Carpenter/Melissa Shetle Under My Hat MA
Patty Dorsch Perfectly Crazy MD
Patty Dorsch & Friends A New Pair MD
Patty Keough Watching the World MA
Patty Phillips Little Flowers OR
Patty Powers A Perfect Love NY
Patty Powers A Perfect Love NY
Paul I Mak M Laf IL
Paul " SEQUENCE " Ferguson Relaxation NY
Paul " SEQUENCE " Ferguson Strong Love NY
Paul " SEQUENCE " Ferguson The Architect Of Music NY
Paul " Sequence " Ferguson The Jazz Man NY
Paul & Helen Mateki Something to Sing About TX
Paul & Sheila Smith Our Own Way - Vol. II CA
Paul Adams Flute Meditations For Dreaming Clouds IL
Paul Adams This Christmas IL
Paul Adams This Christmas IL
Paul Ahn That Place - Instrumental Worship DC
Paul Alaniz The Adventures of Artie Eco, Part One, a TX
Paul Alexander Place With Life CA
Paul Ammendola Let The Wind Dance NY
Paul and Susan Hansen Atmosphere of Heaven MA
Paul Arnoldi Highroads Ten Plus Two CA
Paul Arnoldi Tell Him I'm Gone CA
Paul Arnoldi Arnoldi CA
Paul Arnoldi Highroads CA
Paul Arnoldi Rub Some Dirt On It CA
Paul Aston Group Exactly Where I Am At This Moment NY
Paul Austin Kelly Don't Want No Bones for Christmas UK
Paul Austin Kelly Rap 'N Roll UK
Paul Austin Kelly The Walking Oliver Sing-A-Long UK
Paul Austin Kelly Hello, Michael Rosen UK
Paul Austin Kelly & Richard Du Dreams--The Walking Oliver Poetry in Son UK
Paul Austin Kelly & Richard Du Through Tenderwood UK
Paul Austin Kelly & Richard Du Unleashed on British Isles UK
Paul B. Allen Demo Tape NV
Paul Baggott Raised To The Ground UK
Paul Baker Lost Souls Reunion CA
Paul Baker The Ladder of the Soul CA
Paul Baker The Tranquil Harp CA
Paul Ball I'm Walking Away MA
Paul Barnes LISZT and the CROSS CO
Paul Beatty Bookends NY
Paul Belcher Breath Of God CA
Paul Bennett ALL POWER IN
paul berkes Auratrona TN
Paul Bibbins Songs From The Index Of Fools LA
Paul Boruff Bluejay UT
Paul Bouley Ambient Cocktails and other Global RI
Paul Bouley Armchair Safari RI
Paul Brian Newett VEX OR
Paul Brown Cosmic Love Canada
Paul Brubaker ...and the pursuit of happiness NJ
Paul Cardy Old Lovers UK
Paul Cardy The Dreamers UK
Paul Casey Songs In Open Tuning UK
Paul Cavin Hapa Haole Favorites CA
Paul Cavin La Caffepia;2002;our First Christmas CA
Paul Cavin Special Request,2003,Elayna CA
Paul Cerrato Love Comes at a Price NY
Paul Chesne Wet Dog Man CA
Paul Christopher and Ruth Drum Offenbach Cello Duets Op.49, #1-6 & Op.5 LA
Paul Clements Paul Clements NY
Paul Collette Another Man AZ
Paul Cooper Key To The Highway CA
Paul Cote Paul Cote NY
Paul Cotton Firebird CA
Paul Cox Paul Cox Project NY
Paul Crepeau Strangers in the Doorway HI
Paul Cuneo Rest here, a lullaby album CA
Paul Curreri The Spirit of the Staircase VA
Paul Curreri From Long Gones to Hawkmoth VA
Paul Curreri Songs for Devon Sproule VA
Paul David Love GA
Paul Davis Journeys WA
Paul Dillon OneThruFour WA
Paul Dube Do It Yourself ME
Paul Edelman and The Jangling North American and Susquehanna PA
Paul Emery And The Dickens Lives Of The Future Blessed CA
Paul Engle Two Trees MA
Paul Epstein Lessons Life's Taught Me WV
Paul Epstein School Bus Comin' WV
Paul Evenden Farewell: A Collection of Celtic Waltzes BC
Paul Fairall Trying NY
Paul Felton Time waits for no one AUS
Paul Fidalgo Paul is Making Me Nervous VA
Paul Filipowicz Chinatown WI
Paul Filipowicz Midnight At The Nairobi Room WI
Paul Filipowicz Never Had It So Good WI
Paul Finazzo Tango's Blueberry Jam MI
Paul Fisher and The Mulligan K In a Swing Thing BC
Paul Foisy Big Sugar FL
Paul Foreman Brand New Land AUS
Paul Francis Walk With Me GA
Paul Gabriel Fate CT
Paul Gargiulo band Feel the Fire NJ
Paul Gaughan & Not Forgotten When I Get Off The Moon MI
Paul Geller A Walk Down Familiar Paths CA
Paul Geswell Paul Geswell MA
Paul Golubovs and John Sokolof Unveil Your Love -- A Collection Of Song CA
Paul H Taylor & The Montara Mo Lonely For You CA
Paul Haider Deep Relaxation PR
Paul Hammer 19 NY
Paul Hanover Know Your Soul WA
Paul Harrison Shanksville and Other Stories MD
Paul Hayes Vol. 1: Love and Pain and The Whole Damn LA
Paul Hayman Paul Hayman Australia
Paul Hayward Many Colors CA
Paul Headon The Middle Distance Australia
Paul Helfrich Mindscapes CA
Paul Herder Meeting Life CA
Paul Hlebcar Stand Alone CA
Paul Hogan Frances NY
Paul Holmes Demo MA
paul hookham facts&figures CA
Paul Hosford Emergence NE
Paul Hosford & Melissa Casper When I Fall In Love NE
Paul Hosford and Emily Walter Comin' Home NE
Paul Hosford and Joani Redler Desire NE
Paul Hunecut I'm Gonna Be Bad Today CA
Paul Hunecut Let Me Sooth My Soul CA
Paul Hunt Monticello NY
Paul Ibberson Have You Heard UK
Paul Inman Rattlesnake Heat CA
Paul Is Dead Let The Losers Slug It Out CA
Paul Iwancio Open Heart Stories MD
Paul Jacobsen You Might Regret You Ever Cared NY
Paul Jamieson My Father's Son DC
Paul Johnson Take These Hands DE
Paul Joseph trio Yes and No AUS
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald Calling On Love CA
Paul Kamm & Eleanor MacDonald Like Water CA
Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDona Fool's Paradise CA
Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDona Live CA
Paul Kamm and Eleanore MacDona Unbroken Chain CA
Paul Kelly Buzz NY
Paul Kelly Soundings In Film NY
Paul Kerian Compassionate Conservative Blues & Harmo NY
Paul Kerian (PK and Ducks) Harmonica Poems NY
Paul Kneipp Flying AUS
Paul Kneipp JPF Demo Australia
Paul Kollat I Don't Wanna' Love Anymore AZ
Paul Labrise and the Trees Crawl Out Of This PA
Paul Landsberg / Bert Peters The Road That Sings To Me CA
Paul Larson Through the Window UT
Paul le Claire I Call On Thee UK
Paul Lewis Trading Horror Stories DE
Paul Lewis Get On With It CA
Paul Livingstone Arohi CA
Paul Livingstone Salaam Suite EP CA
Paul Lockwood Positive PA
Paul Luckey Goddess FL
Paul Madryga Acoustic Pencil Sketches (and Songs for CA
