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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
N Harmz Way N Harmz Way FL
N. C. Jones As It Were VA
N. Rajam Radiant UK
N.B.D. God's Chosen NC
N.O.A.M.A.D.S Sacrificial Issues Vol 2 OH
N.o.y.d.b. Dathednodmuzik FL
Naaz Hosseini SoundPath NY
Na'bodach Committed PA
Na'Bodach Knickers Down, Bottoms Up NJ
Nacho Tinajero Canciones de Un Maestro TX
Nacho Tinajero Soar Like an Eagle TX
nachzehrer teen taken from tent by aliens DE
Nada Christensen Only Mellow TX
Nada Lewis Hot, Sweet and Wild CA
Nadaka celebration IN
Nadaka The Lotus of the Open Heart IN
Nadaka The Lotus of the Quiet Mind IN
Nadaka & the Basavaraj Brother Living Colours IN
Nadeea Nadeea CA
Nadeea Never Say Never CA
Nadina Mackie Jackson Ever After ON
Nadina Mackie Jackson Twelve Fantasias for Solo Bassoon by Geo ON
Nadina Mackie Jackson, David S Notes From Abroad CA
Nadine He's Waiting For You Switzerland
Nadine Goellner It Must Be Christmas NY
Nadine Goellner Sing It to Me Anyway NY
Nadine Goellner Remember My Name NY
Nadine Laughlin Beautiful Mystery NH
NADRA Truth~Jesus Christ LA
Nafeesa Monroe Super Woman CA
Naima Everything OH
Naima Shamborguer A Blossom Sings MI
Najat Where Does Music Come From? UK
Nakayo The Time Is Now! GA
Naked & Shameless Sexxxy Americanz IL
Naked April Eloquent Disease NM
Naked Blue Wish MD
Naked Blue Five By Five MD
Naked Hearts Naked Hearts CA
Naked Science Force Of Joy FL
Naked Soul Temple Of Love Canada
Naked Spatula Monkeys You, Understood WI
Naked Without My Cello Naked Without My Cello AUS
Nalege Expectations TN
namoli brennet boy in a dress AZ
Nan E Turner Let the Anointing Flow LA
Nan Geary Words to Music CA
Nana Daughters Of The Sun NY
Nana Jokura Nothing To Lose ON
Nana McLean Dream of Life FL
Nancie de Ross Rome CA
Nancy Abercrombie Divine Operation NV
Nancy Abercrombie Journey of My Soul NV
Nancy Abercrombie Tribute NV
Nancy Abrams Alien Wisdom CA
Nancy Allen A Christmas Kiss TN
Nancy Allen Distant Melody TN
Nancy Anderson Porcelain Acoustics AK
Nancy Apple High on the Hog TX
Nancy Apple outside the lines TN
Nancy Armstrong Just Wait LA
Nancy Bilonda Fall Deep MA
Nancy Bloom Sweet Sacred Mystery OR
Nancy Bloom Spirits Walking the Wind OR
Nancy Cassidy You Reel Me In CA
Nancy Conescu Wild Blossoms OR
Nancy Cook Practice CO
Nancy Cook Road By Road CO
Nancy Dougherty Be My Mirror MD
Nancy Falkow Smitten PA
Nancy Garniez Haydn / Bartok NY
Nancy Hanson All Wrapped Up UT
Nancy K. Dillon Just Let Me Dream WA
Nancy Keeler Nancy Keeler TN
Nancy Krebs Come to the Stable MD
Nancy Krebs The Journey MD
Nancy Krebs Simple Gifts NE
Nancy Lamka More Than Mauve OR
Nancy Lehwalder Wakeful Dreamer WA
Nancy Louise Freeman Anchored to the Wind AZ
Nancy Louise Freeman Logick AZ
Nancy Marshall Nancy Marshall Sings NE
Nancy McCallion Nancy McCallion AZ
Nancy Middleton Homeland TN
Nancy Middleton The Way I Do TN
Nancy Moran A Little Off Balance TN
Nancy Moran My Gallery TN
Nancy Moran Objects In Mirror Are Closer Than They A TN
Nancy Nanci Doughboy NJ
Nancy Rockland-Miller Devour MA
Nancy Seibert I'm A Polka Lovin' Gal IN
Nancy Seibert Loca for the Polka IN
Nancy Seibert Zing-A-Ling (Potpourri of Polkas) IN
Nancy Simmonds Musical Tails, 1st Litter CA
Nancy Simmonds Musical Tails, 2nd Litter CA
Nancy Simmonds Musical Tails, 3rd Litter CA
Nancy Terzian 3 Wishes TN
Nancy Walker Love at Christmas CA
Nancy Wiebe Mazurowski O.A.S.I.S. 2004 IL
Nancy Yuen - Somtow Sucharitku Per l'Amore CA
Nandin From Here to Here DE
Nandin Windsongs DE
Nandina Domestica NC
Nandina Dwarf NC
Nandina Moyer's Red NC
Nanea Desert Isle NV
Nanette Maxine Don't Take Me for Granted VA
Nankivell's Optet Bird~Leaf~Pear~Book UK
Nano 3 Transitions PA
