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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
L&J Holding The Lights On IL
L. C. Robinson Crossroads CA
L. McNeese The Rapture Will Not Be Televised TN
L. V. Cook Granite in the Mirror VA
L.A. Carpool When Worlds Collide CA
L.A. Carpool Featuring Gloria T Salsa Pop CA
L.A. Fahy Your Lucky Stars KS
L.A. Song Alliance Songs From An Unreal City CA
L.E. Stokes Good Intentions CA
L.E.D. Break Through CO
L.G. Industry Co-Sign II (The 14 Tracks Of Po NY
L.J. and the Allstars Have An Allstar Christmas IN
L.K. Potts The Shape of Things to Come CA
L.M.C. (Landen Meadows Crew) Suck My Tanabe NC
L.P.M. Beyond Tha Blocks AL
L.Rain Out of Chaos Comes... WA
L.Rain Tangled WA
L.T. Moore Resurrection BC
L.U.V. He Did It All TX
L.V. Dabbs Publishing Demo CD IL
L.Warde Geometrics CA
L3S (Last 3 Standing) Firstime AZ
La Banda Skalavera No Esta Mal CA
LA Cat Unconditional Love CA
La Distancia ¿Dónde Estás? NM
LA Enkanto Kollective In Our Blood CA
La Esencia De Las Arenas Rock De Cd Juarez TX
La Firma Al Natural VA
La Fundicion Danza Ritual Spain
La JAM Jazz Quartet In Different Flavors CA
La June Travis Changes MI
La Kidda The Blue-Faced Sessions Part 1 Netherlands
La Kidda Re: Netherlands
La La Land To Be With You VA
La Onda Va Bien La Vuelta NY
La Palabra Demo 1 CA
La Palabra Demo 2 CA
La Pieta Summer NY
La Push Baby WA
La Revancha El Zarape OH
La Rombé CoZmic Soul CA
LA Smooth LA Smooth CT
La Vel Voyages AUS
La'Aerial Now Or Never CA
Lab Rats Experiment Gone Awry MD
Lab Tek Productions Lab Teknicians Present... NJ
Labb Driving Your Shadow MA
Lab-Oratory Records The Zooey Files IL
LaBrash Piltch Duo Nature's Play CA
Lacey Demo CD PA
Lach Today NY
Lach Blang! NY
Lach Kids Fly Free NY
Lackadaisy Still Life CA
Lackluster Showcase FL
Lackthereof Christian the Christian OR
Lacquer The Excitement of Helen IL
Lacy Jade The Ring TX
Lacy James Lovefeast NY
Lacy Spano Do You Wanna Dance TX
Laddie Ray Melvin Rocky Ground WA
LaDeDa Seize The Moment NH
LaDelle Walker Christmas Means More To Me TX
Ladi Lyke Goonz IL
LaDonna Goetz Letting Go TX
LaDonna Slade A Sense of Things CA
Lady "E" The Empress FL
Lady and the Mant Inexcusable NJ
Lady C This Lady Sings! CA
Lady Elvis (Dawn Anita Plumlee It's Now or Never OK
Lady Eneazer Blissett-Moore On Eagles Wings MO
Lady J A Christmas Festival NY
Lady Jane Grey Lady Jane Grey TX
Lady Michelle at the end of the road Sweden
Lady Of Darkness Mal-ady AK
Lady Peachena The Bishop's Daughter NY
Lady Rose An Informal Introduction NJ
Lady Winwoods Maggot Songs to Serenade The Dead UK
Lady xXx Lady xXx NV
Ladybird Sideshow Live at the Orange Lounge CA
LadyBug Plug Me In FL
Ladyfingers Eargasm FL
Lady-j That Violent Chick OH
Lady-J The Violent Chick 513 OH
LadyRob The EP NY
Ladytown Ladytown MN
Lafayette Gilchrist Collagic Dreams MD
Lafayette Gilchrist featuring Asphalt Revolt MD
Lafe Am I Gone VT
LagFest Delirium CA
LahelaUlu Lei LahelaUlu Lei HI
Laini Risto Where I Belong NV
Laini Risto A Northwest Lullaby For Christmas NV
Laini Risto Still In Love NV
Laini Risto The Songs of Patsy Cline NV
Lainie Cooke Here's To Life NY
Lake Effect Mud Externalfixation NY
Lake Wobegon® Brass Band BRAVURA! MN
lalo 4 Export Only WA
lalo creme & sand WA
Lalo Obra Di, Obra Da WA
Lalo 4 Export Only WA
Lalo Lalo NY
Lamar C. Horne & The Gospel Se GAIN THIS WORLD SC
Lamar C. Horne & The New Dynam LORD I WANT YOU TO MOVE SC
Lamar Morris Walls of Memories AL
Lamar Thomas Everybody Oughta Dance PA
LambBone Am What I Am CT
Lambert Billy Lambert Billy NY
Lamesa Wilson About To Blow Up TX
Lamont Johnson This Must Be Heaven - 2004 MI
LaMont Ridgell Intimacy CA
Lamont Skylark Love Poems and Fight Songs NC
Lamour (Guitarist, Songwriter) Leave H.I.M. Alone CA
Lana Puckett & Kim Person At Christmas The Heart Goes Home VA
Lana Puckett & Kim Person Windows of Life VA
Lana Romanoff In No Particular Order FL
Lana Sprague WHO CAN IT BE IL
Lance Angelus East of West CA
Lance Bendiksen The Greatest Good CO
Lance Ellis Just Curious LA
Lance Ellis Thinking Of You LA
Lance Koonah Innerworkings Expressions 1 NY
Lance Smith Wombats and Babies VA
Land & Smith Songs from the Waiting Room KS
Land of Malls Suburban and Gomorrah DC
Landau Thepicompromise FL
Landia Unleashing The Truth CA
Landmark Heal Your Broken Heart CA
Lane & The Badass Chickenbones Small Business CA
Lane Brody Pieces of Life TN
Lani Richards The Moment NY
LaNier Play Me Cool CA
Lanky Inner Onwriter NJ
Lanny Ray & The Reels Bare Bone CA
Lanny Sherwin Turn Up The Music CA
Lantana Life Is Good TX
Lanterna Sands CA
Laptop Randy Down at the Cajun Cafe on the Bayou FL
Lara (Herscovitch) Sin Tierra CT
Lara Ewen Clear NY
Lara Gifford The Wonder Of God OH
Lara Halidae I'd Fall In Love With You Again OH
Lara Herscovitch Sin Tierra CT
Lara Herscovitch There CT
Lara Janine Lara Janine CA
Lara Lavi Inside The Red Room WA
Lara Michell Ruby Red OR
Lara Michell Somniloquy OR
Lara Price Lara and Laura Unplugged CA
Lara Price Band Faces of the Blues CA
Laraaji My Orangeness NY
Large Marge 3 Songs For You CA
Larisa Bryski The Long Way CA
Larisa Stow & Gathering Guru Reaching In CA
LARISSA Texture Vision TX
Larissa DeLorenzo Da Sola CT
Larissa Lam On the Way Up CA
Lark & Spur Season of Light UT
Larnell Johnson Holy Ghost Fire SC
Larnell Starkey & The Spiritual Seven Be Careful How You Treat Me VA
Laron Be What You Need To Be MD
Larry Lucy, I'm In Love CA
Larry "T-Byrd" Gordon Da Byrdman Cometh TX
Larry A. Schacher A Little Tenderness WA
Larry Antonino Village Strut CA
larry B Reflect On VA
Larry Baskett Chalice CA
Larry Baskett Poor Boy Blue CA
Larry Baskett Wait 'Till Spring CA
Larry Bradford Simple Man AL
Larry Bridges Bridges WA
Larry Burnett Confidence Game VA
Larry Chernicoff October MA
Larry Coryell/Teo Macero New York Blues NY
Larry Crane Wire and Wood FL
Larry Disalvi We Got The Nitetime NJ
Larry Dunn Got It Workin' CA
Larry Emerson & Skyward Now Is The Time NM
Larry Evans Magnificent Movie Love Themes CA
Larry Griffin Acoustic Dreams PA
Larry Hagan for you & for me NY
Larry Heagle Irish Heart WI
Larry Heagle Rude, Crude, and Poor WI
Larry Hirshberg Headlong MT
Larry Hoyt Folksinger Songwriter NY
Larry Humphrey The Larry Humphrey Project OH
Larry Hunter Cabin Fever NY
Larry J. Manns & The Friends O You Made A Change In Me VA
Larry Janacek Desert Dreams AZ
Larry John Mcnally I Love To Wake Up In New Orleans CA
Larry John McNally Live In Lo Fi 1993-1998 CA
Larry John McNally Dandelion Soul CA
Larry John McNally The Making Of...Vibrolux CA
Larry John McNally Vibrolux CA
Larry Jones Borders Live CA
Larry Karol A New Beginning KS
Larry Killip Good To Getaway New Zealand
Larry Kinder Castaway UT
Larry Kirwan/Black 47 Keltic Kids NY
Larry Kolker Long Island Slim NY
Larry Lampi Home Last Night CA
Larry Lee & the Stamp of Appro Live at the Missing Link AL
Larry Lowinger Joe's Vacation Rock and Roll Band CA
Larry Lupole Classic Fantasy NY
Larry Marciano The Way It Used To Be CA
Larry May Larry May NY
Larry May 3 Song Demo NY
Larry May no title NY
Larry McDonough Small Steps MN
Larry McDonough Tuscarora: Short Stories for Jazz Piano MN
larry mink imaginary ride OH
Larry Mitchell The Bridge TN
Larry Morgan Buffalo Road GA
Larry Morrow In The Moment TX
Larry Murante Kiss Me One More Time WA
Larry Murante Water's Edge WA
Larry N. Swenson The Three Bears MN
Larry N. Swenson Birds On The Run MN
Larry N. Swenson The Wide Mouth Frog MN
Larry Pancake Lonely KY
Larry Penn A Ride On The Westbound WI
Larry Perkins/Jessica Wagner Nite at Willie Joe's AL
Larry Price From Now Own NJ
Larry Saunders Random Access Memory Overload NY
Larry Schroek Listen MI
Larry Steen First Move CA
Larry Stefl Bahia Chant CA
Larry Stevens Heart Of A Fighter TN
Larry Stevens The Years of My Youth CA
Larry Taylor Blues and Soul Ba They Were in This House IL
Larry The Landlord You Better Love Me NY
Larry The Landlord You Better Love Me NY
Larry Thurston School For Fools, Songs By Jeff Alexande NY
Larry Unger and Ginny Snowe Waltz Time WA
Larry Vann The Rhythm and Roots of Larry Vann CA
Larry Vincent A Look Inside TN
Larry Williams Demo CA
Larry Williams The Bridge CA
Larry Williams Works for Piano and Other Instruments CA
Lars Jensen Fate of the Titans CA
Las Pesadillas House of a Thousand Grassfires CA
Las Pesadillas Midnight Of My Life Soundtrack CA
Las Vegas Body Snatchers Las Vegas Body Snatchers IN
Lasana Bandele Storitela CA
LaSonya Gunter BlakGerl NY