Paul Main Still Kickin' and Pickin' ME
Paul Main Take Me As I Am ME
Paul Manchin Buzz…Volumes 1 & 2 ON
Paul Manchin Entity Canada
Paul Manchin Natural Canada
Paul Mangone Fly By Wire MA
Paul Martin Nowhere NJ
Paul Martin Paul Martin VA
Paul Martini Between Light & The Silvery Moon FL
Paul Marturano Demo Tape PA
Paul Matthew Lauck Nonfiction IN
Paul Matthews Quonochontaug Music MA
Paul Mayasich Were you been MN
Paul Mayasich with Benderheads Times is Hard MN
Paul McBurney - PMB Continuous Wave CA
Paul McBurney - PMB Continuous Wave Bonus Tracks CA
Paul McIntosh Harvest Drawing Near CA
Paul McMahon Adult Child NY
Paul Mcmahon Army Of Love NY
Paul McMahon The Song of the Statues NY
Paul McMahon Walking in the Days of the Prophecies NY
Paul McMahon Woodstock Windmills NY
Paul Melancon Slumberland GA
Paul Meredith In Your Travels MI
Paul Meredith Shadows of Belgrade MI
Paul Meredith Spiritual Springtime MI
Paul Meredith Waiting for a Chinese Sun... to shine MI
Paul Metsa Paper Tigers MN
Paul Meyers Blues for the Millennium NJ
Paul Michael Ash Passages IN
Paul Michael Casucci Simply Done In Black And White MA
Paul Morgan Shades Of A Soul PA
Paul Needs Sid Says EP IMPORT UK
Paul Needs Songs From The Long Land UK
Paul Otten Bad Parade OH
Paul Pederson Studio Park VA
Paul Peltzer Beatnic 7 IN
Paul Peress Awakening NY
Paul Perrault and Una George Nyiah PA
Paul Plumeri Paul Plumeri Blues Band Live in Seattle NJ
Paul R. Gregutt Paul Gregutt WA
Paul Rader Century Home OH
Paul Rader Band The Universe OH
Paul Reece Lucky Guy OH
Paul Reece The Lucky Guy Instrumentals OH
Paul Reece Mexican Beer OH
Paul Reece Lucky Guy OH
Paul Reisler Songs 2001 #1 VA
Paul Reisler & Bobby Read Birth of a River VA
Paul Reisler & Trapezoid Kid Pan Alley Songs VA
Paul Reisler and a Thousand Qu At Night the Roses Tango VA
Paul Riechmann Not Going Home ME
Paul Ryan Villanueva Wisdom of Death Disk Two CA
Paul Ryan Villanueva Wisdom of Death: Disk One CA
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood Dream a Story OR
Paul Safar and Nancy Wood Nisse's Dream OR
Paul Salazar At The Helm NM
Paul Santa Maria Intellipop One FL
Paul Santa Maria The Timbercats FL
Paul Santa Maria and Gurlfrien Gurl Crazy FL
Paul Schneider Escape Velocity NY
Paul Schneider Movin' On KS
Paul Schoberg Aloha Au Iâ `Oe CA
Paul Schoberg Sunrise CA
Paul Serrato Nexus NY
paul serrato & Co. excursions NY
Paul Serrato and Co. Origami NY
Paul Shoemaker I Seek You KS
Paul Shortino Stand Or Fall CA
Paul Shortino's The Cutt Sacred Place CA
Paul Siebert Echoes Of An Era NE
Paul Smith Souls Quest CA
Paul Soniat Born in New Orleans LA
Paul Spencer The Whole Shebang CT
Paul Spencer Adkins, Tenor; To How Can I Keep From Singing? PA
Paul Springer Songs for Worship and Edification, Vol. 1 TN
Paul Stan Paul Stan & The 3 Genres CT
Paul Strausman Blue Jay, Blue Jay NY
Paul Taneja 2 Music Videos IL
Paul Taneja Escape To Sugarland IL
Paul Taneja The Four Lakes EP IL
Paul Taylor Walkabout WY
Paul Taylor & Don Spencer COOEE WY
Paul The Girl Electro-Magnetic blues UK
Paul Trunko Jammy Man Acoustic Music for Kids and A CO
Paul Tynan Quartet Freedom And Jealousy NS
Paul Valentini Melodia Canada
Paul Viani Quartet Generosity CA
Paul Vincent Gandolfi Lifesketch TX
Paul Wall & Chamillionaire (of Get Ya Mind Correct TX
Paul White On the Detour AUS
Paul Wilbur Six Pack Willy MA
Paul Wood Blues is my Business CA
Paul Wood Bridgeburner CA
Paul Zografi One Door TN
Paul Zollo Orange Avenue CA
Paula Benson Najane GA
Paula Brisker Narrow Road CA
Paula James Sweet Country Love FL
Paula Lalish View from an Island WA
Paula Maya Resurrection WA
Paula Miller Of All Great Things AUS
Paula Miller Possessions AUS
Paula Rudees Songs By Paula Rudees FL
Paula Slow I Am Moved WI
Paula Tripodi Listen to the Wind NM
Paula Wentz Come Into My Chamber` MD
Paula Zeitlin Walk a Little Slower MA
Paula Zeitlin Walk a Little Slower MA
Paula-Ajala King Never Say Never WA
Paulette Ashe & Holy Vessels Christmas Reflections GA
Paulette Castel God Is Good VA
Paulette Dozier With You FL
Paulette Tyler How I Feel About You DE
Paulette Washington Paulette Washington GA
Paulina Alvarado Mi Universo WA
Pauline Morris Tell Tel Aviv NY
Pauline Taylor A Simple Life UK
Pauline York Band Muddy Water IL
Pauline York Band Blackberry Wine IL
Paully Moonbeam Extended Playground MI
Pauls Apartment Utilities Included OH
Pauls Apartment Pauls Apartment OH
Pauls Apartment Utilities Included OH
Pavlina Radoslavova Piano Gems and Masterpieces NM
Pavlov's Woody Instrumentality CA
pavonia LISTEN NJ
PAW RAY Puttin' It Down CA
PAWN First Angel Of The New-Age Super Race AUS
Pawn Shop Porno Window Shopping AZ
Pax Groove Safe Passage MI
Pax Nindi Harare Dread Early Days UK
Paxselin Quartet A Guide to Desolation Wilderness OR
Payne's Grey Pull It Down TX
Pazelee number one MA
Pazfest New Orleans Tribute to Joni Mitchell Vol LA
PB Ploy Clues from the Underground NY
PB Ploy PB Ploy NY
PB Ploy and Red Branch Fair and Tender Ladies NY
P-Bone & Devine ft. emilyPLAY Breaks Collective #018 FL
PCL Krew You've Got The Power Saint Lucia
PCR Carnivore MA
PCR Vol. 1 MA
PD Six PD Six TN
PDM Boys Demo Version 1.0 IN
PEA 3 Sense of Sleep PA
Peace & Quiet Peace & Quiet UT
Peace by Piece The Elements NY
Peace by Piece Peace by Piece NY
Peace Jones The Path Narrows NC
Peace Machine Peace Machine CA
Peace River The Best Of Peace River Jams NC
Peace River Guitar Heroes NC
Peace River Peace River Jams NC
Peace River Peace River Live NC
Peace River Music Tattooed Blue NC
Peace Together Gift of Hope:a Christmas journey OH
Peach Live From Riverside CA
Peach The Cure for You CA
Peanskean & Cue Popular Demand MI
Peanut Purple and Green Walls AL
Peanut Funker and Jam Peanut Funker and Jam NH
Pearl Williams Pearl's Pearls PA