Nanochrist Corrode Canada
Nanook of the North The Täby tapes Sweden
Nanting TvaPunktNoll Sweden
NanyaNa NanyaNa GA
Naoko Little Girl -- Mume NY
Naoko The Sun, The Moon and My Love NY
Naome Bradshaw Naome FL
Naomi Ashley Love & Other Crap IL
Naomi Ashley & County Fair Small Town Thing IL
Naomi Erickson Tenth Floor AUS
Naomi Sommers Hypnotized CT
Naomi Terranella Lost Sheep Are Loved CA
Naomi's Fancy The Old Bush NC
Napalm Sunday Musical Chairs PA
Napoleon Southology GA
Nappie Head Phred Nappadelic OH
Nappy Martin and Friends Steady Through the Storm MA
Nappy Martin and Friends Steady Through the Storm NY
Narcoleptics Monkey Steals the Peach NJ
Naresh searching the desert for love potions CA
Narga & "The Bom Shankar Band" Satya- Rated Australia
Narhed Out On A Rock NY
Narrow Seven Between Six & Eight MI
NASA Remembering The Future MD
Nash Lane Aldous Huxtable MA
Nash, Garner, And Romano Asleep In A Field Of Poppies MD
Nashville Electric Cooperative Past Due AR
Nashville Katzen The Klezmer Kidz TN
Nashville Session Players Homeless In America TN
NashvilleRap.com THA ROBSKI SHOW TN
Nasia Trachonitou Yiasemi mou Cyprus
Nassler & Schneider Here N There CA
Nassler & Schneider Reflections CA
Nasty & The Mobb Hot Chicago IN
Nat Brown Family Album of Praise CA
Nat Brown First Day In Love CA
Nat Brown I'll Be Home For Christmas CA
Nat Brown Intimate Moments CA
Nat Brown Treasures of Love CA
Nat Grant Here I am NY
Nat Janoff with Berkana BERKANA NJ
Natalee Gayle Natalee Gayle TX
Natalia Bortolotti Be Your Own Hero CA
Natalia Paruz Hark! An Angel Sings NY
Natalia Zukerman Mortal Child NY
Natalia Zukerman On A Clear Day NY
Natalie Brown Singles MD
Natalie Brown Let The Candle Burn CA
Natalie Farr Telephone Sketch NM
Natalie Flanagan 5 Star Day MA
Natalie Flanagan LET MA
Natalie Gamsu Weave NY
natalie martin and all this, too CA
Natalie Nicole Eclectic Soul CA
Natalie Toro Bailando En La Luz NY
Natalie Wattre Band Break CA
Natalie Withers Simple Perfect TX
Natalie Withers Naked in a Doorway TX
Natalya Natalya UT
Natasha Natasha FL
Natasha Natasha Love Songs UK
Natasha Miller A Dream In Progress Ecuador
Natasha Miller Her Life CA
Natasha Nicole Show Me NY
Natasha Pearce Catch The Feelin" featuring the Hit Sing CA
Natasha Stone Roots Ireland
Natasha&Crystal Classic Grace NY
Nate Nate N9 TX
Nate "Boomer" Ultimate Love For You NJ
Nate Birkey Ballads CA
Nate Birkey Quintet Shortest Day CA
Nate Birkey Quintet The Mennonite CA
Nate Borofsky Never Enough Time MA
Nate Cooper Stories Between the Strings CA
Nate James Big Natey-Blessed WI
Nate Najar Trio Jazz Impressions FL
Nate Nelson and Co passing strangers UT
Nate Padley Monster of Vision UT
Nate Pearce Honky Tonk Circus CA
Nate Schierman Band Trading Scars ID
Nate Smoove As A Man Thinkz CA
Nate Wood Reliving CA
Natesmoove Let me holla at ya! CA
Nath Dresser Just Where We Are WI
Nathalie Michel Necessary Illusions CA
Nathalie Michel Stray Dog CA
Nathan Cade Reformed Innocent FL
Nathan David You Are My World CA
Nathan Davis Out Of My Skin NC
Nathan Day Beautiful Day CT
Nathan Day Carolina Lullaby SC
Nathan Duprey Phoenix Rising MA
Nathan Griner Where Are You MN
Nathan Hamilton & No Deal Live at Floore's Country Store TX
Nathan Head Stitches of Grace tn
Nathan Heathman Right Here Right Now DC
Nathan Holscher Pray for Rain OH
Nathan James & Ben Hernandez Make a Change Sometime CA
Nathan Johnson In Search Of The Flip CO
Nathan Joyce Demo VA
Nathan Payne Memorial Service California Death Trip OK
Nathan Schnorrenberg change OK
Nathan Schnorrenberg Reconstructed OK
Nathan Sheppard Carried Away GA
Nathan Sheppard Global Forecast GA
Nathan Sheppard Ordinary People GA
Nathan Sheppard Traveling On GA