Lasse Lindgren Sunburst Finland
Last Action Zeros Blue Collar Biography AZ
Last American Virgins Not So Secret Plan NY
Last Atlantic Crossing meltdownOrange Canada
Last Chance Dave Chin Up LA
Last Chance Jug Band Shake That Thing! TN
Last Day Lost Last Day Lost CA
Last Days Blues Band The War On Terror DE
Last Days Of Radio Sway NY
Last Dayz Last Dayz CA
Last Daze Last Daze TN
Last Generation 3 NY
Last In First Out Hardcore for Women MA
Last Nerve Chemical Drive WA
Last Second Comeback Cornered VA
Last Stand Any Battle Won MA
Last Stand Boston Callin' MA
Last Stand Boston Callin' OH
Last Trip Up with 'da Funk MA
LastPageFirst Get Your Story Straight NY
LaTanya Folds Laugh GA
Late Arrival FREEKS CA
Late Arrival Kick Things Over CA
Late Bloomers About Freakin' Time CA
Late Night Radio Midnight Airwaves NH
Late Summer Purple Looking For My Kind WA
Late Tuesday Late Tuesday VA
Lateduster Easy Pieces FL
Latent Pop Tendencies The Zenith Of Dixie CA
Latigo Lace Right Choices WA
Latin Never was Enough GA
Latin Domain Dark Ages NY
Latin Domain LD Maxi Single NY
Latin One Stop Presents Latin Rap Mix Vol 2 TX
Latin One Stop Presents Latin Rap Mix Vol. 1 TX
Latin One Stop Presents Latin Rap Mix Vol. 4 TX
Latin One Stop Presents Latin Rap Mix Vol. 1 Screwed & Chopped TX
Latin One Stop Presents Latin Rap Mix Vol. 3 TX
Latin One Stop Presents Latin Rap Mix Vol.3 Screwed & Chopped TX
Latin One Stop Presents Then & Now Freestyle Mix 1 TX
Latin Rhythms Band Lost Paradise AL
Latin Soul Project We should have danced all night CA
Latina You Left Me CO
Latina L.A. Tina CO
LatinMania Loco Love CA
LaTonya Williams No Chains Allowed OK
LaTouche Louisiana LA
Lattago Moon Another Happy Christmas CA
Lattago Moon full circle CA
Latteta Theresa Prayer For Peace WI
Latteta Theresa Reeeelaaaax with Latteta CA
Latteta Theresa Single Tracks CA
Latteta Theresa When I Grow Up CA
laughing sky free inside NY
laughingstock moth CA
laughingstock underskin CA
Laundry Momentous IL
Laundry The Well IL
laura austin and scott allyn i could be anyone NY
Laura Berman Love Will NY
Laura Blackley Band Liquid Courage NC
Laura Blackley Band When a Woman... NC
Laura Clapp Simply TN
Laura Corlin The Difference Music Makes NH
Laura Creamer West Of Detroit CA
Laura Derocher Song of My Own IL
Laura Diamond Flower Garden NJ
Laura DiStasi Winters Never Quit NJ
Laura Dorais The Island CA
Laura Dyer Little Language Songs for Little Ones TN
Laura E. J. Moran Live Bait NY
Laura Fay Movie NY
Laura Flora Giosh Flower Power NY
Laura Ford I'm Not Britney TX
Laura Frazier White Earth MT
Laura Freeman A Baker's Dozen TX
Laura Freeman Laura Freeman's Greatest Hits from her 2 LA
Laura Furlong Laura Furlong PA
Laura Gauthier The Journey of L. CA
Laura Gauthier Cabin Fever ON
Laura Golden Airborne OR
Laura Hall I See A Tiger/Come Join the Parade CA
Laura Hawthorne Who's It Gonna Be? NY
Laura Iommi My Turn Now NY
Laura Jane To My Planet Boo CA
Laura Jones He is the Light UT
Laura Kaye Shake Off the Gravity NY
Laura Kemp May OR
Laura LaBine With Words CA
Laura Lahera & Fulvio Paredes Nosotros CT
Laura Lahera and Fulvio Parede ENTRE NOSOTROS CT
Laura Maushara Demo IL
Laura McCandliss Right Justified MI
Laura McKinley Demo Tape TX
Laura Morris Summer Days MI
Laura Orshaw Grandad's Flying Squirrels PA
Laura Pole Born to Sing VA
Laura Ranieri Southbound CA
Laura Repo And The Blue Healer A Charmed Life CA
Laura Rey Luz del Alma PR
Laura Sandage Bloom CA
Laura Sawosko Me, Myself and You AZ
Laura Scarborough The Project Live TX
Laura Scott Grounding & Centering, from the Ancient CT
Laura Shay To a Place PA
Laura Shay Stories of My Life PA
Laura Siersema When I Left Loss MA
Laura Sippola Sahara Finland
Laura Sullivan Mystical America CA
Laura Sullivan Pianoscapes for the Trails of North Amer CA
Laura Thomas On My Sleeve NY
Laura Veirs The Triumphs and Travails of Orphan Mae WA
Laura Warfield Heaven In My Mind CT
Laura Warfield Lost In Transit CT
Laura Warfield Rocket To The Moon CT
Laura Wood South Station Slide MA
Laurel Brauns Periphery OR
Laurel Brauns Swimming OR
Laurel Canyon Animal Company Bring An Animal Home For The Holidays CA
Laurel Michaels Crescent Sky MA
Laurel Wiley laurel Wiley CA
Laurel Zucker Allstate Flute Repertoire CA
Laurel Zucker Flute Music by French Composers CA
Laurel Zucker Laurel Zucker-An American Flute Recital CA
Laurel Zucker Take a Walk on the Wilder Side-Flute Mus CA
Laurel Zucker Virtuoso Flutist CA
Laurel Zucker Inflorescence 2-Music for Solo Flute CA
Laurel Zucker Inflorescence -Music for Solo Flute(2 CD CA
Laurel Zucker Mozart Flute Concertos and Quartet CA
Laurel Zucker Song of the Wind CA
Laurel Zucker and Christopher Caliente! Flute and Guitar World Music D CA
Laurel Zucker and Erkel Chambe Telemann suite in a minor, Bach Suite in CA
Laurel Zucker and Gerald Ranck The Complete J.S. Bach Flute Sonatas (2 CA
Laurel Zucker and Marc Shapiro Twentieth Century Music for Flute & Pian CA
Laurel Zucker and Renee Sieber The Complete Kuhlau Flute Duos and Diver CA
Laurel Zucker and Richard Savi Mauro Giuliani -Music for Flute and Guit CA
Laurel Zucker and Sara Cutler Serenades for flute and harp CA
Laurel Zucker and Susan Jolles Images for Flute and Harp CA
Laurel Zucker, Davis Lynn, Pra Poetic Justice CA
Laurel Zucker, Joe Gilman, Dav The Claude Bolling Suites for Flute & Ja CA
Laurel Zucker, Marc Shapiro, R Native American stories in Classical Flu CA
Laurel Zucker, Renee Siebert, Haydn London Trios & Divertimentos CA
Laurel Zucker, Shirien Taylor, W.A. Mozart Flute Quartets CA
Laurelyn Carter Laurelyn Carter AL
Lauren Adams Here Tonight CA
Lauren Audrey No Regrets CT
Lauren Braddock Lauren Braddock TN
Lauren Dillon The Cost of Living TX
Lauren Ellis Feels Like Family OK
Lauren Fincham Burning Tree GA
Lauren Fincham Show & Tell GA
Lauren Fine Paper Airports PA
Lauren Flaherty What Makes An Angel MA
Lauren Gifford Sitting Pretty TX
Lauren Godfrey Texas Kind of Girl TX
Lauren Gordon Feel it Coming NY
Lauren Jelencovich Lauren Jelencovich FL
Lauren Kendall Red VA
Lauren Kendall When VA
Lauren Kilgore Before My Time UK
Lauren Kilgore Today Is Mine UK
Lauren Lapointe Beautiful Shadow GA
Lauren Mayer Psycho Super Mom CA
Lauren Mayer Psycho Super Mom CA
Lauren Mayer Smart Songs For Super Kids CA
Lauren Mayer 2nd Grade Rocks CA
Lauren Passarelli BACK TO THE BONE MA
Lauren Passarelli Two Tru Shadow Language MA
Lauren Pellegrino Miles Away NY
Lauren Sheehan Some Old Lonesome Day OR
Lauren Sheehan Two Wings OR
Lauren Sheehan Some Old Lonesome Day OR
Lauren Whistler Rumble, Rumble CA
Laurence A story without words CA
Laurence Irwin Sugarman Old Magic NY
Laurence Sive Life Cycle 2010 - A Rock Opera VA
Lauri Bortz/Elliott Sharp A Modicum Of Passion NJ
Laurice Echoes CA
Laurie Childers Are You Satisfied? OR
Laurie Conrad Early Songs NY
Laurie Conrad Visions for Flute and Harp NY
Laurie Deane Country Windows CA
Laurie Geltman No Power Steering MA
Laurie Horn Alive Again MI
Laurie Jones Better Days ME
Laurie Jones After the Crash ME
Laurie Larson Artist's Mirage AZ
Laurie McCann Little Town FL
Laurie McClain Laurie McClain Live TN
Laurie McClain The Child Behind My Eyes TN
Laurie McClain The Trumpet Vine, a tribute to Kate Wolf TN
Laurie Miller Black Sheep WA
Laurie York Fireflies in the Night of Stars TX
Laurie York Sherocycle TX
Laurie York Just Like a Texan TX
Laurie York Messy TX
Laurie Z Do-It-Yourself Guide to Releasing…. WA
Laurie Z. Heart Of The Holidays CA
Laurie Z. Life Between The Lines WA
Laurie Z. Roots CA
Laurie Z. The Do-It-Yourself Guide to Releasing An WA
Laurie Z. The Solo Piano Concert - VIDEO WA
Lauris Elms, Deborah de Graaff Rose Of The Bay Australia
Lauryce Preston Hecker Spirit In The Wind TN
Lave Baby Big Muff NY
Lave Las Manos Superman Shoes CA
LaVern Davis LaVern Davis Best Gospel Songs VA
LaVern Davis LaVern Davis Mothers Are So Dear Gospel VA
Laverne Hill Heaven Express FL
Lavinia Jones Chemistry - mixed up by the underground DE
Lavon C. Stevens I See Love SC
Lavoria Armstead Spirit And Truth FL
Lawhead Warm Day CO
LAWIM Compilation: Vol 1 CA
Lawman Dia Ellemdee IL
Lawn Jockey Jethro's Revenge PA
Lawrence Ferlinghetti Live at Lawrence Ferlinghetti Live at The Poetry IL
Lawrence Huntley Bus Stop In Paradise OR
Lawrence Lanahan Lawrence Lanahan MD
Lawrence Lebo Don't Call Her Larry Volume 2 CA
Lawrence Lougheed Time Shadows CA
Lawrence M Bradley Santa And The Tow Truck ID
Lawrence O'Shea songs from the fourth floor UK