Pearls of Faith He Brought Us Out All Right SC
Peat & Barley On the Brink MD
Pebble Theory Pebble Theory CA
Pebble Theory Pebble Theory Music Video CA
Peblz Facets AUS
Peculiar Boogie Pay Toll to the Troll WA
Ped Xing DTMF Suite NJ
Ped Xing Sing Along NJ
Pedalsped Pedalsped CA
Pedro Alfonso Cuerdas Locas FL
Pedro Bullaudy Arban-Clarke Sixty Duets FL
Pedro de Alcantara Old New Worlds NY
Pedro Eustache Global MVission (16 pages Bilingual Book FL
Pedro Giraudo - Mr. Vivo Mr. Vivo NJ
Peek Safe Harbor AL
Peelander-Z P-Bone Steak NY
Peepshot Welcome CA
Peepshow Nouveau Alter Ego AUS
Peg Delaney Trio If I Had You NY
Peg Dolan Four Green Fields NY
Peg Dolan Home NY
Peg Dolan The Missing Peace NY
Peg Leg Sam Early In The Morning NY
Pegasus Project Word of Mouth CA
Peggy Baldwin String Of Whispers CA
Peggy Bertsch Hiding in the Storm TN
Peggy Eason Discover Me NY
Peggy Herman Mercer and More NY
Peggy Mann Tenderness CO
Peggy Mann Connections CO
Peggy Monaghan and various art Seasons of the Witch AK
Peggy van Zalm Different World Australia
Peggy White Fair Is Fair CA
Peglegasus Learning Curve RI
Pekka Lehti Outo voima ('Strange Force') Finland
Peligro Los Angeles CA
pelpp and a.vanvranken pedal UT
Peluka Take Take Take CA
Pencilbrain Diverted Witness CT
Pencilgrass Bubblegum EP CT
Pencilhead and the Playground Super-Powered Underwear PA
pendulabellum tyson rogers, jared sims, eric hofbauer NC
Penelope Zoo Of Extinction AR
Penelope Houston The Whole World CA
Penelope Torribio Family Man CA
Penelope Torribio Headed for a Good Time CA
Penelope Torribio Dinosaur Dance, fun songs on serious sub CA
Penelope Torribio Don't Eat the Birthday Boy(Girl) and Oth CA
Penelope Torribio Monkey Dance CA
Penelope Torribio Sing the Calendar Songs CA
Penelope Torribio The Grass is Green, a farm animal CD CA
Penelope Torribio The Rain is Coming, a rainforest musical CA
Penfield Beyond The Age Of Cool ON
Penner MacKay Rhythm Dust ON
Penny Dreadful Sanctuary IL
Penny Hamer Less Is More Canada
Penny Jo Pullus My Turn To Howl TX
Penny Kerr Conscious Contact NY
Penny Kerr Concious Contact NY
Penny Nichols I'll Never Be That Old Again NY
Penny Oestmann Resurrection NE
Penny Rodriguez Sacred Space - The Songs of Penny Rodrig IN
Penny Rodriguez Midnight Clear - the music of Penny Rodr IN
Penny Rodriguez The Contemplative Collection IN
Penny Watson Penny Watson CA
Pennyshaker Pennyshaker VA
penston p2 CA
PENTAGON Mosquito Road Japan
Pentamental Pentamental CA
penuel the morning after TX
people at Duke University Voices of Dume PA
People In the Pew Light Your Torches MN
People Moving People Moving MA
PepaMcoy Amarcord - EP NY
Pepe & The Bottle Blondes Latenight Betty OR
Pepe Aldape In Acapulco TX
Pepper Mashay I Pledge CA
Pepper MaShay You and Me (Feels So Good) CA
Pepper McGowan Bad Stars OH
Pepper McGowan Marrow OH
Pepper Williams Don't Let Me Wait CA
Pepper Williams Wonderful Tonight CA
Per Marshall For The Journey CA
Peraza Namaste CA
Percy Hill After All NH
Percy Howard's Meridiem A Pleasant Fiction CA
Percy Scott Percy Scott A Nice Day In Paris CA
Peregrinos Y Extranjeros En Esto Pensad FL
Perelux Breaking the Surface OR
Perfect Gnats All Thrums IL
Perfect Union Gathered Together IL
Perfo Church Music/Moonpies and penny whistles NC
Peri Smilow The Freedom Music Project NY
Perish Ruby I see the truth CA
PerkinsWood Guitar Island GA
PerkinsWood Son of Sparkle GA
Perla Batalla Heaven And Earth CA
Perla Batalla Mestiza CA
Permission to Breathe Permission to Breathe FL
Pernell Disney Severn Way CO
Perry Allen It'll Be OK AZ
Perry Botkin Combines CA
perry botkin COMBINES 2 CA
perry botkin COMBINES 3 CA
Perry Conticchio Speak Your Truth MD
Perry Jordan & The Heartsfield Georgia Flyer IL
Perry LaHaie Vision MI
Perseus Bayou The Search for the Cajun Medusa VA
Pete Open Mind PA
Pete Ancient Band Lady On The Radio MI
Pete Bass (space bros.) Road of the Wind MI
Pete Berwick Only Bleeding IL
Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters DEEP MI
Pete 'Big Dog' Fetters Thunderbird Wine MI
Pete Colletta Pete Colt Rides Again NY
Pete Courtney one of these kids Ireland
Pete Dowan Demo CAN
Pete Dowan demo ON
Pete Dowan Demo Tape Canada
Pete Dowan Old Mans Story Canada
Pete Dowan Demo Canada
Pete Drivere Pretty Demons OH
Pete Ekstam Project Two Fingers in the Air MN
Pete Flores Romancing You IN
Pete Galub Boy Gone Wrong NY
Pete Harris Water Ways FL
Pete Harris Convertible Days FL
Pete Harris Songs from the Hammock FL
Pete Hastings Sigh Into A Universe VA
Pete Johnston Hide Away UK
Pete Jones Neurotechnic UK
Pete Killed Pete Once Free PA
Pete Marinovich Nude with Guitar MD
Pete Marinovich Second Voice MD
Pete Masitti Turn Around FL
Pete Mitchell Quartet QUIRKY AUS
Pete Muller More Than This NY
Pete Muller Just One Lifetime NY
Pete Munday Driving with No Mirrors CA
Pete Neuville Altitudes KS
Pete Papageorge 3 Songs MD
Pete Papageorge Best of Live At the Irish Times MD
Pete Pidgeon and Arcoda ...At First Sight MA
Pete Poumbourios Pete's Life As a Dog Australia
Pete Quin Beautiful Bridlington Town UK
pete robertson who i am NH
Pete Rooke Novelty Item PA
Pete Santora WWW.Ebsters NY
Pete Siers Trio Those Who Choose to Swing, Vol 2 MI
Pete Snell Straight Ahead 360 CA
Pete Sutherland Streak O' Lean VT
Pete Teo Arms of Marianne Malaysia
Pete Teo Rustic Living For Urbanites Malaysia
Pete Tomack Demo WA
Pete Tomack Ghost In My Guitar WA
Pete Tomack The Ghost In My Guitar WA
Pete Tufel Faithless NY
Pete Vogel Rites of Passion OH
Pete Weise Quartet Masch Branch TX
pete worden and the hardtimers catch me if you can NY
Pete Wyoming Bender Born To Be Indian 2003 WA
Pete Wyoming Bender Rainmaker WA
Peter Sullivan Natural Magick WI
Peter & Ellen Allard Bring The Sabbath Home MA
Peter & Ellen Allard Good Kid MA
Peter & The Wolves Trouble With Girls DE