Nathan Smith Demo GA
Nathan Smith Demo Tape GA
Nathan Stack Shooting the Decoy DC
Nathan Strange The Greenwood Sessions KY
Nathan T. Duncan Ripple Effect CA
Nathan Timothy Corrections England
Nathan Veshecco Lady, You're Shady PA
Nathaniel Burge & Praise I Want To Be Saved OH
Nathaniel Maloney Nathaniel Maloney OH
Nathaniel Maloney Old Empty Farmhouse OH
Nation Changers Church - Dave Making Famous The Name Of Jesus UK
National Boulevard Last Cigarette NY
National Drag National Drag IL
National Dust National Dust CA
National Mint Entertainment pr Funkytown Mixtape Vol. 2 (featuring 9 TX
National Snack Love From UK
Native Lands Native Lands CA
Native Mind Modern Horse Revised NJ
Native Son Leap of Faith England
Native Stranger A Tribute To The Eagle and the Condor NM
Native Warriors Vol. 1 AZ
Natlie Brown let the candle burn CA
NaTosha Stepping Stones PA
Nattilovejoys Universal Mind GA
Natty Remo Babylon Fall FL
Natural Bob Holdsworth Just Be You IL
Natural History Native Tongues VT
Natural Reactions Good for One Fare GA
Natural Toy Are We Here Yet? MA
Natural Toy Katzenjammer MA
Nature Rankin In Search Of Victory OH
Naughty Naughty Secret Hiding Place MD
Nautilus Three Cuts in London CA
Nava Sexo, amor y risa (Sex, PR
Navan Mairneas WI
Navan An Cuimhin Leat WI
Navel Weight In Gold VA
Nawai Ma'alahi HI
Nayo Ulloa Loma Prieta CA
Nazim Rashid & New Renaissance Remembrance AZ
NBD (Natural Born Dankstas) Derogatory Statements Vol.2 CA
NCMA Comp NCMA Compilation NY
N-Da-Spirit In Jesus Name FL
NDX Rectified IL
NE3 Change VA
Neal Alger Here and Now, There and Before IL
Neal Davis Reflections NE
Neal Davis Christmas Carols NE
Neal Davis Dream Colors NE
Neal Davis Piano Collection NE
Neal Davis Rendezvous NE
Neal Davis Warm Places NE
Neal Fox Hotel del Swell CA
Neal Fox Meat Street CA
Neal Fox Pigeonholes CA
Neal Jones Stepping Out In Power WA
Neal Katz Who Am I? OH
Neal Nagaoka The Second Coming CA
Neal Roston Neal Roston CA
Neal Seroka Beeline Highway AZ
Neal Smith Platinum God CT
Nealon Cleaning Up My Act VA
Near Miss Mallet Telephone to Girl in Glass Bathtub CA
Nearer Nearer UK
Neat Stripes The End of That GA
Nebulous Synthetica 3 Canada
Nechama Sarah Gila Jeusalem News IL
Neck Here's Mud In Yer Eye! MA
Nectar Swoon CA
Nectarine No Debbie CA
Ned Benvin Croatian Folk Party NY
Ned Benvin Croatian Folk Party No.2 NY
Ned Boynton The North Beach Sound CA
ned henry the last resort LA
Ned Massey Blood Ties NY
Ned Massey A Brief Appearance NY
Ned Van Go Rain, Trains and The Lord Almighty TN
Ned Van Go In Stereo TN
Ned Vicious The Story of a Legend in the Making VA
Needledrop Tune In , Turn On, Drop Out NY
Neely Reynolds American Anthem TX
Neely Reynolds Songs for the Dogs TX
Neenah Pool Over and Over CO
Nefashot Nefashot Sings the Music of Roq Shabbat NJ
Nefertiti Jones Here and Now NY
Neff Irizarry Nepenthe Finland
Nefrit El-or Nefrit El-or MD
Negativehead Becoming Obsolete CA
Neil Aboshamaa Long goodBye IN
Neil (Guitar Man) Cacci. Regeneration (Reunion of Nashville's "A" IL
Neil Anderson Dante's Local SC
Neil Anderson Revenge of the Antipypr SC
neil bradley owen Front Porch Prose UT
Neil C.Saye Karmicanics (Edit) UK
Neil Dunnachie Medieval Classic Melodies UK
Neil Henderson Big Buildings TX
Neil Hess Animosity In Human Form OH
Neil Howard Sides NY
Neil Leyton Beat EP UK
Neil LoRe Foreverywhere MA
Neil Lucey Buried In The Mix MA
Neil Luckett/Aditi Dust and Rain UK
Neil Mulligan An Tobar Glé Ireland
Neil Mulligan The Leitrim Thrush Ireland
Neil Mulligan Barr na Cúille Ireland
Neil Pham Everlasting Dreams CA
Neil Saunders Debris TN
Neil Siler My Hits CA
Neil Tepper 3 Song Demo GA
Neil 'Toots' Franklyn Chasin' The Sun FL
Neil Traynor August Sun CA