Lawrence Smith Fire in My Bones MO
Lawrence Smith Worldwide MO
Lawyers of London Justice and Music for All CA
LAX From Scratch CA
Laxical Daisy Worth The Wait CT
Laya Fisher Laya Fisher Australia
Layabout Honest Woman CA
Layla and the Orlando Rock Ban The Spoonful Album, Vol.2: Between Life FL
Layman's Daughter Go From Here NC
Layne Longfellow Longfellow Reads Longfellow: Dreams That AZ
Layne Redmond and Tommy Brunje Trance Union FL
Lazarus Crandon Mine WI
Lazarus Heart Blink CA
Lazarus Heart Open The Sky CA
Lazet Michaels PRESSING FORWARD to the high calling... NY
Lazlo Bane All The Time In The World CA
Lazy Ate Time To Shine FL
Lazy Preacher Astral Project into a Time Machine CA
Lazy Preacher Dreams, Seams & the Sun CA
Lazy Spacemen Singing to Ghosts CO
lazy. essentially CA
lazysusan Say You Want A Revolution CA
LB True Story TN
LB'Z (Low Down Boyz) Home Grown VA
Le Ann Etheridge Half A World Away TN
Le Chevre Le Chevre CA
Le Collage C'est Fou!! NJ
Le Vow Spinning Volts UK
Lea Ball and the Pandemonium A Father Time Remembered OR
Lea Cappelli A Little Piece of Heaven AZ
Lea Coryell Cornbread & Rum VA
Lea Krueger Strange Hallelujah OR
Lea Longo Miserably Happy CA
Lea Longo Confessions QC
League Bowlers Some Balls OH
leah andreone alchemy NV
leah andreone veiled NV
Leah Calvert Rough Draft GA
Leah Carson The Mild Frontier WI
Leah Coloff Dark Sweet Heart NY
Leah Foulke Folk by Foulke volume 1 NY
Leah K. Graham Awakening HI
Leah Morgan Zero Dollars Spent VA
Leah Siegel Leah Siegel Presents NY
Leah State Still CA
Leah Zicari Pretty On Thursday NY
Leah Zicari Hard Road NY
Leah-Carla Gordone Butterfly Child NY
Leandra Hill Somewhere In Between MT
Leanna Ryan On My Way ... CA
Leanne Allen Grace GA
Leanne Averbach & Indigo FEVER CA
LeAnne Worden The Flame Now Burns Once More FL
Leastways Intemperance NC
Leaving Rouge White Houses MI
Lebec Back to Innocence CA
Lebo Entrance CA
Lebocat Flo's Barbershop CA
Leci Simpson Daddy You Won't Be There WI
Lectric Liz & LiveWire Bridgin' the Blues AR
Led First MN
Led Zepagain A Tribute to Led Zeppelin CA
Lee Andrews Vintage PA
Lee Ann Butler-Owens Colleen's Dollhouse CA
Lee Behnken Remember and Return OH
Lee Behnken and Friends On Earth as it is in Heaven... OH
Lee Boice Visions NJ
Lee Boice Sacred Spaces NJ
Lee Bone G.R.I.T.S-Girls Raised In The South GA
Lee Cave-Berry Spring Forward UK
Lee Danja Lee Danja GA
Lee Eisenstein Songs For A Dreamer HI
Lee Feldman The Man In a Jupiter Hat NY
Lee Galloway Soothing the Soul CA
Lee Geringer A Good Friend PA
Lee Hayes The Secret Life CA
Lee Howard The Human Innovation Team NM
Lee Jones Ain't Gone Yet CA
Lee Jones Cowboy In Paradise CA
Lee Jones Songs For My Favorite R&R Bands UK
Lee Kelm Nightsounds WI
Lee Kelm Reflections WI
Lee Lessack I Know You By Heart CA
Lee Lessack Too Marvelous For Words, the songs of CA
Lee Lessack & Joanne O'Brien An Enchanted Evening: The Music Of … CA
Lee Lindsey I UK
Lee Logan & The'Original' Drif Live at the Montray Music Festival TN
Lee Mallory Lee Mallory/Live@the Hotel Utah vol. 1&2 CA
Lee Moran Wherewithal NY
Lee Murdock Between Two Worlds IL
Lee Murdock Voices Across the Water IL
Lee Nicholson & The Sensationa He's Jesus NY
Lee Noble Symphony No. 1 in C Major MI
Lee Pinkerson Deep in the Hollow DC
LEE PRESS-ON and the NAILS Playing Dirty: LPN live at the Derby CA
Lee Prince Pencil Logic FL
Lee Quick Do You Think? LA
Lee Richey/Craig Richey Bach, Beethoven, Barber NV
Lee Saunders A Promise of Peace WV
Lee Simmons Antebellum CA
Lee Simpson LSB CA
Lee Sleeman If You Ever Have Forever In Mind OH
Lee Telle Wiggle Your Thang LA
Lee Totten Could Have Been King MA
Lee Waterman Jazz Caliente CA
Lee Whitaker Songs From The Hourglass NJ
Lee Whitaker Demo NJ
Lee Wilson Dusk ID
LeeBabySimms The Escapist OR
Left Field Extra Innings PA
Left Field Still A-Live! PA
Left Hand Circus Mexicorts VA
Left of Memphis Left of Memphis CA
Left of Memphis Little Bit of Rain CA
Left Of You Waking The Angels CA
Left Out Lamont Come And Get Us CA
Left Wing Fascists All Fired Up VA
Lefty Dave Smith States Of Mind FL
Lega Leggera Acide Considerazioni Italy
Legacy Legacy HI
Legado Corazon Mentiroso FL
Legado Guiada Por La Luz FL
Legado Open Doors FL
Legbone Beer:30 OH
Legend Heart Legend Heart WA
Legendary Big Gerry Mellow Big Fellow CA
Leghorn Lullabies for the Rhythmically Impaired SD
Legion Of Love Grey Matter Tunes CA
Legion Of Love Matters Of The Heart CA
Lehigh Valley Folk Music Society Generation after Generation PA
Lehto and Wright Ye Mariners All MN
Leigh Leigh MA
Leigh Goldstein Leigh Goldstein Sampler PA
Leigh Goldstein Local Recordings PA
Leigh Goldstein Lonely Tears PA
Leigh Hilger Casting Shadows NC
Leigh Phillips The Interrogation & Others UK
Leigh Robbins Fire In The Rain TN
Leigh Silver Bitter CA
Leigh Silver & Bitter Things Leigh Silver & Bitter Things CA
Leigh Stephens High Strung Low Key CA
Leigh Wyckoff Moonlight Cafe CA
Leighton Stand Tall MA
Leijiah Perfect Love VA
Leisure Suite Passionately Falling CA
Lekinserray Space War Video NE
Leland Dent Looking Back WA
Leland Dent Winter WA
Leland Karlton Swamp House... Praising Firemen By Roast CA
Leland Rogers The Same River Twice AZ
Lelia Broussard Louisiana Soul PA
Lemon Numb NJ
Lemon Jam Lullabies & Fireflies CA
Lemon Jam Ride 'n' Sing Along CA
Lemonface Freshly Squeezed MD
LeMont The Answer PA
Lemuel Sheppard Urbanfolk KS
Len and Wendy Flow MD
Len Bryant It's Now Midnight(Waiting For Your Love) PA
Len Guardino Len Guardino NY
Len Jesinger For the Love of Jazz OH
Len Jesinger with Sam Most Love Dance OH
Lena Open Your Eyes TX
Lena Since Then... CA
Lena & Bört till en kompis Switzerland
Lena Esposito Lena Esposito VA
LeNaye Pearson The Best Of II Worlds IL
LenCat Devil's Pecker Road CA
Lenelle Live at Highland Grounds CA
Leni Stern Black Guitar NY
Leni Stern Clairvoyant NY
Leni Stern Ice Cold Water...$1 NY
Leni Stern Recollection NY
Leni Stern When Evening Falls NY
Leni Stern Finally The Rain Has Come NY
Leni Stern Kindness of Strangers NY
Lenis Guess Thinking About Jesus NY
Lenn Marella ...Other Neat Tricks WA
Lennex For The Sake Of Simplicity MD
Lennie Gallant Lennie Gallant Live CA
Lennie Harvey Under The Big Sky UK
Lennon Career Suicide TN
Lennon Page L.A. Rockabilly Blues CA
Lennon Scott Lennon Scott Live! CA
Lennon Scott Casa Alegre CA
Lenny Breau The Hallmark Sessions PA
Lenny DeLuxe Main Squeeze GA
Lenny LaCroix Preludes and Pastorals CA
Lenny McDaniel The Blues Side LA
Lenny Rankins Stirring Up The Mix CA
Lenny Trawick Back During Hard Times AL
Lenora Zenzalai Helm Precipice NY
Lenore Lenore Canada
Lenore Summer Dancing Canada
Lenore Summer Dancing ON
Len's Lounge The Longest Night OH
Lenzmen Scientific Community NY
Leo Daedalus Love Songs for Totalitarians OR
Leo Farfan My Way WA
Leo Kellis The Piano Music of Leo Kellis Volume 3 WA
Leo Quintero Another Day FL
Leo Sidran L.Sid WI
LEO3 Get It While It's Hot MA
Leomia Boyd On Time SC
Leon Uppers And Downers UK
Leon The 4 Strings of Spring CA
Leon & Malia Boat Days/Tropic Nights HI
Leon & Malia Keiki Calabash HI
Leon Caraco Pathways and Portals CA
Leon Harp This Is Your Country FL
Leon Lowman Cruise Control WA
Leon Muhudinov Tasty Guitar Treats NJ
Leon Rubenhold A Close Circle of Friends CA
Leon Scott The Demonstration of Love GA
Leon Seiter Nashville Memories MI
Leon Seiter Shadows Of A Honky Tonk MI
Leon Smith The Smith Kid Rides Again OR
Leon Vest So Blue CA
Leon Ware Love's Drippin' CA
Leon Watson We Win At The End TN
Leon Watson Seal It Up TN
Leon Youngboy Leon Youngboy NY
Leona Hope That The World Will Win CA
Leona Williams Honorary Texan TX
Leona Williams San Quentin's First Lady TX
Leonard And Sample BEND CA
Leonard Garr I Wish You Love CA
Leonard Le Bar Demo CA
Leonard Le Bar Demo CD CA
Leonard Le Bar Rock Christmas Tunes for the Season CA
Leonard LeBar Songs of Praise 2002 CA
Leonard Moss Jr. Welcome to Satisfaction CA
Leonard Samartino and the blue Bringing Down The Old God"s CA
Leonard Samartino And The Blue No Pedigree CA
Leonard Sanders Feel The Holy Spirit CA
Leonard, Skrowaczewski, Zappa Visions OR
Leonardo Makin' Lemonade IN
Leonard's Bulge That's All Yolks!!! CA
Leonora S. Finley O To Be In New York NY
Leper's Pen Kaleidoscope WI
Leprekahn Faith In Fiction TX
Leroy Davis & Foxfire Leroy Davis & Foxfire LA
LeRoy Foster Meaning of the Blues PA
Leroy Justice Leroy Justice NY
LeRoy Martez Feels So Good WA
Leroy Percy Years In The Making AZ
Leroy Stringer, Jr. Lyrical Suicide FL