Peter Angelos Peter Angelos MA
Peter B Ngagspa MA
Peter Bailey God Only Knows TN
Peter Bayreuther Acceptance Germany
Peter Betan Passion Fix FL
Peter Black When Trouble Comes ME
Peter Blast Explode IN
Peter Blum Singing Bowls and One NY
Peter Boehling and the Best LI She NC
Peter Bolland Frame CA
Peter Borup Going West On 40 Denmark
Peter Breinholt Deep Summer UT
Peter Breinholt Live September UT
Peter Britt That's What Living's For CO
Peter Brodie The Music of Peter Brodie UK
Peter Brown Warm Malaysia
Peter Burg & Blue Suburban Hit & Miss CO
Peter Burns Running Outside the Herd TN
Peter Busboom The Beginning CA
Peter Cicco Panorama MA
Peter Coan The Twilight Relays NY
Peter Coan Blasting and Excavating NY
Peter Combe Songs from a Telephone Box Australia
Peter Cooper Dysphoria NY
Peter Cooper Magic NY
Peter Craig Zen Machine VT
Peter Davis Brand New NY
Peter Deneff Excursion CA
Peter Dizozza Pro-Choice on Mental Health NY
Peter Dubow Raining In The Heartland CA
Peter DuVal Lee Closer RI
Peter DuVal Lee Contemplation RI
Peter Elyakim Taussig J.S. BACH: The Art of the Fugue MA
Peter F Santovito Letters to My Love FL
Peter Fagerland Blossom The Wedding Album UK
Peter Feldmann & The Pea Patch Grey Cat On The Tennessee Farm CA
Peter Ferguson Carmel Sunset Sonoma Sunrise CA
Peter Forster Beyond Knowing New Zealand
Peter Frank Santovito Letters To My Love FL
Peter Furlan Spy Glass Hill NY
Peter Gale I Choose to Belong CT
Peter Gallway Redemption CA
Peter Glass Give Away WA
Peter Grand Peter Grand CA
Peter Hall Uncluttered CA
Peter Himmelman My Best Friend is a Salamander CA
Peter Himmelman From The Himmevaults vol.2 CA
Peter Himmelman My Fabulous Plum CA
Peter Hostage Situation Swingin' The Blues NH
Peter Hurlburt Pete's Songs CT
Peter Janson Firelight Moonlight MA
Peter Kaukonen Going Home CA
Peter Kramer New Moon Around Saturn VT
Peter La Grand Falling Down in Place MI
Peter Lainson The Wind and the Waves NE
Peter Lamson Lookin' At The Blue Side Of Things CA
Peter Lang Guitar MN
Peter Lee Boag Demo-Lition NM
Peter Lehndorff Love on the Line MA
Peter Lloyd Transitions ?
Peter Lucibelli Pieces Of Me CT
Peter Lund The Light of Day FL
Peter Mayer Musicbox TN
Peter Mayer Green Eyed Radio TN
Peter Mayer Romeo's Garage FL
Peter Mayer Romeo's Garage TN
Peter Mayer Spare Tire Orchestra FL
Peter Mayer Stars & Promises Alive TN
Peter Mayer Stars and Promises TN
Peter Mayer Stirrin' Up The Water TN
Peter Mayer Street Of Dreams TN
Peter Michael Escovedo Moments CA
Peter Moffitt Crew of Seven and Other Songs NY
Peter Mullaney Brooding Genius GA
Peter Muller M-Vibez DE
Peter Mumme Shoalhaven AUS
Peter Narvaez Some Good Blues NF
Peter Neri Dreaming of Home VT
Peter Neri Night Visions VT
Peter Nevland and the Neverlan Late Bloomer TX
Peter Oliva Postcard from the Promised Land CA
Peter O'Malley Till The Morning Gets Late Ireland
Peter Oprisko accompanied by t Ring-a-ding Romance! IL
Peter Oyloe words & music IA
Peter Popp Summerset Mountain CA
Peter Prince INSPIRED:songs of peter prince NJ
Peter Puma Hedlund & Company Another Way PA
Peter Quentin Long Lonely Journey CA
Peter Quentin SongMania CA
Peter Rae Welcome to Christmas Morning UK
Peter Rae Raeford Happy UK
Peter Robinson Group Hideaway CA
Peter Rodgers Star Sugar Sky WA
Peter Rossetti Peter Rossetti Canada
Peter Saltzman Things Better Left Said IL
Peter Saltzman and The Revolut Kaballah Blues/Quantum Funk IL
Peter Santipadri All That Matters FL
Peter Santipadri All That Matters ?
Peter Scherr The Blue Album Hong Kong
Peter Shovlin Beyond the Wee Strand PA
Peter Spence Lovers Rock UK
Peter Spink Heartland NY
Peter Sprague and Group This Dream Is Real (Songs of Asaro) CA
Peter Stein One more mile AUS
Peter Stein Tear it Down AUS
Peter Stein Mercys Door Australia
Peter Stillwater Escape Velocity MA
Peter Stray Greystorm TX
Peter Tee Mountain Dream MA
Peter Trappen Frequent Sea FL
Peter Ulrich Enter the Mysterium NY
Peter Walker Runs Like New IA
Peter Whitehead Three Bags Full CA
Peter Wilde Hold Me Up To The Light OR
Peter Xifaras Appassionato RI
Peter Young Peter Young MA
Peter, Paul & George Peel the Banana NY
petermac Don't Look Back (EP) UK
Peters & Ayers Alongside Crazy Horse AZ
Peters Drury Trio Backbeat CA
Peters Drury Trio When Old Met New CA
Peter's Voice Bricks Upon the Sand MD
Peter's Voice Pelican Moment MD
Peterson & Dennihy A Little Change NY
Pete's Life as a Dog Demo 2000 Australia
Petina Cole Works For Flute By People I Know NY
Petkau Don't Say A Word CA
Peto-A-Go-Go Sugarcoated WA
Petracovich Blue Cotton Skin CA
Petri Disk Studios Living Cultures 2001 CA
Petri Disk Studios Living Cultures 2002 CA
Petrillio C Richardson Dance Tha Nite AZ
Petrillio Richardson Collection AZ
Petrillio Richardson Meet Market AZ
Petrol Bomb Samosa In The Moment CA
Petruccelli Productions Music From & Inspired By Kevin McCurdy's MA
Petruccelli Productions Music To Die For MA
Pfilbryte Denied CA
Pfilbryte Imperfection CA
Pfilbryte Preservatives Affirmative! CA
Pfilbryte The Electric Chair CA
PG Manhood GA
PGR Live at Auckland Art Gallery New Zealand
pH Music School of Emceeing - Volume 1 VA
pH10 Helmutvision CO
PHAME Phame Chapter:FOUR Verse:15 CA
Phantom Phorty Phylogeny WA
Phantom Stranger Phantom Stranger IL
Phantom Wingo's Electric Capsu Where You Been? GA
Pharaoh X Nubian Queen IL
Pharaoh's Daughter Daddy's Pockets NY
Pharaoh's Daughter Exile NY
Pharaoh's Daughter Out of the Reeds NY
PHARMACY TRAFFIKc: Will Induce Congestion CD/DVD MO
Pharmacy Certified Game Spitters MO
Pha-Ro Heiroglyrics OH
pharrah phosphate pharrah phosphate OR
Phat Chants Between the Lines CA
Phat Phunktion Here We Go! WI
Phayme do yo thang the ep MI
Phaze So Many Ways UK
PhD Sixx P's MN
Phenom Phenom Make Way VA
Phi Somatic Life in Monochrome CA
Phil & Nancy Halpin Demo CA
Phil Aiken Don't Look Down MA