Neil Wakeling Transcendence UK
Neil Zaza Melodica OH
Neil Zaza Sing OH
Neil Zaza Staring at the Sun OH
Neilson & Lynd In A Public Place MA
Nektar 2004 Tour Live NJ
Nelda Moyer Places of the Mind TX
Nelda Sisk (and the Sisk Kids) Strangers in Paradise TN
Nell Bryden From Midnight On NY
Nels Andrews Sunday Shoes NM
Nelsen Adelard Take Me Back CA
Nelsen Adelard Jack Of All Trades TX
Nelson & Terry Encyclopedia Craptania OR
Nelson & Terry Best Of Volume 4 OR
Nelson & Terry Best Of Volume 5 OR
Nelson Angelo Caterete NY
nelson brown Naturally You...A jazzetry love journey CA
Nelson Faria Ioiô Brazil
Nelson Faria Nelson Faria Brazil
Nelson Faria Três/Three Brazil
Nelson Gill Friends IL
Nelson Gill Going Places IL
Nelson Gill One World, One light IL
Nelson Kole Tattoo CA
Nelson Norwood Live in Austin, Texas TX
Nelson Norwood Long, Loud 'N Sweaty TX
Nelson Said The Sailor CA
Nelson Starr Segue NY
Nelson Trout Ridin' Out The Storm NJ
Nemasis Outburst CA
Nemesis Bleu Imagination MD
Nemo Cross-breed CT
Neology Morning People NY
Neomie Toussaint-Williams Totally Free Virgin Islands
Neon Brown Nice Feathers WA
Neon Sleep Endormi et rêver UK
Neon Venus Slip Into Rhythm/Cae En El Ritmo CA
Nepo Soteri Mother Nature NY
Nepoleone Bishop If Tomorrow Never Comes MD
Neptune Crush An Evening In The Starlight MO
Neptune Thomas TrashcanSuperhero CA
Neptune's Buffalo Holidays NC
Neptune's Buffalo NEPTUNE'S BUFFALO NC
Nerissa Campbell Paint Me Orange NY
Nero EP CA
Nerve Exhibit The Horror of Amusement IL
Nervewerks Delicate Motion TX
Nervewreck Rock So Hot TX
Nervious Pudding Time MO
Nesbit Chhangur and Sons You'll Always Be There Canada
Neshama Carlebach Journey NY
Nesrin Sen Type Nesrin Sen Sweden
Nettye Not really BlÜ CA
Netzer Deus Ex Machina CA
Neuma Neuma TX
Neumeria Coriolis AUS
NeuroPop Music From Ground Zero NY
Neurotoxin Harvest Your Wrath CA
Neutral Facing Your Dreams TN
NEUTRAL Satisfied TN
Neva Ozgen Legacy CA
Never Crash Now Symptom Of Devotion PA
Never Quiet Never Still The Truth WA
Nevermind the Hate Nevermind the Hate CT
Neville No Need To Hurry AUS
Neville Bassey Keep The Fire Burning CA
Neville Lloyd Neon-City NJ
New 3rd Coast Holy Wah! MI
New American Standard Reason for Solace WA
New Black Music various artist Radio Rebellion NY
New Caribbean Fire In De Area CA
New Day Psycho Network FL
New Eden Orchestra Anyman PA
New Energy Nôs Festival MA
New Found Road Somewhere Between NC
New Frontier Southern Indiana Bluegrass IN
New Granada Steppin' On You NY
New Guitar Summit: Gerry Beaud Retrospective MA
New Harvest The Vision OH
New Mercy Morning Welcome Weary Travelers ME
New Middle Class New Middle Class NY
New Middle Class New Middle Class NY
New Middle Class Government NY
New Old Stock Sunflower PA
New Orleans Stick Band Fear of New Shoes LA
New Providence Near Summit NY
New Rain Each Other's Side TN
New Rain Sexual Sofa TN
New Religion Something Worth Keeping PA
New Remorse New Remorse MA
New Riverside Ramblers Saute la Barrière (Jump the Fence) MN
NEW SKIN nothing but up from here FL
New Songs Music Let The Children Praise Him TN
New South Jazz Orchestra New South Jazz Orchestra TN
New Voices of Freedom (As seen Rockspel NY
New Wine Created to Worship You MI
New World Order The Vibratory Prison CA
New X Art Ensemble New X: Trios & Duets MN
New York City Pop Band A Soft Liquid Joy NY
New York Electric Piano War Oracle NY
Newagehillbilly Familiar Puzzle MD
Newchild Rush Hour-g 14 Classified NY
Newcomers Home Newcomers Home CO
Newell Oler A'Caroling We Shall Go TX
Newell Oler All The Day Long TX
Newell Oler Anodynes TX
Newell Oler Autumn Song TX
Newell Oler Because You Asked TX
Newell Oler Celestial Gershwin TX
Newell Oler Classical Mystique TX