Leroy Williams Quartet Time is. . . NY
Les Alexander Will You Still Talk to Me TX
Les Amies Louisianaises Chansons d'Inspiration LA
Les Amies Louisianaises La Musique Unique des Acadiens LA
Les Issambres Sand theatre poetry Sweden
Les Kerr Christmas on the Coast TN
Les Lankhorst Singin' Sinatra, Volume 1 KS
Les Meekins Truck Stop Roses GA
Les N. Less Decrease CA
les pardoe Midnight Piano CA
Les Pillitteri Les Pillitteri CO
Les Reader & The Mind Gangsters Hidden Tracks IL
Les Sans Culottes Faux Realism CA
Les Smith Piece by Piece CA
Les Souci(sioux-si') Still Warrior DC
Les Tireux d'Roches J'joue mon air... CA
Les Vaughn Christian/Country Music OR
Les Vaughn Country/Gospel Music OR
Les Vaughn Live at Hoodstock (Fender Benders live) OR
Les Williams Carolina Moon TN
Les Williams Classic Country Music TN
Lesa Terry A City Called Heaven CA
lesismore At Last BC
Lesley Byers & The Jazz Cats Twisted IL
Lesley Spencer Inside The Melody IL
Lesley Spencer Passionate Journey IL
Lesley Spencer Secret Places - Private Thoughts IL
Lesley Spencer Strictly Chamber IL
Lesley Spencer - The Latin Cha Classical Delight IL
Lesley Spencer & members of Th JOY GARDEN IL
Lesley Spencer & The Latin Cha Authentic Flavors IL
Lesley Spencer & The Latin Cha POSTCARDS FROM SPAIN IL
Lesley Spencer & The Latin Cha A Moveable Feast IL
Lesley Spencer & The Latin Cha The Best Of Times IL
Lesley White The Echoes Of A Day WA
Lesley Wright Firefly CA
Leslie Anderson & Ricky Ritzel Cool, Cool, Cool songs of Johnny Mercer NY
Leslie Benjamin Late Bloomer MD
Leslie Berry Was It Blue? SC
Leslie Berry Leslie Berry GA
Leslie Berry Leslie Berry SC
Leslie Berry No Cinderella SC
Leslie Clemmons Stop The World NY
Leslie Costa Mission Bell CT
Leslie Costa September Rain CT
Leslie King Since You Took flight CA
Leslie Marie My Heart To You CA
Leslie Mather Spontaneous On Piano CA
Leslie McGee Demo CA
Leslie Melcher The Spirit of Our Time CA
Leslie Mendelson Take it as you will NY
Leslie Mendez La Isla MA
Leslie Nuchow 5 NY
Leslie Nuchow Tenderland NY
Leslie Nuss Action Hero Superstar NY
Leslie Nuss Heliotrope NY
Leslie Rich and The Rocket Sou The Written Lie MN
Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito This Christmas Morning NY
Leslie Ritter & Scott Petito Circles In Sand NY
Leslie Ritter/Scott Petito In the Silence NY
Leslie Smith All Comes Down To Me LA
Leslie Smith Just A Girl LA
Leslie Smith Paper Doll LA
Leslie van Berkum Leslie van Berkum NH
Leslie Waller Incantare CA
Leslie Woods Velvet Sky TN
less Cover, Protective, Individual CA
Less Than Seven Spin TX
Lesson 101 CT
Lester Jenkins Jr. The Motions IL
Lester Koshiol Shades of Blue WI
Lester L Palocsay Baby Data Drop OH
Lester Quitzau Keep On Walking CA
Lester Quitzau So Here We Are CA
Lester Swing lester swing NY
Lesti Come Out & Play TX
Letease Uniquely Defined AL
Leti De La Vega Canciones De La Familia De La Vega TX
Leti De La Vega Rancho Viejo, Mexico TX
Letia Nichols Greater Works - More Than a Conqueror CA
Letia Nichols Joy To The World CA
Leticia Maher Leticia Maher AUS
Letitia B,Tony Williams,Raynie Wide Open Compilation . NJ
Letitia McManus I Can Go to Him VA
Letter Openers The Letter Openers CA
Letting go of Stress Dr. Georgina Cannon ON
LetUsLive Entertainment Stop Snitchin' 2nd Session "The Soundtra MA
Lev Ljova Zhurbin Vjola: World On Four Strings NY
Levator Midnight WA
Level Rizon That Vibe MI
Levi Another Jennifer NY
Levi Mullen Hardcore Honky Tonk TX
Levi Mullen Singer Without A Song TX
Levi Thomas Huffman Full Circle CA
Leviathan Debut EP NY
Levitt8 Peaks MN
Lew El WDELTA 24.7 FM MS
Lew Jones Sublimation OR
Lew Sleeman If You Ever Have Forever In Mind OH
Lewd Buddha Soap & Tobasco NY
Lewi Longmire If I Live To Be 100 OR
Lewis Anderson Lovesongs NY
Lewis Anderson I know A Place CD single NY
Lewis Anderson &Company The Christmas Story NY
Lewis Carter (Fire) Mood Swings CA
Lewis Martin Crooner CA
Lewis Winn & Jon Gagan TwoTone NM
Lewis/Church Quintet Expeditions CO
Lewisongs Listen With Your Heart MI
Lex & The Hood A Band For All Seasons NY
Lex Plexus Izmaha BC
Lex Valk Faces of the Bass TX
lexi street the girl I used to be GA
Lexie Cole Nourish CA
Lexxis Tempted NY
Lexzorbrian Swallowing The Game AZ
Leykam / Mark Seed of the Essential ?
Leyna Noel The Honest Voluptuary CA
LG Rock Get Up And Dance NY
Lhex Get In The Game NJ
Lia Blanc and Naire The Song of Gastronomy NY
Lia Nowels 39 Ocean Ave NY
Liam Bailey Liam Bailey NY
Liam Gallagher Written In Ink PA
Liam Macdonald VERGE NJ
Liana Amazon Trail Canada
Liane Alitowski Liane Alitowski plays Beethoven, Debussy NY
Libah Nyumbani MO
Libah Jane Grossman 3 Song Demo MO
Libb Volume 2 Get Your Hand Out My Pocket NY
Libbie Jo Snyder The Flute & Voice of Libbie Jo CA
Libbie Schrader Letters to Boys CA
Libby Eason Imperfectly GA
Libby Eason She Dreams Alone GA
Libby Kirkpatrick Goodnight Venus TX
Libby Kirkpatrick Winged TX
Libby Wiebel The Wait-a-While Estates VA
Libby Wiebel Erasing Yesterday VA
Libby York Sunday in New York IL
Liber unUsualis Unrequited: Music of Guillaume de Machau MA
Liberal Dogs No Catty Remarks Please CA
Liberation Suite Fight For The Light OR
Liberation Suite Liberation Suite: 25th Anniversary Editi OR
Library Science High Life Honey WA
Liccese Circle of Dreams NY
Lichen Come Early, Stay Late NH
Lidlifter The Green House Effect IL
Liecus Hypocrite WV
Life & Times Love and Weather MI
Life Dot Com Beautiful NY
Life In A Blender Two Legs Bad WA
Life in Bed Two Point Perspective PA
Life In exile Life In Exile CA
life in general making God laugh NC
life in general so long, true love. NC
Life in General The Lovely, Lovely Singing NC
Life On Mars Landing Soon NY
lifeblud OPENep South Africa
Lifeboat 14 Who will Adore Him? AUS
Lifemachine The Sound and The Fury NY
Lifetron Brain Tar PA
Lift falling over backward IN
Lift September EP GA
Lifted Culture Lifted Culture MO
Light Rain Dark Fire CA
Light Rain Dream Dancer CA
Lightborn Angel of Def PA
Lightfoot Reflections of Light MD
Lighthouse Song & Sign Ministry Glory Glory MA
Lighthousekeepers Good Kissing School CA
Lightnin' Rod & The Thunderbol All American Blues MI
lightnin' willie and the poorb got it live if you want it! CA
lightnin' willie and the poorb lightnin' willie and the poorboys CA
lightnin' willie and the poorb LUCKY AS THE DEVIL CA
lightnin' willie and the poorb buy american CA
Lightning Creek Lightning Creek KS
Lightning Over the River The Congolese Soukous Guitar Sound AZ
Lightning Red & Thunder Blues Tortured Mind TX
Lightyear Void AZ
Liisi Koikson The Gemini Diaries Estonia
Lijie Roam CA
Lika Mommy, There's A Hippopotamus In My Bed HI
like isaiah agianst the ground GA
Like One Mind The Speed Of Life KS
Like Sonia I Was An Unknown NY
LiL Aaron Mosby LiL Aaron MO
L'il Ann Rogers Christ Style FL
Lil Arkansas Still Grinding MO
Lil Big Man All About Me GA
Lil' Black Back On the Road TX
Lil' Breazy Checkmate TX
Lil C Underground TX
Lil' D/UnderWater Angel Step Stones TX
Lil' Fallay Back 2 Basics LA
Lil' Fallay Follow My Lead LA
Lil' Fi Time & Love Australia
Lil Kripto Livin' in America FL
Lil Kripto Livin' in America Video FL
Lil' Larry LyBEATrics TX
LIL MISS NANA Still Jacking Beats NJ
Lil Poo Lil Poo / My Time FL
LiL RED Just Another Hustle WA
Lil Reem The South Is Now Complete SC
Lil Rev I Can't Keep The Past Behind Me WI
Lil Rob Aberdeen The Album MS
Lil Rob, Capone-e, Mr. Shadow, Soldados- from Block to Block AZ
Li'l Ronnie and the Grand Duke 'do what'cha do' produced by Anson Funde VA
Lil Skandalaz Survival Of Da Spittest MO
Lil Skandalaz Sittin' Sikk MO
Lil Tony Underground Hits Vol 1 MS
Lil Tony Still N The Game MS
Lil Weavey Tales From Tha Hood MD
Lil Weavey Up & Coming MD
Lil Winnie Lil Winnie CA
Lila Nelson still got the farm CA
Lilac Ambush Arsenal MA
Lil-ant City Of Demonz CA
Lil-ant Ganksta Rap Resurrekted CA
Lil'C Floodin the game mixtape KY
Lili McGovern A Bare Calliope AK
Lili McGovern A Bare Calliope AK
Lili McGovern Seasons of the Witch AK
Lilli Lewis The Coming of John GA
Lillian (Cookie) Anderson A Feast for Little Ears NY
Lillian Butler Sincerely NY
Lillian Caesar-Sutherland Inspiration For The Soul Virgin Islands
Lillian Kaufman Radio Drama The Fourth Man TX
Lillie Huddleston How Long Has This Been Going On GA
Lil'Old C A Kids Life VA
Lily Running From The Sky CA
Lily Kiara No Alibi Netherlands
Lily Neill Without Words MD
Lily Swan Center of the Circle AZ
Lily White That Not So Fresh Feeling ?