Phil and Linda Calkins Bop Till You Drop WI
Phil Bensen Airbrushed Memories NJ
Phil Bradley Part Of The Package WA
Phil Bradley Part of the Package OR
Phil Burdett See You Later Forever UK
Phil Calico Seven Deadly Sins NY
Phil Calico Shades of a Rainbow NY
Phil Calico Solar Sounds NY
Phil Calkins Friendship Express WI
Phil Circle Phil Circle IL
Phil Circle & Ruby Harris Live At The Gateway IL
Phil Coley (Virginia Smith) Phil Coley FL
Phil D Inside 7 CA
Phil Darkins Rhymes of Ancient Passion New Zealand
Phil DeGreg Table For Three OH
Phil Dodd Wishful Drinking UK
Phil Ginsburg Obstructed Views CO
Phil Grimes I knew CAN
Phil Jensen Phil Jensen Demo CO
Phil Jensen Point The Way CO
Phil Jones Sunrise GA
Phil Kaelin Culture Of The Gun ME
Phil Klein Love Walked In NY
Phil Klein Music For Christmas And The Yuletide Sea NY
Phil Klein Phil Klein Plays Great Standards NY
Phil Klein Unforgettable Love Songs NY
Phil Kowalik Todays Front Page TX
Phil Kuys Isn't It Time CA
Phil Laeger All I Held Onto GA
Phil Lambert Crawling in the Right Direction ME
Phil Lomac Demo NC
Phil Mann Band Peace CT
Phil Mckenley Red, White & Blue (Radio & Instrumental UK
Phil Moore Silly Blues CA
Phil Naro Glass Mountain ON
Phil Naro Ten Year Tour Canada
Phil Newton What You Hear Is What You Get Germany
Phil Nohl The Man With Thunderhead (Various Artists) WI
Phil Norman Collision VA
Phil O'Flaherty Too Fond of Walking CA
Phil Parlapiano Pianoforte CA
Phil Passen & Tom Conway Swinging on a Gate: Hammered Dulcimer & IL
Phil Poling Global Charts WA
Phil Polizatto Pokin' Around! WA
Phil Rectra Laugh Little Girl MA
Phil Risen Things Are Different Now NJ
Phil Risen USA NJ
Phil Rockrohr and the Lifters Premium Plastic IL
Phil Sampson Little Pieces Of His Heart OK
Phil Sanders Morning Light TN
Phil Sheeran It's A Good Thing CA
Phil Sheeran Orchid CA
Phil Sheeran The First Noel CA
Phil Soussan Vibrate CA
Phil Treais Blank Expression MI
Phil Tweed Gentle Spirit PA
Phil Vincent SECRETS RI
Phil Wayne Collection 1 CA
Philadelphia Classical Guitar Phila. Classical Guitar Trio PA
Philadelphia Heat Wave Realadelphia PA
Philadelphia S. A. Hands Across America PA
Phileas Fogg Sun & Rain WA
Philemon Amos & Dunamis My Word GA
Phileo The Healing Pool TN
Philharmonia Bulgarica / Rober Masterworks of the New Era - VOLUME ONE IL
Philharmonia Bulgarica / Rober Masterworks of the New Era - VOLUME TWO IL
PhilHarmonic Beyond MI
Philia Music TX
Philip Amalong, pianist Storia CA
Philip Ayton Philip Ayton AUS
philip baker It's For Real OH
Philip Buller High Meadow MA
Philip Clark The State of Blue-Eyed Soul NY
Philip Clark The State of Blue-Eyed Soul - Preview NY
Philip Dafesh Passion CA
Philip Foxman and Prime 8 West 4th & Charles NY
Philip G. Freeman and The Vict So Much to Thank God For MD
Philip Gold Here Goes Nothing GA
Philip Gounis & Rich Kruse Form Matters MO
Philip Grady Smith and The Gen Songs In The Key Of Love CA
Philip Hernandez The Beat Of My Heart NY
Philip High Highpertrybes KY
Philip Jaymes Flowers To Whom It May Concern MD
Philip Joyner By Special Request TN
Philip Lathroum Long Tall Drink of Water MD
Philip Leo Kraus Philharmonics Live, Volume One TN
Philip Lincoln Smith Philip Lincoln Smith CA
Philip Nikwe Lawson The Taste of your Love Czech Republic
Philip Paul It's About Time FL
Philip Price Honey In The Chemicals MA
Philip Quintas Living the Dream AZ
Philip Reed The Sound of My Love TN
Philip Wolfe Om the Cosmic Vibration CA
Philipp Fankhauser Talk To Me TN
Philippo Franchini PALEO CA
Phillip Flathead four-track mind CA
Phillip Fraser Blood of the Saint CT
Phillip Hardy Old Dog, New Tricks CA
Phillip Keveren Renaissance MI
Phillip Lester American Treasures NJ
Phillip Lester Carols of the Nativity NJ
Phillip Lester Dreamsong NJ
Philmore The Bare Truth About Philmore OK
Philonous Anasthetically Pleasing IN
Philosopher Stone Whirled Peas ?
Philosopher's Stone Philosopher's Stone KY
Philosophy Of Chance w/ Rich M Mind's Eye FL
Phineas Gage Let Your Garden Grow OR
PHIONA Love Of My Life MS
Phishbone Live & Let Die CA
Phlapps And The Platypus Band Phlapps And The Platypus Band CO
Phoebe Legere Last Tango in Bubbleland NY
Phoenix Phoenix UK
Phoenix Timescape Germany
Phoenix Freedom Calling CA
Phoenix J. Junkk (Live at Rusty's) UK
Phoenix J. Junkk Master UK
Phoenix J. Phoenix J and Junkk UK
Phoenix Rising Phoenix Rising From The Blinding Light NY
phoenix/NEBULIN Distanza FL
Pholde ...and With It, We Shall Divide ON
Phone Ninjas Horribly Offensive Crank Calls CT
phonoss Eliminator New Zealand
Phontaine Phontaine CA
Phrase / Adriana Zoppo / Frede I / sky music CA
Phrase / ilymusic The Magical Flute CA
Phrase / ilymusic The Magical Piano CA
Phree Soul Inspiration CA
PhunkyMan PhunkyMan #1 My Experience PA
Phuture Past, Present, Future CA
phyal '..til it hurts' e.p. UK
Phyleen The Pugsley Street Demo Sessions UT
Phylis Renee Marconi I'll Find My Way IL
Phylis Renee Marconi JPF Awards Entry IL
Phyllis Anastasi Under The Covers PA
Phyllis Chapell World Songs PA
Phyllis Ford My Own Space NY
Phyllis Gillespie He's the King NC
Phyllis Leonard Looking Back At Life WI
Phyllis Taylor Sparks Celtic Harp Sparks! TN
Phyllis Taylor Sparks Harp Horizons TN
Phynix Primal Prayer CA
PHYSICAL BLUE The best of Physical Blue Thailand
Phy-Turs For Christ! Never Give Up! TX
Phy-turs For Christ-featuring A Precious Gift! TX
Pi Beat Mining In Dark Places CA
piankhy piankhy sings sweet reggae NJ
PianoClassicsOnline.com The Classics - Volume I CA
Pianosam Pianosam's Best Collection CA
Pickathon Roots Music Festival Pickathon 2002 OR
Pickathon Roots Music Festival Pickathon Live: Volume 1 OR
Pickathon Roots Music Festival Pickathon Live: Volume 2 OR
Pickle This Good Life TX
Picnic Stop What You're Doing NY
Picnic Always Open CA
Picnic The Second Coming CA