Newell Oler Country Boy City Boy TX
Newell Oler In a Purple Twilight TX
Newell Oler Lingering Memories of the Masters TX
Newell Oler Listen to the Calm TX
Newell Oler Piano Demitasse TX
Newell Oler Wandering and Remembering TX
Newfair Flik Situations PA
Newicons Subterranean Emanations MN
Newland Moorefield Threads of Mercury TX
NewLanders Where the Allegheny Flows PA
newton westcoastmotion MA
Newton Jazzomajic MA
Newton Allen Yesterday's Dream TN
Newton Dominey Heater TN
next Big something nBs TX
Next Big Thing Radiate NJ
Next Millennium Entertainment Warnin' NY
Next Of Kin Second Wind TN
Nexus The Beat Syndicate Greece
Nexxis The Connecting Link AZ
NexXzit Stop, Take It Don't Miss It MD
Neycha White Noise NY
Neycha The Dirty Side Up NY
Nfamous E. Pluribus Unum MO
Nhela & Adriano Santos Formidavel MA
Nhô Balta Nova Aurora MA
Nhojj Someday Peace Love & Freedom NY
ni' Two Voices Two Guitars NY
Nic Meredith Lost In The Rhythm Australia
Nic Paton The Middle of it All UK
Nicaraguan Fair Trade Farmers Musicians Farmers and Poets NC
Niccademus Niccademus WI
Nicci Gilbert Grown Folks Music MI
Niccole B. Bayley Despite the Dents ID
Niccolo Bondz Ghettocracy NJ
NICE Atrophy Mastered UT
Nice Guy Eddie Past Modern FL
Nicee All You Need NY
Nicetown Ghetto Lyfe NJ
Nichelle Holliday Rose Colored Glasses (a journey of music CA
Nicholas A. Sibicky Sapling CT
Nicholas Alan A World Like Ours GA
Nicholas Markos The Usual Tactics IL
Nicholas McNair Classic Improvisations CA
Nicholas Patrick The Art of Intimacy, Volume One NY
Nicholas Vroman There From Here WA
Nicholas Ward A New Love For Music FL
Nicholas Wells This Life NY
Nichole Alden Under The Skin CA
Nichole Hope Crandell New Direction CO
NICK Clear To Sunrise - Nick's Good Stuff - 1 NY
Nick The Metrogrande Sessions NY
Nick Alexander A Time to Laugh CT
Nick Alexander Eternal Life - the Party Album CT
Nick Ashton & Tin Rooster Affair Of The Heart CA
Nick Bischoff Six Feet Under the Radar CA
Nick Blake Anonymous Twenty-Something MA
Nick Blue It's Just a CD WA
Nick Bono You Can't Stop Me Now NY
Nick Carasis Mike Christopher Rumors CA
Nick China Ms. Hooker Is Running Free NY
Nick Ciccone Pop Songs One Canada
Nick Ciccone Pop Songs One ON
Nick Ciccone Pop Songs Two Canada
Nick Ciccone Pop Songs Two ON
Nick Ciccone Songwriters Demo Canada
Nick Ciccone Songwriters Demo ON
Nick Dastardly We're All Driving the Train DC
Nick Dastardly & Escape Artists 2 Song Sampler DC
Nick Dastardly & Escape Artists Let Go Of My Bruised Wing DC
Nick Dastardly and the Escape A The Circus Is In Town DC
Nick Daugherty Two Miles Away CA
Nick Davis Too Much Too Late CA
Nick Depew Album 2 (Demo) OR
Nick Depew Relevant Discord OR
Nick Fessler january TX
Nick Granato Sun Dance FL
Nick Holmes The King Of 26th Street NY
Nick Kepics Piece Offering VA
Nick Langdon Quiet On The Set CA
Nick Levinovsky Kind Of Red NY
Nick Levinovsky Listen Up! NY
Nick Levinovsky Quiz NY
Nick Masullo Some Kind of Sign AR
Nick Moss & the Flip Tops Sadie Mae IL
Nick Noxious and the Necrophil Boneyard Lullabies ME
Nick Ogawa Water Song VT
Nick Petrone A New Day Has Begun NJ
Nick Rather Everybody's Friend TN
Nick Ratliff Hazy Days CA
Nick Riggio Rock and Roll Saurus NY
Nick Rolfe Just a Modern Day Soul Man NJ
Nick Rossos Listen To My Music NJ
Nick Stika Big Ol' Moon IA
Nick Stoubis Mosaic: The Music of Greece CA
Nick Strange and the Bare Naked Happy Accident MI
Nick Stuart & the Federales 24 Hour Security UK
Nick Stubbs Empire of the Sun UK
Nick Thompson Lend Me Your Ears NY
Nicki and Lisa Parrott The Awabakal Suite NY
Nicki Denner El Médico de Coquí NJ
Nicki Glasser Seeking Grace MA
Nicki Sbaffoni Demo PA
Nicki Sutherland Precious Things GA
Nickos Kapilidis & The Jazz Ut Arothymian Greece