Lily Wilson Stargazer CA
Lily Wilson Lily Wilson CA
limiter The Aurora Project TX
Lin Cremore Vulnerability UK
Lina Save Your Soul, Vol. 1 - Special Edition CA
LINC The Legend of LINC: Street Volume One IL
Lincoln Conspiracy Blueprint For A Robot MA
Lincoln Ross Sha-na-na DC
Linda & Jessica Storey Mount St. Helens was a Blowin CO
Linda Allen The Long Way Home WA
Linda Allen The Long Way Home WA
Linda and Del Something Special OR
Linda and Jessica Storey with Don't Let It Stop You CO
Linda Anthony They Just Make Love ME
Linda Battiste Poetry in Motion, Remembering the Child PA
Linda Bieda Coil Heartsease MO
Linda Bonadies No Regret CT
Linda Bonadies No Regret CT
Linda Bonadies No Regret CT
Linda Book In Her Overalls CA
Linda Book Someday I'm Gonna Have A Horse CA
Linda Book The Company of Friends CA
Linda Book Wrong Side Dog CA
Linda Carriere she said... Germany
Linda Chase the Blue inside my Head MA
Linda Coil Goin' Home MO
Linda Cullum Obsessed MA
Linda Draper One Two Three Four NY
Linda Draper Patchwork NY
Linda Draper Ricochet NY
Linda Eagleson Alone Into the Crowd MD
Linda Evans Fraser Splendor Of Love MI
Linda Faber Total Romance CA
Linda Finkle Demo NY
Linda Finkle Piece of Me NY
Linda Finkle Pieces of Me NY
Linda Finkle Linda Finkle NY
Linda Foy Amazon Calling MT
Linda Gifford A Bed For My Boots IL
Linda Gilbertson I'm Sure of You MN
Linda Grenier Asphalt Ramblings CA
Linda Hirschhorn and Vocolot Behold! CA
Linda Holley Who Shall Separate Us VA
Linda Kazmarek Believe MD
Linda Kazmarek Celebrate Christmas MD
Linda Kazmarek His Name is Jesus MD
Linda Kazmarek Praise Peace and Promise MD
Linda Khandro Full Hearts, Empty Mind WA
Linda Khandro Transition WA
Linda Kraemer Spirit In US CA
Linda Lewellyn Blind Eye CO
Linda Lu Lovesongs & Lullabies Ireland
Linda M Pretty On The Inside CAN
Linda M Bliss Machine Canada
Linda M Linda M ON
Linda M Two To Tangle Canada
Linda M. Laurelle CAN
Linda Mallory Club Mixes NY
Linda Mallory Linda Mallory NY
Linda Malmström Butterflies Sweden
Linda Mann You Are The One CA
Linda Metz Refreshing NC
Linda Nelson Molasses MD
Linda Purdy Super Mono Man CO
Linda Smith Greatest Hits - Journey To Now IL
Linda Smith Same Girl, Different Day IL
Linda Storey Willow Tree CO
Linda Stout Good Luck Child NY
Linda Strong Watersnake Blues CA
Linda W. Purdy Mostly Blues Songs for You & Me CO
Linda W. Purdy Pirates & Cowboys, More Songs for You CO
Linda W. Purdy Songs for You & Me CO
Linda Wasiak Demo MA
Linda Webb-Khakaba Heart of the World CA
Lindalou and Michael Ryge Beginner's Luck CA
Lindi Wiggins Unlike Eve CA
Lindsay Morgan The Shore Canada
Lindsay Smith Tales From The Fruitbat Vat GA
Lindsay Thomas Morgan I Never Dreamed Canada
Lindsay Thomas Morgan Lindsay Thomas Morgan Canada
Lindsay Wynn November Moon FL
Lindsay Wynn November Moon FL
Lindsey D. Sutton Echoes of Forever OH
Lindsey Mosher Free AZ
Lindsey Ridener Lindsey Ridener IN
Lindy Dickerson Carry Me Away CA
Lindy Gravelle The Journey OR
Lindy Gravelle A Lindy Christmas OR
Lindy Hearne Lifetime Supply TX
Lindy's Kitchen Open Til Midnight CA
Linn Barnes and Allison Hampto Gathering at the River DC
Linn Barnes and Allison Hampto Patchworks DC
Linq Journey MA
LinQ War Machine MA
Linsey Alexander, the L.A.B.B. Someone's Cookin' in my Kitchen IL
Linsey Furry Takin' The Longview MI
Linus So This Is You MA
Lion -&- Sun Resistance SC
Liona Boyd The Spanish Album VA
Lionel Caynon Come2Curves GA
Lionel Caynon Up There GA
Lionel Hampton-Ernie Andrews-G Lionel Hampton and his Band Live at The CA
Lionel Lodge Brother Bro Beautiful World Austria
Lionel Lodge Rens Newland Sailing To The Sirens Austria
Lionheart SRV FL
LION'S SHARE Entrance Sweden
LION'S SHARE Fall From Grace Sweden
LION'S SHARE Lion's Share Sweden
Lior The Soul Suicide EP Australia
Lippsy Lippsy's Hood Talez OH
Liquid Abyss Prodigious WI
Liquid Abyss TIME WARP WI
Liquid Blue Supernova CA
Liquid Carousel ...in a moment of clarity CT
Liquid Carousel A Beautiful Mess NJ
Liquid Casing The Campaign TX
Liquid Cheese Lost in the Music NM
Liquid Crystal Just One of Those Days OH
Liquid Factor Phase 2 SC
Liquid Ginger Liquid Ginger GA
Liquid Groove Mojo Cradle To The Grave AR
Liquid Island Culmination NJ
Liquid Mama Bread In Captivity WI
Liquid Mind Liquid Mind VII: Reflection CA
Liquid Pie Just the Crust GA
Liquid Planet The Future Ain't What It Used To Be CA
Liquorice car Among.those.heroes Sweden
Liquorice Sea Sacred Touch BC
Liqwid Iced Tea Mix NY
Lis Harvey Human After All WI
Lisa Facets Of Me WI
Lisa & Her Kin Two Weeks In Texas OR
Lisa Addeo Hotel California AZ
LiSA ALiCE Plans in Pencil CA
Lisa Alice That Thing In Your Hand CA
Lisa Aschmann The Birds TN
Lisa Aschmann The Pear TN
Lisa Aschmann The Stars TN
Lisa Asher Lisa Asher Live at The Duplex NY
Lisa Asher Rudolph and His Big Red Nose NY
Lisa Asher Let The Mystery Be NY
Lisa Atkinson The Elephant In Aisle Four NY
Lisa Atkinson & George Kinchel Simple As That CA
Lisa Bacon Something Wonderful AZ
Lisa Baker Song for a New Day TN
Lisa Baney Lisa Baney CA
Lisa Baydush Shir Synergy MD
Lisa Bell It's All About Love CO
Lisa Bell Dare To Be... CO
Lisa Cee Lisa Cee CA
Lisa Coppola A Rose By Any Other Name NJ
Lisa Coppola Simon's Kiss NJ
Lisa Cornelio Lisa Cornelio NY
Lisa Curl Wish I Were Japanese OK
Lisa Dames If These Walls Could Talk NC
Lisa Dames The Music of Patsy Cline NC
Lisa Déry Montage QC
Lisa Deveaux Shakin' That Jazz CA
Lisa Dewey Watching Her Fingers CA
Lisa Dewey & the Lotus Life Busk CA
Lisa Dewey & the Lotus Life Mellow Day CA
Lisa Erhard Peaceful NY
Lisa Erhard The Gargle Guy NY
Lisa Erhard Woman Breathing NY
Lisa Fiorenza Saturday Morning NV
Lisa Fiorenza Winter Journey NV
Lisa Firestone Gravity FL
Lisa Firestone Lisa Firestone FL
Lisa Gold Between Before and After CA
Lisa Haley All The Way Live CA
Lisa Haley and the Zydekats Waiting For The Sky… CA
Lisa Hayes Where Angels Fear To Go TX
Lisa Hilton Jazz After Hours CA
Lisa Hilton Seduction CA
Lisa Hindmarsh Lost in a Summer Night PA
Lisa Hindmarsh Now I Know PA
Lisa Hogan The Other Way NJ
Lisa Hollwedel Dance on the Wind CA
Lisa Housman 3 Song Demo MA
Lisa Hunt Can you feel it NY
Lisa Johnson Whenever the Moon is Full CA
Lisa Jones His Promise IL
Lisa Joy Persian Carnival NY
Lisa Kane Surroundings MN
Lisa Koch Both of Me WA
Lisa Koch Colorblind Blues WA
Lisa Koch You Make My Pants Pound and other show WA
Lisa Lauren My Own Twist IL
Lisa Lawrence Enjoy the Ride MA
Lisa Lawrence Angel Songs MA
Lisa Lawrence Enjoy The Ride MA
Lisa Leuschner Sing Me Home NC
Lisa Locke In It for the Drama MA
Lisa M. Robbin Child of God MI
Lisa MacDonald Lisa MacDonald CA
Lisa Mandelstein Hide and Seek CA
Lisa Manor Timeless CA
Lisa Marie Baratta Struttin' CA
Lisa Marinacci Waiting For Spring NY
Lisa Martin 3 Song Demo MA
Lisa Martin Hypnotized MA
Lisa Martin Of Thee I Sing MA
Lisa Martin Set Me On Fire MA
Lisa McCormick Mystery Girl VT
Lisa McCormick Right Now VT
Lisa Miles 1 Chick 2 Chicks CA
Lisa Moritz Dream of Blue KS
Lisa Moscatiello Second Avenue MD
Lisa Moscatiello and Rosie Shi Well Kept Secrets MD
Lisa Nemzo Restless Soul CA
Lisa Novak Perfect Mess TX
Lisa O'Kane Peace Of Mind CA
Lisa O'Kane Lisa O'Kane CA
Lisa Patterson ROAM CA
Lisa Phenix Homegrown CA
Lisa Reagan Satori VA
Lisa Richard Born To Entertain CA
Lisa Richards Not Quite So Low TX
Lisa Sanders Hold On Tightly CA
Lisa Shea Eclectic etc. CA
Lisa Simpson Steeping Orion ID
Lisa Soland Video CA
Lisa Torres On My Way TN
Lisa Turner First Son NM
Lisa Verzella Twentieth Century Trumpet UT
Lisa Viggiano/ Christopher Mar Baby's Keepsake Lullabies NY
Lisa Vincent For You CA
Lisa Wanamaker Shirm Songs We Treasure CA
Lisa Wanamaker Shir-Heaven CA
Lisa Winn Mother Earth Canada
Lisa Winn Out From Under ON
Lisa Winter Shine NY
Lisa Yves Girl Most Likely MA
Lisa Yvonne Ferraro Jazz Up The Holidays PA
Lisa Yvonne Ferraro Sing Your Song PA
Lisa Yvonne Ferraro Timeless PA
Lisa Yvonne Ferraro LYF's Standards PA
Lisa Yvonne Ferraro Timeless PA
Lisanne Trance Ported NM
Lisbeth Scott Dove CA
Lise Lacroix Lise Lacroix & Friends CA
Lise Liddell White Heart TX
Lise Winne The Goldenrod NY
Lisetta L'Artista - The Artist NY
Lisette Fernandez For Love Sake NY
Lisette Gonzalez A Million Kisses NY
Listen Here Jazz Ensemble In Motion CA
Listen With Sarah Are You Sitting Comfortably? / EP Collec UK
Listen! Storm Warning Friends across the Border NF
Liszt Laughing Brown & White Eggs Sold Here IN
Liszt Laughing? Fantasy of 1811 IN
