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This is the official database of Just Plain Folks Members Music we have in our files. There are over 44,000 CD's included and we receive more every day. All listed CD's are either currently entered or have been entered in previous Just Plain Folks Music Awards.

If you have sent us a CD of your music for the awards and can't find yourself listed here, please contact our Projects Director Linda Berger at JustPlainLin@aol.com and she will assist you. When contacting Linda, please include your name, address, phone number, album title and artist name. All these things are required to be included in the database and are needed for our records.

Before contacting Linda, please be sure to check alternative spellings. We put artists in order by the first letter of their name or band name. If you are Joe Smith, you'll find yourself listed under the J's. If you are "The Joe Smith Band" it is possible you are listed under T for "The" instead. We tried to place people in appropriate alphabetical listings, but often bands and artists use different versions of their own names.

If you want to send your music to Just Plain Folks for future inclusion in this database as well as for consideration for our various programs throughout the year, please mail a copy to Just Plain Folks, 5327 Kit Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46237. Includle ALL contact info on the CD itself and/or the liner notes. This includes full name, email address, mailing address, phone number and website if available. We do not return CD's, but we do keep them on file for future use and opportunities.

Updated 02-20-06

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Just Plain Folks Member Music Database

Artist Title Location
i Ubahvision CT
i am jen The Broken EP NY
I Decline Is This What You Believe? CA
I Decline Soundtrackfortherestofyourlife IL
I Decline The Ides Of Riffdom IL
I Digress Justice FL
I Found God What Now? CA
I Love Rich The Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Record of All IL
I Owe God Praise!! The 2nd Phase of Praise NC
I See Hawks In L.A. Grapevine CA
I Serf California Basan Italy
I, Parasite On This Cold Floor NY
I, Synthesist Avalanche NY
I.B. Goldman Raw Soul TX
I.E. Records,LLC Unexpected MN
I.F.U Industrial Funk Union NJ
I.n.t. Hip Pop NY
I.P.M toyota MI
I.S.O.P. Ridin' Drag For The Herd TN
I.T.Y. The Empire Rise of a Dynasty NC
Iain Ashley Hersey Fallen Angel CA
Iain Campbell Smith Bagarap Empires DC
Iain Mclennan Faith AUS
Iakovos Kolanian Shoror- Armenian Folk Music for Guitar MA
Ian One MA
Ian Allen Nova's Lounge NJ
Ian Babington At Stay Free UK
Ian Bailey Bailey UK
Ian Butler Idiot Light CA
Ian Charles Minutes From Midnight CT
Ian Charles LIVE at The Puppet House EP CT
Ian Charles Long Hill Road MA
Ian Charles Wishing Street CT
Ian Charles Wishing Street MA
Ian Charles Band Long Hill Road CT
Ian Crockett WON TN
Ian Decker Falling OH
Ian Dogole Night Harvest CA
Ian Fitzgerald Demo RI
Ian Gallagher My Ireland NJ
Ian Henderson Freefall South Africa
Ian Hudson Beginnings MA
Ian McFeron Band A Long Way To Freedom WA
Ian Michaels Beyond The Veil VA
Ian Ross & Friends Much To His Dismay... OH
Ian Rushton Something To Live By New Zealand
Ian Rushton & Friends The Cybase Project New Zealand
Ian Stephen Cementville CA