Nico Girasole Et Nico Italy
nico stai the viva dead e.p. CA
Nicola What's The Point NY
Nicola Real NY
Nicola Gordon Chaos Infinatum CA
Nicolas Johansen Nicolas Johansen GA
Nicolas Prost Caprice NM
Nicolas Prost Saxiana NM
Nicole Dueck To The Bone ON
Nicole Gordon Lost In My Head CA
Nicole Henry The Nearness of You FL
Nicole Janson the three Ps CA
Nicole Kristal Radiate CA
Nicole Martel C'est Si Bon! CA
Nicole MeChele Nicole MeChele NC
Nicole Meredith Hope from My Heart CA
Nicole Milner, Nomi Yah, XSamp Peaceful World CA
Nicole Nehama Auerbach Sabbaticals and Other Life Adjustments: IL
Nicole Ockmond In My Head LA
Nicole Paradiso The Fall NJ
Nicole Sena Evans Up and Down the Beautiful Mountain NY
Nicole-Marie Storybook WA
Nicolette Sunshine UK
Nielsen-Goodman Project Tap Dance On A Cloud CA
Nietzsche Music Project, inc. The Music of Friedrich Nietzsche NY
Nigel Dick Weird Stain CA
Nigel G-Jones Laughing in My Mind UK
Nigel Holton This Journey CA
Night Trap Borderline Breakdown MN
Nightbird Nightbird WI
Nightbyrd Moonlight Serenade CA
Nightflower Under The Weather CO
Nighthawks Family Nighthawks Family Album NY
Nightmare of the Elf Graveyard Dance Party CA
Nightspell Magic NJ
Nightwolf Just For You CA
Nigmatic Metaphore EP CA
Nijole Sparkis Parallel Universe CA
Nik Everett Summer's Gone DE
Nik Phillips Northern Rivers Child AUS
Nika Garcia Bring It On FL
Nika Garcia El Sueño Divino FL
Nika Rejto Midnite Kiss CA
Niki Andre First Light CA
Niki Smart Famous CA
Niki Smart My Life CA
Niki Smart My Life CA
Niki Smart Untethered CA
Nikitov Amulet MN
Nikki Blanchard Love Is The Key NE
Nikki Chapin Frizzell Shine MN
Nikki Lynn Ragsdale Seansaol na hAislinge, old life of the d CA
Nikki Stella Into The Gray PA
Nikkole A Girl Like Me CA
Nikkole It's Too Late CA
Nikkole Appearances CA
Nikola Neskovic Songs of Mine CA
Nikola Radan Les Images Des Voyages MA
Nikola Tucakov Kuliyana CA
Nikolas Fehr A Rush of Wind OR
Nils Blue Planet CA
Nils Bultmann Forgiveness WI
Nils Gessinger Jam It Up! DE
Nils Jiptner Pacific Coast Highway CA
Nils Lofgren Acoustic Live MD
Nils Lofgren Breakaway Angel MD
Nils Lofgren Nils Lofgren Band Live MD
Nina Adel The Things That Mama Never Taught Me TN
Nina and Bill Livingstone A Forgiveness Meditation: A guided Medit NY
Nina Ferro Recollection AUS
Nina Godess of Dance Nina, The Videos - DVD OH
Nina Katrina Sea Level Sessions TX
Nina Livingstone Remembering Awareness: A Secular Guide NY
Nina Livingstone Uncovering Compassion NY
Nina Mankin Slow That Pony Down, Girl NY
Nina Spiro Let The River Flow NY
Nina Spiro Sounding...Journeys For Inner Truth Vol. NY
Nina Spiro Sounding...journeys For Inner Truth Vol. NY
Nina Spiro Trust Your Inner Wisdom NY
Nina Storey 24 Off The Board CO
Nina Storey Nina Storey CO
Nina Storey Shades CO
Nina Storey It's Your Birthday CO
Nina Storey Nina Storey CO
Nina Walsh Memo's UK
Nina Walsh Sail UK
Nine Mile Burn Nine Mile Burn MO
Nine Months Later Embryo VA
NineDollarMelonBaller Seeing in the Dark GA
Ninefifteen Monkey Swatt Nine OH
Nineteen 5 Blind Eye Gone WA
Nini Camps So Long NY
Ninja Academy Enter The Ninja CA
Ninja Academy bra'ka dOm CA
Ninja Cutty Crunked Tonite Bermuda
Nino Our Time with Nino NY
Nino Rossano Let's Bring Back Romance NJ
Nino Rossano Hidden Treasures. The Italian - America NJ
Nino Torrente & Son de Hoy Nino Torrente & Son de Hoy CT
Nisha Step Into My World CA
Nissi Stronger TN
Nita Caution Bound to be Blessed SC
Nita Paul Tradewinds of My Dreams MD
Nita Sell Night Sky CA
Nita Velo Imagine That MN
Nixon Nation 13 Songs MD
Niyi Adams Chronicles MD
Nizlopi Half These Songs Are About You UK
Njoroge Ngari MY HOPE , GEITHIA MUNDU (english vasion) MA
NL908 NL908 PA