Literally Alive (TM) The Little Mermaid NY
Little Atlas Surface Serene FL
Little Atlas Neverworldly FL
Little Beirut Permanent Kiss OR
Little Big Men Live at Jimmy Duke's CA
Little Big Wheel Home MA
Little Buck Little Buck "I'mma Stir It Up" Featuring TX
Little Cisco In The Dog House WI
Little Country Giants Breaking Hearts and Living Free GA
Little David Wilkins Top 10 Hits Plus 3 TN
Little Days Coming In From Somewhere CA
Little Giants Little Giants TN
Little Green Men Blood of the Young WA
Little Green Men I Want to Believe WA
Little Hooks Safe Life UK
Little Jimmy Dempsey The legendary Guitar of KY
Little Joe Zero Touching Cloth Four Years England
Little Johnny Kantreed Acoustic Alley Blues TN
Little Johnny Kantreed Front Porch Blues TN
Little Man Big Rock MN
Little Man Core Of Discovery IL
Little Marsh Overflow The Causeway Effect WI
Little Melodies Band Listening Adventures ME
Little Rock Little Rock ON
Little Sista American Dream CA
Little Sista Chocolate Doll CA
Little Sista The White Album CA
Little Sista Believe CA
Little Sista Raven CA
Little Sista Revolution CA
Little Tin Box Action Music GA
Little Tin Box Object ~ Subject MN
Little Toby Walker Little Toby Walker NY
Little Viking We're In A Small Flight Japan
Little Wheels Band The Little Wheels Band CA
LittleHorse The Mission Before Us NY
Littlestar Timbuktu UK
Littleton Jones Somewhere Deep Inside NJ
liv cummins ...exactly. NY
Live Art The Art of Meaning MD
Live At The Hotel Cafe Volume One CA
Live Bait Acoustic Eclectic IL
Live Honey Selections from "Move Yourself" NY
Live In Japan When Was I a Liar MN
Live Nude Show Live Nude Show CA
Liveart This is Secret Music NY
LiveDeejay.com ...then they don't know what we do! Switzerland
Liverpool Express Once Upon A Time MD
Livesexact Segmented Purity : The Remixes MA
Livesexact Upsetting Remedy MA
Livid Livid IL
Livin Out Loud Livin Out Loud: Then and Now- Sampler CA
Living That Says It All EP FL
Living Daylights Night Of The Living Daylights NY
Living Space Secret Lives, Strange Goodbyes CA
Living Space Fade Into Existence CA
Living Stereo Living Stereo MN
Living Stone Spirit Whisper MN
Livingroom Legends Hearts & Bars GA
Livio My Life Vol. 1 WA
Liwai Kuheana Country Music Originals HI
Liz Anderson The Fairy Grandmother Sings Children's Christmas Songs TN
Liz Anderson The Fairy Grandmother Sings Children's Songs TN
liz angelucci in the next room NY
Liz Antony & the Jerry Conrad No Moon At All KY
Liz Axford It's Not Like We Never Drove Through Texas CA
Liz Axford Merry Christmas/Happy Hanukah CA
Liz Axford Personal Touch CA
Liz Berg Not the Same IL
Liz Bradley Dirty AUS
Liz Buchanan Make it a Song, Song, Song MA
Liz Capra Different Bodies, Different Places AZ
Liz Capra Grappling AZ
Liz Carlisle Thief in the Night MT
Liz Clarke Breath of Heaven UK
Liz Clarke A Mothers Love UK
Liz DeBiase Loop MA
Liz Du Four The Corner of My Room NJ
Liz Ellis Cushman My Joy...His Desire WA
Liz Foster Indecision CA
Liz Hogue Vicious & Fresh NY
Liz Ilku Liz Ilku - Swing Easy MI
Liz Johnson Playground TN
Liz Larin 'the story of o-miz' MI
Liz Lottmann Memphis Revisited AR
Liz Lundry Symbiosis CA
Liz Magnes and Sandra Bendor Two White Mothers NJ
Liz Miller Baby Fantasy: Projections of a New Mothe PA
Liz Muller IT'S ONLY ME NY
Liz Myers Le Rendez-Vous CA
Liz Pappademas JPF Entry 2002 MA
Liz Pisco Gravity CA
Liz Pisco Let Me In CA
Liz Queler No Small Wonder NY
Liz Queler Silent Witness NY
Liz Queler & Seth Farber The Other Side NY
Liz Rogers Liz Rogers PA
Liz Ryder On the Neon Highway CA
Liz Tansey What I Want CA
Liz Vibert LIZ- Phase Two- A New Beginning MA
Liz Winick Sunlight's Path NY
Liza Garelik And the WonderWheels NY
Liza Lee Scarlet Mark NY
Lizabeth Flood Flood of Emotion MD
Lizabeth Flood Swimming in the Rain MD
Lizette & This IS Sweden
LizLannonBand Blue On Blue MA
Lizz Fields By Day By Night CA
Lizzie Borden & the Axes Never Found Guilty MA
Lizzy Williams Magic 8 CA
LJ Daylee Vinyl 45 Canada
LJ Lawrence and Don Evans Heart Of The Tribe NV
Ljazz Sonando TX
Lkae To Another Level MD
Llanfair P. G. Three Again Russia
L-Love Can't Ruin This! CA
L-Love Done...But Not Finished! 2002 CA
Lloyd Arneach Can You Hear the Smoke? NC
Lloyd Dobler Effect Live 2004 MD
Lloyd Gregory Solo Guitar CA
Lloyd Khan KHANFUSION Forever Bound NC
Lloyd Lindbeck Heart's Desire ?
Lloyd Minthorne Just Visiting Planet Earth CA
Lloyd Page Etherial Dissonance OH
Lloyd Page Out of Chaos...the Sublime... OH
Lloyd Thayer Look Free Sidewalk Sale MA
Lloyd Zuniga & Mary Murphy Have Some Faith CA
Llyn Foulkes and his machine Live at the Church of Art CA
LM Pagano Nobody Else But Me CA
Lm Stone Looking Through The Mirror Of My Life GA
LM5 (...the lily maase quintet aftermath NY
L-Macc Maccology NV
L-Macc Sumpin 2 Prove NV
LMG 7 The LunniTTic MathmaTTical Genius MT
LMNO The Corn IN
Lo Drop The F FL
Lo Deya This Time NY
Lo Down Lo Down OH
Lo Galluccio Spell on You MA
Lo Pass Filters Wood Head TN
Load Point Pull We've Come To Take What's Ours MO
Loaded Boyz (single) Da Stunta & Da Hunta TN
Loaded Boyz LP Da Stunta and Da Hunta TN
Loaded Dice You Gotta Roll MI
Loaded Gunn 4 Shots Gone OK
Loaded Poets Seeing Things NJ
loaf damascus CA
Loam Hollowing Costumes MA
Loc Saint Spiritual Warfare WA
Local Anesthetic Altered States of Mind CO
Local Boy Slap the Industry LA
Local Boy Local Boy OH
Local Forcast how much further? TN
Local Radio No-Fi OR
Local White Bread Low Maintenance NC
LoCaRi LoCaRi NJ
Lochlainn Seabrook The Bluegrass Music of Lochlainn Seabroo TN
Lock And Load Entertainment Tha Dirty South NC
Lockdown Lockdown VA
Lockjaw Dirty Minds and Smiling Faces WI
Lockjaw Looking Like A Devil WI
Loco Los On The Rise FL
Loco Macheen Pork Disco KS
Locust Street Taxi Shut Up...The Grownups are Talking WA
Lodi Lodi ep CA
Loe Key/Shorty Short-Stop You Don't Wanna/Runnz CA
Loescher Trio Distance (Collector's Edition) CA
Lo-Fi Nano Spain
Lo-Fi Nipple Screaming Beneath the Waves CA
Lofofora Double (Live & Studio) France
Log Log Almighty OH
Logan Medland Something in Blue CA
Logan Rayne Pepper Loganitis TX
Logan Wells Let It Shine OH
Logic Life Skillz OH
Logical Sound Discovery Dynamo Ultimate NC
Logical Sound Discovery Wild Times NC
LogRhythm & PETS Ensemble Brain Massage CO
Logs In The Mainstream The Self, The Shelf and The Store NJ
Lois Cornbread Hips MI
Lois Colin Monica's Wedding, A Treasure Of Celtic W NY
Lois Deloatch/Tyson Rogers Holy Night NC
Lois Greco Surrender RI
Lois Tillman Starlyte's Lyrics LA
Lois Young Dinosaur Diner DE
Lois Young Jelly Bean Soup DE
Lois Young Pancake Party DE
Loki the Grump The Brink NY
LokTyte Animosity GA
Loky Here In Paradise TX
Lolene Everything You Are KY
Lolene Lonely Dealin's KY
Lolita Moore Sweet Mercy CA
LollipopRock Singers LollipopRock! CA
Lolo Lord Have Mercy MS
Lon Jones When the Moon Comes Down For Tea OR
Lon Lopez and the Booty Call The Beefy Gnar Gnar CA
London Philharmonic Orchestra Mike Mulligan and his Steamshovel DC
Lone Angel Retro Man IN
lone vein new york blues NJ
Loner Loner UK
Lonesome Jukebox Add a Little Twang! MA
Lonesome Steve Trouble On The Tracks IN
Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Sp Sabella WI
Long Beach Mercenaries Greasy Fingers CA
Long Dystance featuring Mad St Redeeming Your Love NY
Long Dystance, Colonel Abrams, Bridging the Soul Musical Gap NY
Long John Higginbotham Rhyme… No Reason FL
Long John Oliva AC Timba Jazz Buleya CA
Long John Oliva's AC Jazz Proj Lucumi CA
Long John Oliva's AC Timba Jaz Buscando La Ortographia CA
long lost relative twilight CA
Long Tom And The Dustry Danglers Country Girl Canada
Long Walk Home Full Auto Shut Off CA
Long Way Round Fixin' What's Wrong With Prayer! WI
Longboard Ranch Rides Again! CA
Longboard Ranch Surfin' Out West CA
Longdistancerunner Competition of Martyrs IL
Longfellow jangling tea trolley OH
Longineu Parsons and Ted Shuma Blues For The 21st Century FL
Loni Pont Pieces NY
Lonne Still Holding On IL
Lonnie D Dawkins Take Control GA
Lonnie Gasperini Turn Up The Gas RI
Lonnie Rathie Live Your Life NY
Lonnie Spiker Unapologetically Honky Tonk TN
Lonnie Wragers/Ray Scott 2 Song Demo AR
Looking for Sailors Hi Sailor WA
Looks Like Rain The Little Room CA
Looks Like Rain Big Black Car CA
Loomis Heavy Balloons are Laughing at Us IL
LooneeToon Redemption MI
LOOP!STATION balance on what CA
LOOP!STATION conversations with water CA
Loops Recursion CA
Loose Screws Bullfrog MA
lopside 37 CA
Lora Rae Pretending VA