Ian Tescee Breathwork CO
Ian Tescee Continua CO
Ian Thomas A Young Man's Blues NY
Ian Wallace Happiness With Minimal Side Effects TN
Ian, Matt & Greg The Search PA
Iasos Realms of Light CA
Iberis Somewhat Important UT
Iberis Sour Apple Tree UT
Ice City Ent.& Suits Mafia Pre JACKIN' 4 BEATZ NY
Ice Mac Sea Measure For Measure MD
Ice-9 Time Out AZ
Iceberg Noel Mr. Holland's Opium TN
Icecake ...an Ambient Extraction NY
ICECAKE ...an ambient experience NY
Icelick Inner Truth OR
Icepan Icelandic Panpipe Moods Iceland
Icewagon Flu Mr. Norman NJ
Icewagon Flu Trouble Has A Car NJ
Icewater Meltdown CA
ichinchilla four songs UK
Ichmael Set Times FL
Iciclechain The Generator Fields NM
Iconoclast The Irrelevant God TX
Icy Spicy Leoncie Radio Rapist-Wrestler Iceland
ID3 Triplet Logic CA
Ida/ Elizabeth Mitchell You Are My Flower RI
Idamarie Naelitz The Wall of a million lost dreams OH
Idamarie Naelitz The Spoilers Make Christmas Memories OH
Idamarie Naelitz Conglomeration 4 OH
Idamarie Naelitz Conglomoration OH
Idamarie Naelitz Conglomoration 2 OH
Identity Hope and a Future OH
Idette and the Sunrunners Idette and the Sunrunners NY
Idiot Wind Upsetting Normal People CA
Idle Hands Nothin' Sentimental AZ
Idle Time Sleep KS
IDLEMINE Xtreem tv soundtrack WA
Idlewild Dans de les Marionettes UT
If Again Those Who Deserve The Sun MA
If Again Those Who Deserve the Sun NY
Iggy Taylor Demo DE
Iggy Taylor Schtuff DE
Igmo Ten Day Potato AL
Ignacio Y Roxanna Buenrostro Nueva Cancion CA
Igneous Flame OXANA UK
Ignition Pointless CA
IGOR Timeless AUS
IGOR You and I AUS
Igor Dymkov Through Time To Eternity AZ
II BIG In A Mendocino Town CA
II BIG Always in Trouble CA
II BIG Sound of the Highway CA
III Artyst Tha Whole Nyne TX
Ike & Mike Flimsy GA
Ike Alexander Ten Basic Recommended Rudiments For Per GA
Ikwunga Calabash Afrobeat-Poems by Ikwunga Vol.1 MD
iL CiRCo Viaggio CA
Ila A Reality Unchanged CA
ilaya ilaya CA
Ileana Counting Stars As They Fall CA
Ilene Adar Quiet the Storm CA
Ilene Adar First Sound CA
Ilene Graff Baby's Broadway Lullabies CA
iliana Caliente NJ
Ilissa Berman From There To Here WA
ILissa Berman Thunder from the Heart WA
ILL APOSTLE Operation Hell Storm WI
Ill Again Ill Again CA
Ill Lit Wacmusic CA
Illa Noise Productions Present The Board of Directors CO
Illanoiz Hard Livin' in the Afterlife FL
Illatary Motavation CA
Illinois Slim Born Into The Blues PA
Ill-mo Networkin MO
Illogic Retribution NM
illpoets.com collective All Seasons MD
illumina Nightlight PA
Illuminated Path Entertainment ViZioNaDoS NJ
Illuminati Fahrenheit CA
Illuminati Bastards and Charlatans VA
Illumine Enter the Light CA
Illusion Sleight of Hand MI
illusion33 illuson33 ID
ILLY WONKA of Ace Dynasty SEATTLE RAIN (the dirty version) WA
Ilonka Listen Closely TN
ilvyris ilepidemic Ga
Ilvyris Prepare ya self! Get ya gas mask MD
Ilvyris Prepare Ya Self! Get Ya Gas Mask! MD
ilyAIMY (ill yay' mee) MD
ilyAIMY A Mere Demonstration MD
ilze Sine Qua Non/Falling NY
Image Razor's Edge MS
Image Image MS
Image Of Love Journey Of Love GA
Imaginary bill Imaginary bill NY
Imaginary Friends Fragile Illusion CA
Imaginary Friends fragile illusion CA
Imaginary Friends What If CA
Imaginary Gallery Silence as Acceptance MO
Imaginary Johnny The Upside of the Downside NY
Imaginary Johnny Painting Over The Dirt NY
Imaginary Maps Avion WA