Nneji Kalu Not What's Expected TX
NNMaddox Gateway To Cancer Alley NY
NNMaddox Long Island Baby NY
NNMaddox Pepper Shaker NY
No Particulars We Are A Movement Vol. 1 MN
No Blindfold Up In the Sky OH
No Brass The Crowning of the Sun OH
No Child Left Behind? Bring Back the Joy! featuring Tom Chapi WI
No Complaints Ambiguity is the Devil's Tetherball WA
No Complaints No Complaints WA
No Compromise Rock the House AL
No Connection Deal With It MD
No Debate No Debate CA
No Effect Song Garden -bell/accordino NY
No Electric Guitars No Electric Guitars PA
No Evil No Evil VA
No Exit Strung Out PA
No Hit Wonders Songwriters Tou Three Men and a Diva GA
No Hit Wonders Songwriters Tou Underdog GA
No Illusion No Illusion MD
No Lindsay Turn, Smile & Wave NJ
NO michael NO Music For The Flood MA
No More BullShit Commercial FL
No Name Guaranteed Worst Country Music In Town TN
No Noncent$ Break Som'n MI
NO Origin Draft EP CA
No Parachute Self Help for a Sick Society CA
No Sale Value Nu Currency MA
No Second Troy Fall DC
No Show Ponies What Am I To Do? PA
No Strings Attached Bellinzona VA
No Strings Attached Blue Roses VA
No Strings Attached Coffee at Midnight VA
No Strings Attached In the Vinyl Tradition, VOL. 1 VA
No Strings Attached In the Vinyl Tradition, Volume II VA
No Strings Attached Old Friends Waltz VA
No Such Luck Still Life CA
No Tools Loaned No Tools Loaned KY
No Way Jose The Venice Beach Sessions CA
Noah Beck A Long Time Coming ID
Noah Earle Six Ways to Sunday MO
Noah Howard Dreamtime Belgium
Noah Thorp Lunar Strategies CA
Noah Wotherspoon Band Reel to Real OH
Noah Zacharin aLIVE! CA
Noah Zacharin Crow Dark Wind CA
Noam Enough About You NY
Noam Katz Mirembe NY
Noam Weinstein Probably Human MA
Noam Weinstein Probably Human NY
Noam Weinstein Above the Music NY
NOBA Man With A Briefcase NY
Nobby Reed Guitar On My Back VT
Nobby Reed Project Cure for the Blues UT
Noble Collins Would It Matter GA
Nobody, et al. Nothing, etc NY
Noc26 Long Story Short PA
nocomment best of 1992-2004 DE
Nocy Lands Of Beauty CA
Noe Licon (Jag) I Didn't Know NM
noe venable The World Is Bound By Secret Knots CA
Noel Noel MA
Noel Reality in Disguise CA
Noel Ur Biggest Fan CA
Noel Cohen Demo NY
Noel Cohen Emory's Songs NY
Noel Lester A Christmas Fantasy MD
Noel Lorica First Dance FL
Noel Niehaus Halcyon CA
Noel Paul Stookey Virtual Party ME
Noel Quinlan Middle Kingdom AUS
Noel Quinlan Middle Kingdom 2 AUS
Noel Quinlan Middle Kingdom 3 AUS
Noel Quinlan Middle Kingdom IV AUS
Noel Quinlan Middle Kingdom V AUS
Noel Shannon Best Foot Forward Netherlands
Noel Wentworth Change CA
Noel Wentworth Motion BC
Noelette Just To Say Thank You MD
Noell Child of God TX
Noella Choi Restless CA
Noelle Hampton Under These Skies CA
Noelle Price Backlit CA
Noelle Price Stranger's Treehouse CA
Noemi Liba Freefall AUS
Noga Group Santorini NY
Nogrammy Crackers In The Sand HI
Noirkestra Psi-Fi-Hi NY
NOISE AttACK Picture Perfect World CA
Noise Gate Figment of my Intoxication OH
Noise Reduction Futurism France
Noise Tank Noise Tank NJ
noise626 The Art of Falling Forward CO
Noisetet Noisetet Obscure TX
noisettes perspection WA
Nojunsundo Thunderbird NE
Nokuthula Ngwenyama, Michael L CHE!: A Musical Biography by Miguel Core AZ
Nolan Bruce Allen New York's King Of Western Swing Salutes NY
Nolan Bruce Allen-New York's K Salutes The Bob Wills ERA NY
Nolan Shaheed Lamentation From The Middle Passage CA
NOMAD Trails To Hear And Now CA
Nomad Planets Edge of Time IN
Nomad Planets The Indestructible Drop IN
nomadic noize sound spy OR
Nome Sane? Nome Sane? NY
Nomes Palace NY
Nomi Nomi NY
Nomi Lyonns Something Wicked CA
Nomi Yah Get 2 Nomi CA
Nomi Yah 2 Nomi 2 Love Me CA
nommi My Name is Nommi Girinkinin TX