Pico~ El The World (special Edition) GA
Pictures of Lily Midnite Groove IN
Pictures of Serenity Every Song IN
Pictures of Serenity Pictrures of Serenity IN
Piecemeal Piecemeal Starts and Frequent Stops AL
Pieces Of Christ Breaking Through The Clouds CA
Piedmont Progressions WA
Piedmont Trombone Society Let's Get Lost GA
Piekoz Narrativestructurez MA
Pierce Back With A Vengeance VA
Pierce Collection VA
Pierce Edens Four Songs NC
Pierre Pierre CA
Pierre The Harris Project_Holy Scriptures KY
pierre copeland low down and dirty MI
Pierre Walker Project:Sanctified IL
Pietr Jonquil AUS
Pietr The spirit is free AUS
Pig Farmer Hambone MO
Pig Farmer Mountain Oysters MO
Pig Farmer Pig Farmer MO
Pig Farmer Squealer MO
Pig Farmers of the Apocalypse Pig Farmers of the Apocalypse IN
Pig Iron Joe Dirty Old Dog UK
pig&ear2ear In Session CA
Pile of Heads The Art of Suffering NY
Pilgrim Pilgrim NJ
Pilgrim Journey Beloved CO
Pillbox Gimme What I Want CA
Pillbox The Teenage Years CA
Pillow situations and circumstances NJ
Pillow Of Wrongness Pillow Of Wrongness Fakes Their Death CA
Pilot - 57 2002 CA
pilotbox paperwaves NY
Pimp C Black Grove 401 Records Compilation Vol. TX
Pimp C Black Grove 401 Records Compilation Vol. TX
Pincer Pincer UK
PineBox PineBox NY
Pinecone Stackers Junebug Stakeout MI
Pinfield Get Yer Meathooks Off My Radio NY
Pinhead Stressed Out GA
Pink Floyd Floydhead The Floydian Propulsion Project MI
Pink Sock HOG NY
Pinkeye D'Gekko Rhythm & Westrn MO
Pinkwater Live at the Complex 3 NJ
Pino Carducci The Island Italy
Pipapelli Ceither NC
Pipe Dream Reality TX
Piper McKinnon Piper McKinnon CAN
PipersTrail Between Mind & Machine CA
Pipo Coronel Habitar En Su Presencia AR
Pippa Drysdale Print of My Hand AUS
Pippo Ark D'Ambrosio Arte senza volto Italy
Piranah Peeping Through the Keyhole… TN
Pirates & Cowboys More Songs of You & Me CO
Pisces Project Battle Song from Opera ME
Pisidia Its Simple NY
Piss Ant Your Best Sucks CA
Pistol For Ringo Solid State Neo-Hedonist CA
Pistol River Joe Moses & Doc & Abbey, M & R KY
Pistol River Memory Like Mine KS
Pistol River Memory Like Mine KY
Pistol River The Western Ballad Opera KY
Pistola Gangsta Memories OK
Pitch Black Dream Never Going Home NY
PitchBlack Total Package PA
Pivirama Lost Italy
Pizmon Pieces of Light NY
Pizmon At the End of the Day NY
PJ Brunson Come Hell or High Water NC
PJ Richardson kicks+tricks UK
Plaehn & Hino Can't Get My Rest OR
Plaid Daddy Living For The Minute MA
Plain Plain Switzerland
Plains of Abraham plains of abraham WA
Plainview Plainview OK
Plajia Sitis CA
Plan 9 Cool Breeze FL
Plan 9 The 9 Days of Christmas FL
Plan B Push The Button CA
Plan B ...All Else Fails TN
Plan: Be Antiform DC
Plane of Existence Fate TX
PLANES INTERSECT Songs For Suicidal Lovers OR
Planet Forged By Fire LA
Planet 13 Planet 13 FL
Planet 3 featuring Jay Graydon Music From The Planet CA
Planet Angel Distance CA
Planet Dance Band Trancezendance VT
Planet Muse Uncharted Talents CA
Planet O Live & More CO
Planet X Blue World CA
Planit Onword CA
Plank63 Symmetry MA
Plank63 Divisional MA
Plankton Plankton NY
Plasma Astrofantastic OH
Plasmabat Compost CA
Plasticade Imaginary World CA
Plasticsoul Pictures From The Long Ago CA
Plastik Lies Unsuperficial Madness CA
Platinum Bound The comp vol.1 IL
Platinum Dragon17 Graveyard Shift CA
Platinum Status Superstars Platinum Season TX
Platte River Yacht Club When We All Go Out To Play WI
Platte River Yacht Club Anchors in the Sod WI
Platte River Yacht Club Songs From The Attic WI
Playa D Order and Kaos IL
Playa Deveouse Macc Filthy Rich CA
Playa Made / Clic Fetureing Q- Stronger than Strong TX
Playboi Pasonna ish happens CA
Playboy Chill Sic-side Mobb CA
Playboy W. THE 11th HOUR NV
Player From LV Usual Suspect VA
Playeros Shine NY
Playground Creations from the Edge RI
Playgyrl Slim Ooh Wee CA
Playgyrl Slim WHO AM I CA
Playin' Syx Finding MySelf HERE TX
Playing God Taking for Granted AZ
Plays Well With Others Plays Well With Others Canada
Plaything Plaything Greece
Pleasant Grove Pleasant Grove TX
Pleasant Stitch Capacitor CA
Pleasant Stitch Pleasant Stitch CA
Pleasure Dome Satellite AUS
Pleasure Dome The Remixes AUS
Plecostomus Welcome to the Ple-ground NE
Plenty Face The Singing Gag WA
Plethora Plethora MO
Ploughound Focus on the Candy CA
Ploughound She's Got A Job To Do - EP CA
Ploughound Schwank CA
Ploughound Shift CA
Plowing Mud Forever Super Happy Hammer Hour NY
Plum Crazy Plum Crazy CA
Plum Crazy Remember That Time... VT
Plumage Exit Within CA
Plunky & Oneness Forever In A Moment VA
Plunky & Oneness Got To Be Phunky VA
Plunky & Oneness Groove Tones VA
Plunky & Oneness Saxy Mellow Moments VA
Plural Have A Rad Summer CA
Plush Hush Generation Y? OH
Plutopia Life Today…Tommorow NC
P-MAN Rhodes Gibson & His Orchestra Present P FL
Pnina Blake The Heart Sings CA
Po' Baby Act Like You Know Me CA
Po Livin Dont Cha Wanna Po Live MS
pocho pan Unfinished Business (Maxi Single) NY
Pocket Change Prod. Neal/khali MD
Poco The Last Roundup CA
Poder Latino Que Seas feliz CA
Podgiegaloop Full On Package Deal CA
Podstar Lovely 32 KS
Poe Etiq Life Goes On FL
Poem-cees Paranoia DC
Poet Lee Meitzen Grue Live! On Frenchmen Street LA
POETIC MINDZ Lovers Interlude GA
Poetry CHRONICLES of Poetry NC
Poetry/2-bad I Cry Many Times NC
Point 3FM Versatility NY
Point Juncture, WA Juxtapony EP OR
Point Of Ares Enemy Glory Darkly Blessed MA
Point Of Departure Gypsy Heart IN
Point One The Absence WA
Pointsiderecords Presents Out Tha Trunk Muzik WA
pointZEROone Day In the Sun AL
Poisin Jett Gunz Live CA
Pok3rF4ce Polarity CA
Poke Absent MI
Pokechop Chopin' Blok TX
Poker Alice Dont Call Me After 10 Switzerland
Poker Face Control PA
Poker Face Made In America PA
Poker Face NEXT! PA
Poker Face Sex, Lies and Politiks PA
Pol Sembrano Disconnected WA