Imaginary Maps Les Cartes Imaginaires WA
imam arafi Joseph, A Prophet of Islam TX
Immanuel Davis, flute Prevailing Winds MN
Immature Scientist / Vacationi Pleasure Map TN
Immoral Fibres Self NY
Immortal Method Live Wire WI
Immune Fading in the Sun CA
Immune Somewhere in the Middle RI
Imperial Star Project 3/3/2004 CA
imperial star project I.S.P 1 CA
imperial star project Live In Tokyo CA
Imperial Star Project Minds Bent In Paris CA
Implied Five Implied Five CA
Impossible Recording Machine Axioms IL
impossible songs (wip) sneakin' out UK
impossible songs heartburst UK
IMPULSS The Lagniappe Mixtape LA
Impure Street Lights Through Spiderwebs KS
IMSOLUCKI Smells Like Mom's Meatballs CA
In A Cage In A Cage NY
In a Split Second Infinite Fiction UK
In Christian Company This Old House NC
In Exile Hangin' By A Thread CA
In God's Image Jesus the Name MI
In Harmony You Lookin' At Me MN
In Itself The Constellations EP NY
In Limbo Walker Drive IL
In Perfect Harmony Open Your Heart NV
In The Midst Desert Dance TX
In The Midst Into The Void TX
In The Spirit It's Time TX
In the Year of the Pig the Fantastic Journeys of Bear and Fox TX
in theory I Witnessed the World End Through my Rea TX
IN THEORY Were Better Live CA
IN XINJIANG TIME Betty Anne Wong & Phoenix Spring CA
in.spite.of Metaphor +2 NJ
Ina May Wool Crack It Open NY
Ina May Wool Moon Over 97th Street NY
Ina May Wool When Tears Come Down NY
Ina May Wool When Tears Come Down NY
Inalonelyplace Muzac For Lovers Vol 1 TX
Inane Thousand Dollar Whore UK
Inanna Beyond Tradition ME
Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm Listen ME
Inanna, Sisters in Rhythm Skin and Bone ME
In-A-Way Over and over NJ
Incas in Cyberspace Incas in Cyberspace FL
Incendio Intimo CA
inchWORM Porchlight e.p. IL
Incidental Bliss The View Inside My Mind NY
Incredible Walt Time To Eat CT
Incus Burning Thread MA
Indecensy Offense Against Delicacy IN
Indentured Grip Creation and Deceit ON
indentured servant A Thousand Hills WV
India Omega Dawn Can I Be Your Ho CA
Indian Princess Leoncie Sexy Loverboy Iceland
Indian Puddin' & Pipe The Lost Album CA
Indianapolis Music.net Local Music Showcase 8 IN
Indie Attention Denmark
Indiegrrl Indiegrrl Compilation 2 WA
INDIGO Shades Of Indigo - The Gift MD
Indigo Etheridge Co-Dependent Obsessive Love Ain't So… NY
Indira 1454 NY
InDisguise Exposed CA
InDisguise the remixes CA
InDisguise Transitions CA
Indus Red Indus Red OH
Industrial Playground Your Favorite Nightmare (Special Edition CA
Industry Preservation America NV
Indy Clark Quit While You're Only Slightly Behind UK
Indy Clark & Steve Laws Divergence UK
Inept Beyond Zero WI
Inept Inept Is Cool WI
Inept We're Less Popular than Jesus Now... WI
Infectious Infectious UK
Infectious Organisms Infectious Organisms PA
Infidels 9:25 and Seven Seconds OH
INFINIS Ruff uncut volume 1 OK
Infinite Helix Acapulco Orange WI
Infinite Monopoly Product '01A' CA
Infinite Number of Sounds Time Wants a Skeleton OH
Infinite Sound Regeneration NY
infinity interrupt Hybrid Still Life IL
Infinity's End My Friends The Enemy IL
Infintry Harder Than Ever TN
Inflewential Records Finally, We Just Begun NJ
Influenza Intentive Future CA
INFRARED Light the flame Greece
InfraRed Uforia moonflowers I WA
InfraRed Uforia moonflowers II WA
infrathin islands of sparing UK
Infynite Camp It's Nothing/ Wit my bread/ Holla at cha MI