Lorane's Well Luna Sea Arts OK
Lord Jack Music We Can Fly... UK
Lord Miles Acres Battle Cry - Limited edition CD and viny CA
Lord Only Fear and Trembling GA
Loren Davidson Songs From My Heart CA
Loren Pickford Mid City LA
Loren West Flirting With Disaster PA
Loren West Orange Alert PA
Loren, Sassy, Shana Promo CD-Sampler NV
Lorena Prater What This Woman Wants KS
Lorenza Ponce Imago NY
Lorenzo California Me-Wuk Songs CA
Lorenzo New Warrior CA
Lorenzo Goetz Allure IL
Lorenzo Goetz Jesus Elephant IL
Loretta Brown and Vision Protection NJ
Loretta Cooper New Generation ON
Loretta Hagen Something More NJ
Loretta Jordan Following Jesus TX
Loretta Lynn Perez Untitled NY
Loretta McNair Loretta McNair & Blues of the World CA
Loretta Muse Raingarden NY
Loretta Prince Can't Get Along UK
Loretta Solon Musical Messenger Variety MI
Lori Andrews A Jazz Harp Christmas CA
Lori Andrews Bossame Mucho CA
Lori Andrews Going Home CA
Lori Andrews Pulling Strings CA
Lori Andrews Swinging Strings CA
Lori Andrews No Strings Attached CA
Lori Ann Day Dancing Dogs CA
Lori B Hurricane Child CA
Lori Behrman Lori Behrman NY
Lori Bell Lori Bell DC
Lori Carpenter Lori Carpenter CA
Lori Cullen Uneven HIll CA
Lori Cullen Garden Path ON
Lori Cullen + Ron Davis Trio So Much ON
Lori D. Hall Warm Rain TN
Lori Derr with the George Turn ...the way you look tonight... VA
Lori Fischer Babbaganoosh The Big Silly Goose NY
Lori Hawk Alive in this Dream CA
Lori Johnson Last Night At Europa PA
Lori Johnson Class Act PA
Lori Johnson Like Fine Wine PA
Lori Kelley Like Sea Glass VA
Lori Larson Buoyancy MN
Lori Lieberman Monterey CA
Lori Lite Indigo Ocean Dreams GA
Lori Lynne Walker Voices of Nature CA
Lori Lynner Little Extremes CA
Lori Malia Kats To Fly OR
Lori McKenna Bittertown MA
Lori McKenna The Kitchen Tapes MA
Lori McKenna Paper Wings & Halo MA
Lori McKenna Pieces of Me MA
Lori Michaels The Lilac Testament NY
Lori Ravensborg Little Girl CA
Lori Schneider Legend: "A Knight's Opera" NY
Lori Stillwell Wasn't That Love CA
Lori Thompson and Friends Little Bit of Love NY
Lori Wilke Farther WI
Lori Wilke Here I Am WI
Lori Wilke Love For Christmas WI
Lori Wilke Where He Leads Me WI
Lori Willcuts Blackeyed Susan's OR
Lori Willcuts Rainbows and Waterfalls OR
Lorie Jo Lorie Jo TN
Loriel Golden Ashera CA
Lorien Quest CA
Lorien Waterline CA
Lorin Hart Breathe CA
Lorna Bracewell God Forbid FL
Lorraine Bowen The Burger Song UK
Lorraine Darwin A God So Faithful AR
Lorraine Devon Wilke somewhere on the way CA
Lorraine Duisit & Tom Espinola Little Folks' Songs for Little Country P VA
Lorraine Feather The Body Remembers CA
Lorraine Ferro Languishing In Turbulence NY
Lorraine Hartsook I'm Ready To Go Canada
Lorraine Lewis Lorraine Lewis CA
Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Car Acoustic Café CA
Lorraine Rousseau & Robert Car Visionary World CA
Lorraine Stancil Holy Is The Lamb VA
Lorraine Stancil You're My Everything VA
Lorrie Your World Is The Wine CA
Lorrie Singer & Bradley Kopp Walk Tall TX
Lory Bianco On My Own....but never alone CA
Loryvonne & Breakadawn Holiday Love CA
Los Blancos Special Blend NY
Los Blues San Antonio Bound CA
Los Carácuaros de Serafín Ibar Música de Tierra Caliente CA
Los Cerveceros Los Cerveceros S.F. CA
Los Changos Septet Anit Negra MA
Los Cowtones The Last Album You'll Ever Need OR
Los Cuatreros Del Norte El Alma De Mi Madre IL
Los Jets 40 Aniversario NY
Los Jets Spanish Blood NY
Los Lantzmun Lantzville CO
Los Mas Valientes Titere Fue NY
Los Negados Los Negados AR
Los Ojedas Amor Hispano NM
Los Pacificos Havana 1967 FL
Los Ramons Navidad Mas Chingona CA
Los Shut Up. Bigote Edition IL
Los Sonsabitches Mighty Fine BBQ TX
Los Tropicales Los Tropicales NM
Lost And Found As You Sow IL
Lost Angel Psychosomatic OH
Lost at Last bath ep Norway
Lost at Last Heavy Metal 6-Pack Norway
Lost Cause Paper Cuts IA
Lost Coin Human ON
Lost Element Somewhere In Between TX
Lost European Images AZ
Lost Forty Fives Faith and Glory CT
Lost Generation Gansta Love NJ
Lost Horizon Indecision AK
Lost in America Lost in America OH
lost in rotation from nothing to everything VA
Lost In The Fog Not Far From The Tree WA
Lost Lake Without A Paddle CA
Lost Pilot Narrations MA
Lost Weekend The Art Of Wasting Time GA
Lotus Bossalaus: The Mark of the Lotus WA
Lotus Float IL
Lotus Dog Lotus Dog CA
Lou & Peter Berryman THE PINK ONE WI
Lou Barbera He's My Bear NY
Lou Black City of No Winters VA
Lou Caputo Urban Still Life NY
Lou Czechowski Pianist From Time to Time PA
Lou DeAdder LouD CAN
Lou Del Bianco A Little Bit CLumsy NY
Lou Del Bianco Around the World NY
Lou Del Bianco Lost in School NY
Lou Del Bianco When I Was a Kid NY
Lou Dog 61 Old Depot PA
Lou Dog High Speed Secrets PA
Lou Dog Slowly Drifting PA
Lou Haskins Orchestra Lou Haskins Orch CD-SWING CA
Lou Josie Me and Mother Music TN
lou leo/george pereny the elec lou leo sings the electric poet NJ
Lou Mecca Trio Bridging the Gap NJ
Lou Montelione Comin' Back Home NJ
Lou Romao The Wooden Music Box CT
Lou Soileau By His Wounds TX
Lou Soileau Paid in Full TX
Lou Soileau Working in His Vineyards TX
Lou Stratten Lou Stratten CA
Lou Wamp ResOlution TN
Loud (formerly: Loud & Clear) Disc-connected (re-release) CA
Louie & the Architects Please Help Me, I'm Drawling OR
Louie Ehrlich The Rock In The Sand CA
Louie Ehrlich The Rock In The Sand CA
Louie Fleck Instrumentality NY
louie gamboa JUST BEING ME NY
Louie Lupo Sax In The City NJ
Louie McNeal Waiting For The World To End KY
Louie Moon 'Round Midnight CA
Louie Setzer and the Appalachi Welcome Back -Live PA
Louis Ross Appreciation NV
Louis Babin Mananara QC
Louis Eyres Hypnotherapist Weight Control Ireland
Louis King Sharp...Like a Bowlin' ball AUS
Louis Lamp An Open Mind GA
Louis Ledford Reverie VA
Louis Prejean Nothing Takes The Place LA
Louis Rubio The Mirror Inside You TX
Louis Rubio & Oscar Hernandezs Mother's Chill TX
Louis Twinn The Gift AL
Louis Valentine Johnson Goodbye To Mexico CA
Louisa John-Krol Alexandria Australia
Louise Cheadle Virtuoso Piano Music TX
Louise Ford Heroes & Angels ON
Louise Hoffsten Knackebrod Blues TN
Louise McNeill Gauley Mountain WV
Louise Mosrie Crave TN
Louise P. Canepa Napa Valley Moonlight Serenade CA
Louise P. Canepa, composer Napa Valley Serenity CA
Louise Perryman Whisper My Name Australia
Louisette Florexile Eden's Heart NY
Louisiana Bob Kirkpatrick & Sh Drive Across Texas TX
Louisiana Red Dead Stray Dog NY
Louisiana Red Live in Montreux NY
Lounge Magic A Lounge Magic Christmas NC
Loungekombinat Loungekombinat MA
Lourdes Perez Este Filo TX
Lourdes Perez Pajaros de Otro Canto / The Free Bird Ag TX
Lourdes Perez Selections from Tres Oraciones TX
Lourdes Perez & the Dama de No Azul y Serena TX
Lourds Limited Edition Basement Tapes NY
Lourds Lourds NY
Lousy Robot The strange and true story of your life. NM
Love Alien Blue Planet preview NY
Love Candy Love Candy IN
Love Candy Sacrilicious IN
Love Cinema Volume 6 Love Cinema Volume 6 NJ
Love Cowboys Sex Kill a GoGo CO
Love Cursed Tales From The Bedroom CA
Love Death & Agriculture Donut Head OR
Love Injections Love Injections Sweden
Love Joy & Faith 3 : part 1 KY
Love Junkies Underdog CT
Love Me Butch Enter Posthuman Malaysia
Love Scene Clear Wave of Grace NY
Love Star Deluxe Digital Killed The Analog Star CA
Love Supine Soundtrack to Life, Love, and Drugs AZ
Love Syndicate Tin Angel PA
Love.45 Love.45 CO
Lovebrothers Little Things CA
Lovechilde-Jemiah-Kormelo The Movement NC
Lovedog Prey for Rock & Roll - Original Theatric CA
Lovegypsies Smooth Journey MI
Lovehammers Murder on My Mind IL
Lovejoy Live A Long Life CA
Lover Revol WV
Lover J Once and Forever RI
Love's Young Nightmare Love's Young Nightmare KY
LoveSongs.com Lovesongs Finalists PA
Lovestory Lovestory NY
Lovetrain Almost Home RI
Lovewhip Bouncehall MA
Lovey & the Lively Stones United City Turks & Caicos
Lovey Forbes Combina Time Turks & Caicos
Lovey Forbes Strictly Love Turks & Caicos
Lovey Forbes The Fields of God Turks & Caicos
Low Flying Planes Outrageous FL
Low Interval Limit Autonomy MA
Low Key Lay It Down CA
Low Rent What Can't Be Said IL
Low Rise Did You Sleep Beneath The Stars Last Nig CA
Low Technicians Remembrance TX
Low Water Hard Words In A Speakeasy NY
LowBuz LowBuz NJ
Lo-well I'm Changed WA
Lowell Shyette Ronald Reagan Mr. President ...a Tribute TN
Lowell Shyette A Free Man's Mind TN
Lowell Shyette God Bless John Wayne TN
Lowen & Navarro All The Time In The World CA
Lowry Awful Joy NY
