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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
O.B.E.A.S.T. Da Weight is Over NC
o.b.o. Excusable Ignorance CA
O.G. Only The Strong Survive CA
O.G. Ron C. presents Southerns Finest TX
O.G.D. Operation Get Down Off Da Chain MI
O.O.(organic orgasmic) Mercuric Juggernaut IL
O'2L O'2L NY
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choi Great Day - A Cappella Negro Spirituals CA
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choi Rejoice! Christmas with the Oakland Inte CA
Oakland Interfaith Gospel Choi We've Come a Mighty Long Way CA
Oakwood Chamber Players SCENES WI
Oasis Jazz Vocals 1 Oasis Jazz Vocals Vol 1 TN
Oatmeal for the Foxhounds Tally Ho MO
Obadiah Obadiah CA
Obeyjah Let Jah Rise CA
OBL - Official Big League Dirt, Gravel & Grime NY
Oblio Dichotomy TN
oblique dyeV.S.ity MI
Oblivia Spitting Embers CA
Oblong Wheel End The Madness NY
Oblong Wheel Why NY
Obo Addy Afieye Okropong OR
Obo Addy Obo Addy & Kukrudu- Let Me Play My Drums OR
Obo Addy Okropong (Traditional Music of Ghana) OR
Obo Addy Wonche Bi OR
obp deuce GA
Obscurity Can You Know Me NY
Ocean Mermaid Music CA
Ockham's Razor Lucid OH
O'Connell & Freeman One Thousand Cranes CA
Octalux From The Planet Of Love KY
Octavia Infusion With Octavia Live At Lancaster PA
Octiv8 3/2/2001 PA
October (Senses) rare FL
October Out of the Blue TN
October Sons Paint the Town October NH
October Sons Sessions NH
OctoberSongs OctoberSongs EP + Take A Chance & She Sa MI
Octobop After Dark CA
OctoSphere The Corner Pocket CA
octover greenlightning PA
Odd Man Out Sound of Adrenaline FL
Odd Man Out Between Shadows and Whispers NH
Oddioblender Welcome To Gusland TX
Oddme DJ Oddme NJ
Odds Against Tomorrow nights.not.end. OR
Odds Against Tomorrow EP OR
Oddz.N.Endz We The Ones FL
Odel Mind & Body, Sold CA
Odessa Philharmonic Orchestra Live performance at the Musikverein, Vie NJ
Odon Soterias Anno Domini OR
O'Donel Levy In The Name Of Love MD
O'Donel Levy Asia Beat MD
Odt Records Slo-dessa (brewed And Sliced) TX
odub records make room LA
ODYC Black Sun Rising MN
OF INFINITY The Essence Of Infinity TX
Of The Son The Dead Will Rise IN
Ofays Keep the Change NY
ofb42 ...the search goes on CO
Ofer Golany Alternative Israel
Off Limits Piece of Mind CA
Off Peak Fare Double Time NY
Off Peak Fare It's Your Circus NY
Off The Block Entertainment The Lifestyle of the Young & WrecKless NY
Off The Wall Off The Wall MT
Off Track Concrete Dreams CA
Officer Roseland Sunglasses PA
official southwest trunk music ver1.0 AZ
Off-Kilter EP CA
Offramp Offramp NJ
Offshoot Reversal of Fortune EP FL
OffTheCliff Entertainment Third Coast The City: Volume 2 GA
O-Fresh Suburban Legend NY
OGOGO Ira & Igor CA
Oh No Not Stereo 1 CA
Oh Susannah Sing-Song MD
Oh Susannah Twinkle and Shine MD
Oh Susannah! The Cat Lady Sings MD
Ohene The Rapademics PA
OHN In The End, All Things Begin TX
OHN Let's Get It... TX
OITC Productions & Pridelife E Villain Music NC
Oj Trio Breaks Even Norway
O'Jaye Armstrong O'Jaye Armstrong TN
OK Sisters Edge of a Rock NE
Oka Road Drive Number CA
Okapi Guitars Blue Kigara Australia
Okham's Razor Two's A Perfect Number WI
Ola Onabule In Emergency, Brake Silence UK
Old Boy Network Country Rock of Ages UK
Old School Freight Train Old School Freight Train VA
Old Toby Corkindrill PA
Old Topanga Music The Best of the 40th Annual Topanga Fidd CA