ing Liberty CA
Ing Stagger & Belligerence (sampler) CA
Inga Swearingen Reverie CA
Inga Swearingen Learning How To Fly CA
Ingar Brown Words and Beats CA
Inger Marie Gundersen Make this moment Norway
Ingram Washington What A Difference A Day Makes Netherlands
Ingrid Graudins Brave Again IL
Ingrid Heldt Poetry In Stone NY
Ingrid James Essence AUS
Ingrid Lucia Almost Blue LA
Ingrid Lucia Fortune LA
ingrid michaelson slow the rain NY
Ingrid Saxon A Lot Of Livin' To Do NY
Ingrid Sophia Ingrid Sophia CA
Ingrid Sweeney, Nicholas Carte Crossing the Isthmus CT
Ingvi Thor Tonight (All My Love…) Iceland
Inheritance Inheritance Bluegrass Band with Special VA
InI Mighty Lockdown Conquerors vol.1 NY
Inigo I Hope You Like It CA
INISH For Cryin' Out Loud! UT
Inishowen Around Malin Head: Traditional Music of PA
Inishowen The Banks of Newfoundland PA
InkAmerica InkAmerica FL
Inner Dog Demos CA
Inner Lovetheonlyway CA
inner beginner glo CA
Inner City Blues Band City Limits OH
Inner City Soul Makin Change CA
Inner Orchestra All At Once MA
Inner Visions Love One Another St. John
Inner Visions Spiritual Dancer St. John
Inner Visions Street Corner Musicians St. John
Inner Voices Prairie Jazz CA
Inner-City Clique That's How We Roll TN
innerElement 3 Song Demo IA
Innersole Purple Blues NY
InnerVoices The Real Sessions CA
Inohs Sivad IS MI
In-Rage Take Charge OH
InRSoul InRSoul feat. GANT CA
Insane Shane Mckane I Put The Ho' In Hoedown NY
Inside Out Southern Fried Twang KY
Inside Out Take Care Italy
Inside Voices Quazi's Greatest Hits MD
InsideGrace Spiritual Warrior TX
INSOMNIACZ Everything Starts From Now IL
Inspired Catholic Voices Volume #1 CA
Instant Winner Milkshake UT
INSTINCT 'Hite' e.p UK
Intellect 125 NY
Intensity Shift Intensity Shift TN
interCHEMISTRY Are We There Yet? OH
Interface Oblivion Interface Oblivion CA
Interfaith interfaith 009 France
Internal Fear The Unfulfilled Dreams PA
International Garifuna Band Arufudei Wanichigu NY
International Pete Entree Des Artistes PA
International Rappers Cd International Rappers Cd KY
InterPlay First Time MD
InterPlay Pick Up The Pieces MD
Interstate Cowboy Ranch Dance Ruckus CO
Intervision 5 Inside OR
Intervox Core TX
intheclear Dirty Cheese and the Hoodie Thieves KY
Intifada Truth to Power MD
Into Eternity Dead Or Dreaming Netherlands
Into the Green Ghettos and Oceans IL
Into Wishing This Life HI
Into Wishing Next Life HI
Intouch World Underground NY
IntoWishin' This Life HI
Intown Psalms OR
Intox-icated, Nonstop, Prime Volume 1: Collateral Damage VA
Intransition Intransition CA
Intrigue Progression MD
intrinsic energy TN
Introspect For All To See OH
Intuitive Sound Appetizers GA
In-V Cast Straight NC
Inverse Room Pieces For The Left Hand: 100 Songs NY
Inverse Room Second Person E.P. NY
Inverse Room Simulacrum NY
Invisible Asps Songs From The Pandemic CO
Invisible Inc. Poor Folks Welcome ON
Inzunza Lazy Crazy CA
io where the engines lay CA
Iowa Mountain Tour The Chicken Insurrection IA
Ira Always with the Mouth CA
Ira Caplan Behind the Shadows IL
Ira Davis aka Enigma City Of Dreams GA
Ira Davis aka Enigma Never Be My Boo GA
Ira Kaspi & Peter Engberg Duo Standards Finland
Ira Kaspi TownBeat Inner Voices Finland
Ira Marlowe Songs From The House of Wax CA
Ira Scott Levin Madlik Oti: Rock My Soul CA
Iredescant Floodlight End of Innocence NY