Nomoredolls A Cat in the Mouthe of a Mouse Italy
Noñameko Noñameko: Songs CA
NONE MORE EVIL Waiting For Nothing NY
Non-fiction Chapter 1, Tales From The Country GA
Nonie Crete Moonlight Dreams Canada
NoNoNonet NoNoNonet NY
NO-Pals NO-Pals CA
Nora Hoffmann Angel Peak CA
Norbury & Finch Tease For Two BC
Noriko Kamo, Tom Baker, David In Another Land NY
Norine Braun Modern Anguish CA
Norine Braun Crow Canada
Norine Braun Hanna To Hollywood BC
Norine Braun Miles To Go Canada
Norine Braun Norine Braun and the Mood Swings BC
Norine Braun Now & Zen BC
Norm Ault The Music in Me WA
Norm Bowler Ten By One WA
Norm Douglas First Time CA
Norm Thomas Time to Tell the Truth TX
Norma A. You Can't Steal the Magic TX
Norma Blase Flower of Bahia CA
Norma Fraser C'Mon Baby OR
Norman George Poe's Greatest Hits: Tales & Poems by th MA
Norman A. Harris Yea--Yea I'm In The Usa IN
Norman David and GROUP 4 There's Room For All PA
Norman Evans Retrospective MD
Norman Evans Tapestry Sessions MD
Norman Evans Essence Of The Season MD
Norman Evans Places Of Magic MD
Norman Evans Twilight MD
Norman Lamont The Wolf Who Snared the Moon UK
Norman Lasiter The Gift of Love CA
Norman Lee God Is With Me FL
Norree Boyd Remember Me MO
Norselaw Macabre Skies OH
North 2 South Hazard Zone FL
North 2 South Front Row Ticket FL
North 2 South Cruisin FL
North by Northwest Quartet North by Northwest Quartet NC
North Creek North Creek TN
North Point Private Displays of Emotion IN
North Sea Story Rebuilding Season NY
North"2unes"Woodall HOT & COOl GA
Northern Expozure Vol.5 Northern Expozure Vol.5 CA
Northern Mars Northern Mars FL
North-Northwest Benches CT
North-Northwest Renascence CT
Northstar Tha Corana Walkin On Water NY
NorthStreet Whiskey High MA
Northwestern College Choir Reformation MN
Nosmo Kings Late For The Gig TX
Nosotros Nosotros CA
Nostalgia Signs and Miracles TX
Not Afraid Room TX
Not Afraid Worship TX
Not Called Common Love Songs For My Enemies TX
Not Exactly Lobsters Not Exactly Lobsters CA
NOT NOW JON Anime Parade FL
Note to Self Note to Self MI
Nothing Error I Am Here To Break Your Heart OR
Nothing More Shelter TX
Nothing Yet Nothing Yet CA
Nothingnew ...not Conquered, Though Overcome CA
Nourishment Electric Made From Scratch NY
Nova Summer Moon OR
Nova Clutch Band of Three? NY
Novabeats Sound System Volume 1 CA
Nova-C Club Nova NJ
Novacosm Everything Forever Canada
Novacosm Everything Forever ON
November Factory Perfect Time of Year NJ
Now That They're Here Auschwitz Bound FL
Nowhere Man Considered to Tears AZ
Nowhere Man Love Asphyxia AZ
-n-retro Easy Listening Gospel MA
NRun Corporate America TX
NSPS Timeless Towns and Haunted Places UT
NSS Man, I'm Really Beat-Up Old… NY
N-Tense An R&B Experience OK
N-Tense Finally, A Reason To Listen OK
NU Freak Freak out CA
nu freak grooveOmatic CA
Nu Hytes volumeone: the blue disc TX
Nuada Other Realms IN
Nuada Mage Sun IN
Nuance On Down This Road MO
nubFoot Learning Curve FL
Nubia Poetic Arousal FL
NuClear NuClear OR
Nude Furniture What's Your Damage? OK
Nuiqee Julio Young Daddy IL
Null Objct The Blind Clockmaker CA
Null Objct Null Objct CA
NUMB Hard Times: Obsolete Edition VA
NuNature The Sixth Sense FL
Nutonic The Control Freaks EP UK
Nuts In Your Mouth Guaranteed To Like It If You Got A Ass NY
Nutty Nutty CA
Nuwaubian Hotep The Annunaqi NJ
NVAIR Ari Mer Doon with Nvair: Armenian songs NJ
Nvair & friends Donadzar: New Years and Christmas songs NJ
NWT Entertainment 5 Minutes Of Fame CA
NYC Blues Devils NYC Blues Devils NY
NYCSmoke Hearts & Stones NY
NYCSmoke For The Posers NY
NYCSmoke Wine and Roses NY
Nyhyl River Locked Tight GA
Nylon & Steel Slip Behind The Molecule NY
Nymph Geek Pop Star NY

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