Loyal Frisby The Escape FL
LP All These Nights WA
Lp Camozzi Even Kids Get The Blues CA
Lsd Alias Joshua Ashkraft KS
LSP Death 2 You All NC
Lt. Kidd Demo CA
L-toka All Over My Map CA
Lua Hadar It's about Time CA
Luane Davis Reflections NY
LuAnn Adams Brave Little Red & other Tales NY
LuAnn Adams Jaws, Paws & Claws - Animal Wisdom Tales NY
LuAnn Adams The Tricky Caterpillar & other Tales NY
Luba Dvorak Parts for Sale CA
Luba Tcheresky In This Life - A Celebration Honoring Ve NY
Luc Loubry Talitman Rachel French Recital bassoon and harp Belgium
Luca Bonvini ATEMPORE France
Lucan Wolf Night World VA
Lucas Emotions of A Virgo CA
Lucas Hille Lost & Found CA
Lucas Lasagna Sinatra, and everything jazzy! PA
LUCAS MIRÉ Forever's Not As Long As It Used To Be GA
Lucas Pickford & Steve Hunt Blown Fuse MA
Lucia Cristina Despertar CA
Lucia Newell & Departure Point Steeped in Strayhorn MN
Lucid 3 All Moments Leading To This New Zealand
Lucid Dementia The List TX
lucie thorne the bud AUS
Lucien Purpose & Peace CA
Lucien Bokilo Africation CA
Lucifer Lucifer NY
Lucille Harley Hold On NY
Lucinda Moller Would You Come Back Somehow AZ
Lucineh Hovanissian Chants Sacres d'Armenie Armenia
Lucius Terwilliger Try This At Home CO
Lucjan Wesolowski Playing Mantras Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Mantras Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski OM Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Chakramediation Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Bhajans Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Trance Dance Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski The sound of the soul Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Orient Jazz Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski The Prophet Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Songs In English Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Orientacja Na Orient Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Sand Of The Desert Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Nies Muzko Slowa Madre Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski A Keratsu Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Relaxing Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Flute Meditation Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Strings and Pipes Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Ragas Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Like The Birds Italy
Lucjan Wesolowski Surajit Oas Mantras Italy
Luck and Trouble Malfunction Junction MI
LUCKY Harmonious Living CO
LUCKY Our Daily Bread CO
LUCKY Stories By The Fire's Side NY
Lucky Jacque Connection Collection Denmark
Lucky Lee Jones Gilmapo Died MA
Lucky Lopez Belt Fulla Blues CA
Lucky Lopez Red, White and Blues CA
Lucky Lucianni On This I Stand CA
Lucky Pierre Glory of God FL
Lucky Pierre The Pretty Music FL
Luckyfish Luckyfish AL
Lucy Alvites McIntosh Una Esperanza CA
Lucy and the Luck Band Lucy and the Luck Band TX
Lucy Chapin 1903 CT
Lucy Chapin Barefeet CT
Lucy Child Time and Tide NY
Lucy De Ville Looking for a sign AUS
Lucy Lunchmouth Don't Blame Me...I Live in a Blue State WA
Lucy Lunchmouth Out of Luck WA
Lucy Martinez Tall Grasses High MA
Lucy Mongrel Lucy Mongrel WA
Lucy Webster In My Opinion MI
Lucy Webster Keeping My Fingers Crossed MI
Lucyan Relaxing-new version Italy
Lucyan Soavi Armonie - A Keratsu Italy
Lucyan Wesolowski Relaxing Italy
LucyTuned Lullabies LucyTuned Lullabies (from around the wor UK
LucyTuned Lullabies LucyTuned Lullabies (from around the wor UK
Lude Boy Records Lude Boy Records Vol. 1 CA
Lugo Latin Soul NY
Lugo Good To Go NY
Luis A. Torres La Isla del Cordero (The Island of the L VA
Luis Angulo Ayer y Hoy CA
Luis Angulo Primeros Ciclos CA
Luis Días & Las Maravillas Radio Macana NY
Luis Garay Percussion World Sacumba MD
Luis J. Rodriguez My Name's Not Rodriguez CA
Luis Jahn Compromiso IL
Luiz Simas New Chorinhos From Brazil NY
Luiz Simas Recipe For Rhythm NY
Luke Carter Heather GA
Luke Duke I Was A Teenage Hitchhiker NY
Luke Hendrickson Imagine MO
Luke Holder This Was A Giant TX
Luke Hurley Mona Lisa New Zealand
Luke Hurley Reha New Zealand
Luke Hurley Make Room New Zealand
Luke Hurley High Risk New Zealand
Luke Jackson Momentum Canada
Luke Janela Blue Star CA
Luke Johnson Open Your Eyes IL
Luke Rake Time to Breathe UK
Luke Wallin Confessions of a Teenage Bobcat Trapper RI
Luke Wallin When you try to Steal the Blues RI
Luke Wallin & the Crawfish Ban Love & Possums RI
Lukie D Eyes On The Prize PA
Luko Adjaffi Passion MD
Lullaby CD: Chris Warren, Glen Lullaby CD: Momma Will Rock You To Sleep TN
LuLu and the TomCat 3, 2, 1, Kadoozee CA
Lulu Fidler Loose Ends UK
Lulu Records Thongs In The Key Of Life WI
Lulu's in Crisis Leave Me Alone MA
Lulu's in Crisis Star MA
Lumina Lumina NH
Luminous Dream Glow From A Peridot CA
Lummux Freshwater East UK
Lumpy Acoustic Hotel AZ
Lumpy Taters Musical Collectiv Heapin' Helpin' 1 ME
Luna Down Luna Down NJ
Lunatics On Parole Life Sucks (And I Love It) CA
Lunatics On Parole Welcome To The U.S.S.A. CA
Lunchboxx Don't Go Near That Room DE
Lunchboxx My Friend John DE
Lunchboxx Wide As Tall DE
Lunchin' Lunchin' NY
Lundy's Lounge Liquid Lounge DC
L'uri Green Notes Japan
Luster Without Borders WA
Luvdezi Pretty Girl Dreams IL
Luvplanet Luvplanet CA
LUX Skyrocket Life As A Underground Mc CA
Lux Digitalis Lux Digitalis NC
Luz Amelia Cantare...Cantaras PR
LV and the Lovedogs LV and the Lovedogs CA
LWC Love To Share NY
LXIX Naked Ecstasy CA
Lyckitty Split Toast To The Westside CA
Lydia Gray Brazilian Breezes...mostly Jobim NH
Lydia Price Speak The Word Only NJ
Lygia Hard Alee CA
Lygia Ferra Stange Peculiar CA
Lykwid Mixtape Volume I: Underground Legends AR
LYLAH Lifeless Valentine TX
Lyle Cogen Lyle Sings Broadway For Kids NY
Lymon's House Evicted IA
Lyn Koonce Long Ride Home NC
Lyn Koonce Stealing Laughter NC
Lynda Gilpin One Golden Thread VA
Lynda Jamison I'm in the Mood for Love PA
Lynda Jamison Know What I've Learned PA
Lynda Jamison The Child I Was PA
Lynda Jamison Unpack Your Dreams PA
Lynda Jamison You And The Night And The Music PA
Lynda Johnson Will You Remember ID
Lynda Jones Tangle of Love TX
Lynda Kay & the Lickity Splits Cowgirl! CA
Lynda West Above The Clouds IL
Lyndon Davies In My Dreams... CA
Lyndon Wesley Stupid Adventures Australia
Lynette Washington Smoky Dawn NY
Lynette Washington/Dennis Bell LIVE!!! at the Lt Joseph P Kennedy Cente NY
Lynisha Variations of Love NY
Lynn Adler Bird on the Wing TX
Lynn Ann & Her Band, Gate 18 Studio & Larger Than Life NY
Lynn Asher Get It While You Can CA
Lynn Bobby Lynn Bobby - 880 Sessions CA
Lynn Breaux Friend of Mine LA
Lynn Brown Enhancing Self-Confidence MI
Lynn Brownell A Minnesota Christmas NY
Lynn Brownell Guardian Angel NY
Lynn Brownell Lounge NY
Lynn Brownell Lynn Brownell NY
Lynn Brownell So, I Ask You NY
Lynn Brownell Think of Me NY
Lynn Brownell Why Not Broadway? NY
Lynn Callihan Pondering A Thought IN
Lynn Cannon P'zazz! IL
Lynn Drury Crossing Frequencies LA
Lynn Frances Anderson Beautiful Morning OR
Lynn Geyer Christmas All Year Through NY
Lynn Geyer Music of the Light NY
Lynn Harrison Lynoleum Canada
Lynn JULIAN Cookie Cutter Girl ME
Lynn Julian Cookie Cutter Girl ME
Lynn Julian Cookie Cutter Girl ME
Lynn Julian Ham For The Holiday's ME
Lynn Logan Back In The Swing Of Things TX
Lynn Lynton Voices of the People, Songs from Navajo AZ
Lynn Manzella It's About Time CA
Lynn McKenna My Father MA
Lynn Mullins Second Chance MN
Lynn Patrick When She Dreams CO
Lynn Patrick Winnie's Guitar CO
Lynn Paynter In the Deep Romance NY
Lynn Simonds The In Betweens MA
Lynn Thomas Courage OR
Lynn Varco Lynn Varco MN
Lynn Wedekind Tokitae-You Will Be Free WA
Lynn Williams Song of Lazarus and Jesus IN
Lynne Barber Don't Let Another Day Go Bye WI
Lynne Modranski Lookin' Up OH
Lynne Reardon Lumina's Heart CA
Lynne Robyn Red Bird in Snow NY
Lynne Taylor Donovan Talk To Me CA
LynnMarie & The Boxhounds Wooden Heart TN
LYNX There With You NJ
Lyric Jude Forever Changed FL
Lyrica The Crystal Spring/Y Ffynnon Risial OH
Lyrical Eaze Secrets MO
Lyricc lyricc-the Debut(e.p.) WI
Lyricc Quiet Storm/quiet Az Kept WI
Lyrikal Additivez Raw. Budget. Underground NJ
Lysa Parker Lysa Parker GA
Lyubomir Denev CAIN Bulgaria
Lyudmila Smolyakova Snow Maiden CA
Lyza Wilson Lyza Wilson NY
LZPhoenix Standing Wide Legged and Proud CA

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