Polaris A Small Place On Planet Earth TX
polarity/1 SPEECHLESS NY
polarity/1 Yankin' The Food Chain NY
Polarized Mind Numbers, not People MO
Polaryzed Records Subliminal - Chapter 1 AL
Polecat Creek Leaving Eden NC
PolePosition XO NJ
Political Pushover The Phoenix Rises UT
Polka Country Musicians Satisfaction Guaranteed CT
Polka Country Musicians Whoop Up ! CT
Polkarioty Polkarioty WI
Polly Ferman Argentine Piano Music NY
Polly Ferman Ariel Ramírez La última palabra NY
Polly Ferman Ernesto Lecuona -Danzas Cubanas NY
Polly Ferman Habaneras, Milongas, Tangos NY
Polly Ferman Waltzes of The Americas NY
Polly Hall Not A Love Song MA
Polly Pelak Polly Pelak is...5 and a half NH
Pollyanna Bush Dying to be Born CA
Polski Fiat The Luddite Spy MA
Poly Majestic Wreck VA
Polyjesters Fiddlestix! CA
Polyjesters The Orange Album CA
Polyphase Atrophy PA
Pomegranate Pomegranate Japan
Poncho Villa Road To Redemption DC
Pond Exhibit A MA
Pondering Judd Succumb to Hell NH
Pondering Judd Curve Of Her Soul ME
Pondering Judd October at Our Heels ME
PONO Aisle 3 FL
Ponticello Cotton Diesel CA
Ponticello Down Like Mercury CA
Ponticello The Escape Artist CA
Ponty Bone and the Squeezetones Fantasize TN
Pony Rabco Where the Hell is Rescue? CA
Poodle Lynn and the Backstage Country's All I'll Ever Be TX
Poop House Reilly Number Two OH
Poop Yer Pants Poop Yer Pants CA
Poopan Hooligan Break Yourself CA
Poor Genetic Material Leap into Fall Germany
Poor Little Saturday Can You See It Shine? ep MI
Poor Skeletons Poor Skeletons TN
Poorsport Poorsport WA
PoP Is ArT ...In the Beginning... PA
Pop Machine Just the 3 of Us SD
Pop Sickle Under the Influences WA
Pop Sky User Friendly CA
Pop Star Pop Star CA
Pop Trash E.P. Acoustic IN
pOp*stAr*kiDs The Revenge Of Pop*star*kids NY
PopCanon d'art FL
PopCanon The Kingdom of Idiot Rock FL
Popcycle Desire CA
Pope Jane Hide Me From the Moon MT
Pope Jane Relief MT
Pope Syndicate Energy Pimps (ep) NY
Popeye Trouble IL
Popgun N. U. Machine CA
PopmanBmd Up and Away CA
Poppa's Kitchen Poppa's Kitchen CA
Poppermost Absolutely Sonic NV
Poppermost Bare (Unplugged) NV
Poppermost Erika NV
Poppermost Poppermost NV
Poppi A New Day CA
Poppies 3 That Stone MO
Pops Walker Live 'n Drivin' On VA
Pops Walker Milepost 5 VA
Popular Genius How to be Popular TN
Popvert drive thru happiness FL
Porcelana A Taste of Queens NY
Porcelynn The Fine China NC
Porch Junkies Thrashing Acid Country Blues NY
Pork Chop White Trash Christmas NY
Porkpie Hats Off OR
Portal Element CA
Portal A Taste of Things to Come... Canada
Porter Whiskey Hill NY
Porter Davis 15 Hours Unraveling TX
Porter Smith A Sense of Wonder NY
Porterhouse Bob Rockin' The Big House CA
Porto Nemesis NJ
Portrait Perfume Lessons in Object Permanence IL
Poseur Bill Chainsaw Dance Party E.P. VA
Positive Nature Never Stop MO
Possum Holler Out On A Limb WV
Postal Theory of Chaconne OH
Posterchild Posterchild LA
Potato Battery Potato Battery PA
Potato Moon Carnival MI
Potpourri Playing Out ME
Pound Phantom killer Sweden
Poured Out Like Wine and Water For This My Body Was Made GA
Poverty Hood Life NY
Poverty Child My Life Vol.1 NY
Pow Wow Pow Wow CA
Power Born presents: Righteous It's Us... The Introduction MS
Power Fam Power Fam NY
Power of Love Holistic Healing Chakra Balance CA
Power of Love Holistic Healing Creating Abundance CA
Power Of Love Holistic Healing Self Esteem Enhancement CA
Power Of Love Holistic Healing Self Healing Series CA
Power of Love Holistic Healing Smoking Cessation CA
Power Of Love Holistic Healing Stress Reduction Series CA
Power of Positive Music Volume 1 CA
Power Of The Pen (William Patr Show Your Love CA
Power Of The Pen (William Patr Take You There CA
Power Of The Pen (William Patr The Wind Cries CA
Power Play Best Kept Secret VA
POWER13 Based On A True Story... CA
PowerHouse Exotic Dancer RI
PowerHouse Long Hard Road AZ
Powerklash Powerklash E.P. PA
Powerplay A Hard Day's Play GA
powers/james Together Alone OR
Powertongue Woman NJ
Powertongue Woman - The Single NJ
Pozzy Ghuru Pozzy Ghuru NY
Prado mend OH
Praemonere A Vision Forewarned VA
Praise Master "C" I Love To Praise The Lord GA
Praise, Honour and Glory Sing Unto The Lord TN
Praisetek Shine England
Praline Praline MD
Prana Trio After Dark NY
Prankstar One NY
Pravda The Echoing Sounds ID
Praying Hands The Acoustic EP CA
Pre Daily Dirty Black Bitch NY
Precho less myself MO
Precious Pursuit A Shade of Gray CA
precursor: The Different Shades Of Waves OR
Pree A Style Of My Own MI
Preech-Man My Reality NY
Preeta Carlson CA
Preeta Preeta CA
Preeta Carlson In This Moment HI
PregnantWaterRock Orphan Symphony... L.E. MA
prekmurski kavbojci live in slowenien Switzerland
Prem Joshua Dakini Lounge: Prem Joshua Remixed CO
Prem Joshua Dance of Shakti CO
Prem Joshua Sky Kisses Earth CO
Prem Joshua & Manish Vyas Water Down the Ganges CO
Premananda Closer Still MA
Premik Mission-Transcendence NY
PREMIUM Public Service Announcement IL
Premium Issue Recordings Vol. 1 NY
Prentice T. Minner In My Lifetime MO
Prescot Pleasanton Problem And Solution Time CA
Present Tense Childish Things CA
Present Tense Night Shadows CA
Pressure The Pressure Is On GA
Preston Girard Simple Life KS
Preston Grey Sideways TX
Preston Reed Ladies Night UK
Preston Reed Metal Scotland
Pretty Miss Norma Jean Loneliest Star In Texas TX
PREZ Welcome To My World NY
prh eclectic PA
Prh Upbeat Time ! PA
Pride One Hand NY
Primal Blinkk (featuring Terry 714 OH
Prime Cyberballin Part 1 CA
Prime Time Decade UK
Prime Time Blood Money NC
Primitika Primitika LA
Primitive Mask Primitive Mask NY
Primitive Painters EP33 CA
Primortal Aggression Among The Dead PA
Primrose Path ON TV MA
Prince Diabate New Life CA
Prince Dred Planet Of The Dred PA
Prince Valentino It's Time For Your Miracle! WI
Princes of Babylon Morphology PA