Ole 1/27 Grunts Welcome Home Bro OH
Ole Ask Ask Norway
Ole Ask Turning Point Norway
Oleary & Lalli 3 Song Demo MA
Oleksa Lozowchuk Bright Sadness CA
Olen Kent A Different Cycle OR
Olenka Rhythms of Another Life IA
Olga Abregu loveolga.com CA
Olga Papikian Olga Papikian spielt Schumann, Chopin & Switzerland
Olga Salamanca Pale Light CA
Olga Salvatore O Born Cool HI
Olga Tapia Negatively Geotropic CA
Olin Murrell Short Stories TN
Olio Colour Of Music CA
Olio Township Pass Out Fantastic IL
Olive Carpet Do You Know Who I Am FL
Olivea Watson Seven Song EP CA
Oliver A. Branch, III B2H2H MN
Oliver A. Branch, III Burning Desire MN
Oliver A. Branch, III Gotta Go* MN
Oliver A. Branch, III HOT GIRRRL MN
Oliver A. Branch, III Mind Trackology MN
Oliver A. Branch, III Sexy, Sexy, Sexy Thang MN
Oliver Sanz Oliver Sanz Spain
Oliver Sebastian New Frontiers in Silence CA
Oliver Sebastian Trementatis - Divine Song & Antiquities CA
Oliver Thompson Oliver Thompson MI
Olivia Greer 4 Songs NY
Olivia Greer The Park Slope Sessions NY
Olivia Neutron-Bomb If evolving... do not look back. CA
Olivia Revueltas Angel of Scissors TX
Olivia Sylvester Feelings Nigeria
Olivier Manchon En Route... NY
Olivier Stern Sidewalk Patterns AZ
Ollie Cram Jazzstow UK
Ollie Cram Rai-Ken UK
Ollin Productions Afterhell -- Dark Descent OR
OLO Everything You Ever Wanted MN
Oly Holly Would CO
Olya Fryz Shcho za hamir... CT
O'Malley's Luck Seam(on)us IL
Omar K. Mills Elyon MD
Omar Lopez Forever Red TX
Omar MonDragon de Leon Javelina Cantina AZ
Omar MonDragon de Leon VIVO ! AZ
Omashar Shine On HI
Omashar The Flower of Life HI
o-maya o-maya CA
ombowstring Lennon The Lord Is Coming MA
Omeca Andrew Flohr Blink of an Eye PA
Omega Force Band Nu Mission MI
Omega Johnson Flashbacks / Whispers In The Dark NY
Omega Train Three Alarm Fire NJ
Omega Tribe Omega Tribe TN
Omeil Reggae Sweetheart CT
Omekongo wa Dibinga Signs of the Time MD
Omer Cohen & Alex Udler Strings of the Heart CA
Omeyocan Maroon Blood CA
Ominox Contemporary Past UK
Omkara Omkara NY
OMP - Orange Mound Player All About Them Dollars TN
OMP - Orange Mound Player High Speed Currency Chasin' TN
OMP - Orange Mound Player S M O O O O T H TN
OMR The Beginning Of The Industry NV
On Make Believe CA
On Grind Ent. Welcome To S.I.N.Y. City NY
On Ice E We Konnecked CA
On The Air This Can't Be Real CA
On the One live CA
On Tracy Lane The OTL EP IL
Onaje Allan Gumbs Remember Their Innocence NY
Once Hush Superior Machines MD
Once Upon a Full Moon Night Anything Can Happen NJ
Ondavon Ondavon IL
Ondee Ondee TN
Ondine Darcyl Ondine Darcyl NY
One & Twenty I Don't Remember Falling NY
One Alternative Pendulum PA
One Bad Habit One Bad Habit AZ
One Big Love Earth Music for Spacelings NC
One Fell Swoop Crazy Time MO
One Good Man One Good Man MN
One Hand Clapping off the cutting room floor CT
One Hand Free One Hand Free NH
One In Him He' s the Rock CA
One In Him One In Him CA
One In The Chamber Productions First Shot NC
One Kindred Soul Space & Time MO
One Left Foreign Country DC
One Left The Nature of the Beast DC
One Love Records The Millennium 2000 Compilation Vol.1 TN
One Luv Won't Wait CA
One Man Sun One Man Sun MI
One Mile South One Mile South TN
One Of Us Caesura: 004/001 MA
One Shot Deal This One's For You PA
One Shot Johnny Give Me A Reason KY
One Shot Johnny Feelin' Dangerous KY
One Star Hotel Good Morning, West Gordon PA
One Vibration Our World NY
One Vibration Unification & Harmonization NY