Irene Goodnight Sweet Jesus TN
Irene Goodnight Let Us Have Peace TN
Irene Goodnight I'm Gonna Fly TN
Irene Jackson Catnip Canada
Irene Kelly If You Were Here CA
Irene Nachreiner Love You Madly CA
Irene Porter Have Mercy On The Children CA
Irene Sage Come On In LA
Irene Soderberg A Song in my Heart CA
Irene's Garden The Story of the Eye WI
Iridesense U.W.M.S.C. NY
Irie Time Live Up! TX
Irina Rivkin Upwelling CA
IRIS Promise I'm On My Way FL
Iris Ann Hirsch One Small Voice MD
Iris Berry Collect Calls CA
Iris Swinea Mixes CA
Irish Leo Wicked Cruel Chicken OH
Irish Roses The Irish Roses Featuring Shannachie NH
Iroc The Paradox CA
Iroko The Mango Project OR
Iron Horse Ridin' Out The Storm AL
IRONFIST Esse Quam Videri NC
IronFist Entertainment Platinum Plus OH
Irradio Doctors Work IL
Irrational Exuberance Spin the Moon SC
Irvin Evans Jonathan Factor PA
Irwin Shur Higher Ground FL
IS Bright Blue Daydream CA
ISAAC Solo Acoustic-Volume One WA
Isaac Everything but the Kitchen Sink CA
Isaac Angel Come Away CA
Isaac Castle Resistance Is Futile NM
Isaac Figgs ...till the sun comes up WA
Isaac Haile Selassie Unite CA
Isaac Johnson I J FL
Isaac Jones The Seduction Of Josephine OR
Isaac M Mystic Rose (SLOW SPIN) CA
Isaac M Mystic Breeze (the Intro) CA
isaac wardell bells and whistles GA
Isaac Zamora Testing The Water FL
Isabella Cheevers As Long as a Tear UK
Isabelo Rivera A Puro Sentimiento PR
Isaiah Sharkey and the Family Skyliner IL
Isaiah Stewart Life Games UT
Isaiah Stewart Urban Playground UT
Isaiah Williams Iii Colors&things CT
Isengart chante Barbara NY
Isengart Live in Berlin NY
Ishai's Story Ishai's Story ME
Ishall Manifest Situation Critical CA
Isis Jewel Of The Nile CA
Isis White Label Song Demos UK
Iskwelahang Pilipino Rondalla Pasko Sa Amerika! (Christmas in America) MA
Island Save Me CA
Island In The Sun Classic Regg Island In The Sun Classic Reggae # 1 Com NY
ISLANDMAN Back to the Jungle HI
Isle of Klezbos Greetings from the Isle of Klezbos NY
Ismael Quiles La Vida Es Jesus FL
Issar Shulman Afterwords IL
IT Rock N Roll MO
It is love songs & life lessons CO
Itakks Itakks Mixtape Vol 2 NY
Itchy Itchy Sounds Like Meat OR
Itchyfish She MA
ITHAKA Somewhere South of Somalia CA
iuno Everything Nothing Netherlands
IV Branded for Life WA
IV Shaydz Back II Basics OK
Ivan New Praise CA
Ivan Benning In Spirit In Truth MI
Ivan Clay From The Soul CA
Ivan Fleming More Than That TN
Ivan Perez 1-2-3 Con La Musica en Los Pies NY
Ivan Perez Puerto Rico-Patria y Romance NY
Ivan Perez & Luis Rivera El Lechon Pasmao NY
Ivan R. Smith Memories and Music WV
Ivan Rosenberg The Lost Coast - Bluegrass Dobro CA
Ivan Taylor / Nu Attitude Ten Play MD
Ivan W. Taylor Totally Alternative Music X Dimension MD
Ivan W. Taylor - Nu Attitude Smooth Jazz & R&B GA
Ivanhoe & Friends Yo! Happy Birthday To You! In Caribbean NC
Ivanhoe & Friends Yo! Happy Birthday To You! NC
IVERY Before You Wake UK
Ivon Ulibarri Café Mocha NM
Ivory Knight Unconscience CA
Ivory Knight Up From The Ashes ON
Ivory Soul it's got ya AL
Ivory Spider Ivory Spider PA
Ivory Tower Project Red Hot NY
Ivy Miller and Bill Brennan Christmas Prayer NJ
Iyana Level One NY
Izaya Da Next OR
Izreal The Focus CA
Izreil I Come To Stir It Up OH
Izzi Does It Izzi Does It MD
Izzy Chait Once Upon A Time CA

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