Princess Peapod Princess Peapod NY
Princess Tee- PTee Out Of Da Basement-DVD MI
Princess Tee, Al Nuke, Bombshe Silence The Violence MI
Princess Tina Princess Tina Presents A Tribute To R&B NY
Princess Wishingstar Wishingstar EP MN
Princeton Chan Rx: Synth CA
Printed in Slovenia And the Moon Said CA
Priscilla Truth NJ
Priscilla Ederle The Diamond Fields CA
Priscilla Howe Chickens! And Other Stories For… KS
Priscilla Sanders Ride a Wave With Me TN
Priscilla Sanders So That Was Love CA
Prisoners for Christ 113360 SC
Prisoners for Christ I Love You More SC
Prisoners for Christ Let There Be Peace SC
Prisoners Of Love Prisoners Of Love (Demo) CA
Prisoners of the System Time Heals: a New Tribute to Bob Marley CA
Prisst The Vicious Prick E.P. OR
PRIVATE DANCER Famous First Songs DE
Private Hoserod Live From Boot Camp NE
Probable Cause You Don't Need A Reason SD
PrObAbLy NaUgHt PrObAbLy NaUgHt Canada
Probe User Friendly NJ
Problem Chyle Recess is Over DE
Prodigal Son The Remains MI
Produced by: Stanley Jones Soul Soothers Volume 1 Japan
Product 62 Self- Inflicted NH
Prof. Dudley Smith Spirit Jazz: Volume One NC
Professor Lift Band Another Ring On The Tree NY
Professor Mike Far Away WV
Professor Presley History Rocks CA
Professor Terry's Circus Band LIVE! CA
Profit American Famine CA
Progenitor Pretending To Care TX
Progenitor Graveyard Lullaby TX
Project Life Project Life FL
Project 19 Project 19 IN
Project 314 My Baby Was Shakin' Her Booty At The Boo CA
Project 814 Declassified IL
Project Bluebook Children of the Ancients NC
Project Damage Control Project Damage Control OK
project e.l.f. project e.l.f. CA
Project Mercury Down To Earth NY
Project Mercury Light This Candle NY
Project North Meets South Project North Meets South OH
Project Steiger Defiance CA
Project Tierra Project Tierra CA
Project Tru Project Tru CA
Project Vector Reality Show MI
Project xXx Nemesis UK
Project: Pimento Magical Moods of the Theremin CA
projectnine The Element OH
Prolific Never Look Back NJ
PROMISE Come While You Can OR
PROMISE Image of Christ OR
promize reason for expectation MA
Promize Dustbowl MA
Promize The Black Album MA
Prophe cee' Parables MO
Prophecy Visions of Destruction WI
Prophecy Ascent: The Rise MI
Prophetess Dichotomy CA
Prophetess Chiffon Foster Destiny Killers TX
Prophetess Chiffon Foster Inner Healing TX
Prophetess Chiffon R. Foster Teaching Series: Warfare TX
Pro-Shoppe ErryDay MD
Pro-Shoppe Life in the Grind MD
Protege Retaliation CA
Protegee Da EP! CD (with three bonus tracks) MN
Proton Guiness the Menace... The Mix-tape Vol. GA
Protostellar Jet Cosmic Orgasm RI
Proud Sun World of Fun TN
Provenance .....from The Original NJ
Provo Change In Direction NJ
Provo Change in Direction NJ
Provocateur Late September UK
Proximity Proximity Minds CO
Prozack Staple the Calm Behind the Chaos WA
PruesBlues Special Someone MA
Prues'Blues More... Merlot MA
Prues'Blues We're The USA MA
Prussian Blue Room at Night UK
Prussian Blue Child UK
Prymary Prymary CA
PrymEvyl PrymEvyl NY
Pryslezz A Search 4 Peace OH
Psalm One Bio:Chemistry IL
Psalmist Eric Armstead Heart of a Worshper Vol.1 VA
pseudo out of 3 WA
Pseudo Buddha 3 Months in Fat City TX
Pseudocipher Fragments of Empathy CA
Pseudonym Pig Tail World CA
PsiVamp Doppelganger GA
P-Spot The Yellow River NY
PSS Supersweet Land CA
Psychaesthetic Infinity's End PA
Psychedelic Breakfast Deuce CT
Psychicradio Waiting for Tomorrow NV
Psycho Craig Beware The Blue Man_ep CA
Psycho Craig F#*K THE BLING! CA
Psycho Train Feel The Blues Italy
Psycho Versatile In Da Hood FL
Psychotogen The Calculus of Evil MD
Psydafect Psydafect CA
Psykick Girl The Needle Has Landed CA
Psymbience Is OK
P-Tones epe CA
Public Announcement Presents ACE Simply TN
Public Property Public Property IA
Pubside Down Keen On Green Switzerland
Puckering Wink Vol:# 2 The Debut IL
Puckett 23 NY
Puckett Family Project Stumbling Up Hill CA
Puddin' Head Electrobucket IL
Pudding Attack Lightning Bolt Glamour OK
Puddletown Ramblers Black Highway OR
Puente Celeste Pasando el Mar Argentina
Pulse Alive With Harmony CA
Pulse Flatline PA
Pulse Field The Everchanging Present NY
Pump5 Tour CA
Pumping Beat Free Treats KY
Pumping Beat Free Treats MA
Pumpkin Head Ted Swamp Yankee MA
Punchy Just My Type TX
Punkin Holler Boys Incan Flutes IN
Punsapaya Prepare To Qualify IL
Puppethead Breathe WI
Purbayan Chatterjee & Kala Ram Samwad UK
Purbayan Chatterjee & Shashank Rasayana UK
Purdymouth W.V. Irreverence UT
Purdymouth W.V. IIth UT
Purdymouth W.V. Just Don't Kiss Her? UT
Pure Breed Pure Breed CA
Pure Country All Smiles Tonight MA
Pure Drama Pure Drama CO
Pure Evidence Exhibit A NV
Pure Faith Texas Worship TX
Pure Faith Maranatha TX
Pure Grain No Regrets IN
Pureafricanz Feel Ma Talent NJ
Purekane Lounge Sessions OR
Purest Green Alchemy IN
Purge d.i. I Offend NH
Purnima Garland Of Sound NY
Purple Darker Than Blue CAN
Purple Mustard/Sandy Serge The New Mary Jane GA
Purple Pam Kick In The Head NY
PURPLE VOID Within the Nebula of Time Netherlands
Purple Void Thru' The Wormhole UK
Purr 301 More Than I Can Chew CA
PurrBox PurrBox IL
Purveyors Stories We've Been Telling VA
Push Your Worst Nightmare CA
Push Comes II Shove Deal with It CA
Push Start Wago LA Was Our Alamo CA
push3 blue chair CA
Pushcar The Social Side of Midnight CA
Pushcar Apartment D CA
Pushing Daisies Pushing Daisies MN
Pushing Red Buttons Pushing Red Buttons NY
PuterComposer VikingDreams Iceland
Putercomposer - Erling Gunnars Best Before: 'bedtime' Iceland
Putnam Murdock Putnam Murdock MA
Putois The Thinking Fireplace IL
Puzzle Monkey Bless Our Furry Little Heads ME
Puzzlebox Experiment Just When I Thought PA
Pvt Militant One Man Against Many MI
Pygmee's Lanced Going Down Holland
Pyre Water CA
PYTHON Good & Evil NY

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