One Way Worship One Way Worship (self titled) IN
One Week of Days Who you really are Ireland
One World Back to the Islands FL
One World Tribe The World Today PA
One World Tribe Unity And Diversity PA
One-Eyed Jack Sunlight Blue Madness NJ
O'Neill Stanleigh The Wilderness of Our Dreams NJ
Onelung Nu Scientist New Zealand
ONELUV Artists Continuous (The ONELUV Compilation) GA
Ones And Zeros Protocol CA
Oneside E.p. MA
OneThang Flawless CA
OneWordSolution WallsWithoutWindows CA
Ongo Aqui No Pasa Nada PR
Ongo El Dia del Desertor PR
Oni Lasana Doin' Dunbar As 'Lias' Mother PA
ONIRO Initium CA
Only Ed and The Almost So Far, So Almost FL
Only Now Existing Voodoo Doll NJ
ONOFFON Bridge to Presage CA
Onoffon (Von Babsin) Your Mind CA
Onre Nobles Get UR Groove On OH
Onre Nobles Onre Plays 4u OH
Onus Onus FL
Onyan Art Hurricane Is Coming NY
Oona & Corbin Only This Moment HI
OP-4 6109 TN
Open Book Out of Time NY
Open Book Out Of Time NY
Open Cage Evolve IN
Open Cage Far From Home IN
Open Doe Records Presents GROUND ZERO IL
Open Hand Jammin' On the Breaks MA
operalena any bird can fly FL
Operalena Three Years After The Storm FL
Operant Encoded OH
Ophelia Stitch CT
Ophelia's Kiss Not A Viable Commercial Product TN
Opie It's a Wonderful Life OR
Opion Somnium Opus Somniferous NM
Opium Den Clandestine MA
Optimal I.M. The Highlander CO
Opus Akoben Raw Life DC
Opus Lib Brass Quintet Jazzons Noël (Jazzy Christmas) QC
Orange Mr. Sharafat Sweden
Orange The Ghost of Mr. Sharafat Sweden
Orange Bossa Nova Baby and other great songs as Sweden
Orange In the ghetto and other songs associated Sweden
Orange Take a look on the inside Sweden
Orange Apples Orange Apples MN
Orange Helicopter Orange Helicopter OK
Orange Lake Drive Driven MI
Orange Park The Extended Play Ep NY
Orange Punch Warfare The New Sound IL
Orange Sherbet Big Brother, Big Sister CA
ORB In My Mind WA
Orbert Davis Blue Notes IL
Orbit Service Space & Valium CO
Orchards & Vines Tomorrow's Yesterday Canada
Orchestra Ebenezer Ministry OEM IL
Orchestrated Kaos Contact QC
Orchestrated Kaos Self-Titled QC
Orchestre de la Lune Light and Dark France
Orchestronics Electro-Acoustic Orchestra CA
Order Of Nine Season Of Reign MN
Ordinary Peoples Ordinary Peoples OH
Ordinary Peoples Out of Control OH
Ordinary Peoples Urban Sprawl OH
Ordinary World Simplicity Of Mankind Austria
Organic Resonance Project LUCID e.p. CA
OrgAniK ~grounded~ CA
organism intuition PA
Organized Hostility Idolkill LA
Organized Hostility Organized Hostility LA
Organized Trained Soulgaz Where It All Began AL
Orgone Orgone CA
or-if-is this Is CA
ORIGEN Electro Ukraine
Origen Era Of Aquarius Ukraine
Original AFT Cast Guys on Ice (The Ice Fishing Musical) WI
Original Cast Recording Naked Boys Singing! CA
Original Formula Live at the Rex Theater NC
Original Formula Radio-Active NC
Original Formula Sound Doctrine NC
Original Low A Broken Record PA
Original Orchard Grass Old Tim The Best of Original Orchard Grass Old T VA
Original Smooth Cool Geniuses Big Thing$ CA
Original Soundtrack from the D Shadows of Our Forgotten Ancestors OH
Orion Seems Like Yesterday VA
Orionis Defected Torus CT
Orion's Room Story-board CO
Oriskany Strings Live at the Rex Theater Vol. 1 VA
Oriskany Strings Live at the Rex Theater Vol. 2 VA
Orland Carra Decibel WV
Orlando Gibbons They Say It's Wonderful UK
Orlando Luckey Redemption OH
Orlando Luckey Unplug OH
Orlando Luckey The Realm OH
Orlando Rock Band CANDY, CANDY FL
Orlando Rock Band Songs for Tibet FL
Ornament Pools of Grace CA
ORP Entertainment Volume 1 MO
Orphan Project Orphan Found MD
Orphans Won't Be Denied IL
Orphans Cowboyville IL
Orpheus Crystal Dreamscapes UK
Orquesta D'Soul Money Money CA
Orquesta D'Soul O. D. S. CA
Orquesta Kalichin Comienza La Rumba CA
Orquesta La Palabra Breakthrough CA
Orquesta Yambo Renacer IL
Orquestra Popular De Camara Orquestra Popular De Camara NY
Orriel Smith The World's Favorite Cluckoratura Arias CA
Orris The Seraphim Circus, Volume I CA
Orson Bright Idea CA
Ortansia Silent Heart Japan
Orville Davis Barnburner NY
Orville Stoeber My Fatal Flaw CA
Osamu Moriyama Invisible NY
Oscar James My Time NY
Oscar James Peace On Earth NY
Oscar James Soca Anthology Vol. 1 NY
Oscar James The Power of Courage NY
Oscar Jordan Mister Bad Luck CA
Oscar Monopolis Population of one. NY
Oscar Stagnaro Mariella's Dream MA
Osceola High School Headliners Sounds Of The Season FL
Osea Feelings Italy
Oshe The Good Book NY
O-shen Rising Son HI
OSIRIS Nefarious Realm UT
Osiris Stargod Testament of Leo MO
Osmium Still Livin' At Home VA
Oso-Rey The Last Day of Clouds CA
Ostara Kissed By An Angel FL
Ostara Reiki Love Meditation FL
OstinAuto The Whole World Spinz Anyway CO
Other Natural Flavors Drop The World CA
Otherwise Orange Homemade and Freshly Squeezed TX
Otis Mannick Reeling In Sobriety CA
Otoscope Pure Speculation CA
Ottoman Times Like These ?
Otto's Daughter Renew CA
Our Religion Our Religion TX
Out From Under Out From Under MN
Out Front Out Front NY
Out Loud Out Loud CA
Out of Body Riding the Storm OH
Out of the Anonymous Out of the Anonymous FL
Out of the Blue Granddaddy's Cabin AZ
Out Out 1989-1999: "Hasten The Burning With The MA
Outerdrive Sundays At One IL
Outgrabe City of God CA
Outlandish & Raw Volume 1 OK
Outlandish Records Presents Yellow T-Shirts Underground Wrecked Beat OK
Outlaw One Man's Destiny CA
Outlaw Nation Tripping Wire LA
Outlier Outlier OH
OutLoud Out Loud CA
Outshine Outshine GA
Outside Pedestrian Pedestrian Crossing CA
Outside The Box So You Want It all NY
Outta d' Blues Local Superstar FL
Outthere, the Freshest New Jer What Does He Think He Is Doing? NJ
Outthere, The Freshest New Jer You Still Here? NJ
Outward Bound Prophecies of War PA
Ouzo the band The beeeest of Greece
Ouzo the band Psychedelic Summer Greece
Ovadose Laid Back Platinum Underground Comp MO
Ovadya Driftless WI
Ove Støylen Dusty Boots Norway
Oven Mitt Johnson Hot Guitar CA
Overdose Ent/ Ovatronics Corp. Surveillance CA
Overeasy Yes Virginia NY
Overflow What Legends Are Made Of TX
Overflow Little Bit NY
Overflower Flora & Fauna RI
Overground What Happens Now NY
Overproof ep NC
OVERVIBE Lite Revolva UK
overzealous EP TN
Ovid Radionography GA
Owen Hanging Out at Harv's Joint AUS
Owen Greene Bare Your Soul WA
Owen Kortz Owen Kortz CA
Owl Beacon In The Night WA
Owl Frozen In Time CA
Ox Dust Bowl Revival BC
Oxygene8 Poetica AZ
Oxytocin Love It NY
Oyonada Ethema France
Oyonada Falacien France
oyonada Folk Tradi Trance France
Oyonada Presences France
Ozetta V. Bennett He Lives MD
OZLO selft titled AZ
Ozny Optical FL
Ozone Pete Dark Dreams NY
Ozone Player Insane Logic Finland
Ozone Players Insane Logic AR
Ozone Quartet Cloud Nineology NC
Ozone Quartet Fresh Blood NC
Ozone Quartet Live at Local 506 NC

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